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instantcoffee69 t1_iu6xds5 wrote

There's only a handful of homes on that block. Poor guy got put on blast by his wife.

No one in the FB has it, it's gone, let it go.


Dylan552 OP t1_iu73j7e wrote

Funny thing the only comment on the post was her saying they found it


imbolcnight t1_iu79we6 wrote

even worse if it was like in the car or already in the house and she put him on blast for nothing


bearjew64 t1_iu7gctt wrote

Twist: it was for her.

But who cares what’s in the package. It would just look like a brown box with a shiny picture of lord of the rings or a Thursday night football promo on it no matter what’s inside!


todareistobmore t1_iu8x54o wrote

> It would just look like a brown box with a shiny picture of lord of the rings or a Thursday night football promo on it no matter what’s inside!

Do people often find stolen/unopened packages in your neighborhood? Package theft isn't much of a thing on my block, but the couple of times I've found something in an alley, it's either just the item or the item and the ripped open box/envelope it was sent in.


[deleted] t1_iu8tn4x wrote



Accurate-Lecture7473 t1_iu8umg2 wrote

Irrational irritability can sometimes mean you’re overworked/stressed out/ overwhelmed in general. Unsubscribing works pretty well to address that. :)


DirtyPolecat t1_iu8vth1 wrote

It's a fake, shallow, ignorant world full of meaningless bullshit that doesn't matter. Did I describe your feelings accurately? Because I've been feeling like that for a while.


B0skonovitch t1_iu7anm6 wrote

Does that stuff work... asking for a friend 😅


Used-Engineering4996 t1_iuaa2g5 wrote

I think it uses Saw Palmetto to block scalp DHT, so it should work in a similar way to finasteride. It might not grow back hair but it will likely prevent some further hair loss. That said some people get side effects from blocking DHT.


fuzzy-_-dunlop t1_iu90t1n wrote

This would be a good guerrilla marketing campaign for them. Gets people talking about it. Especially if the hubby has great hair. Must work.


oreagan0 t1_iu91eqb wrote

Yet another classic from the iconic Canton Neighbors group chat….there are some characters on that page


AzrielK t1_iu6qjxm wrote

Do him dirty by outing him as balding to a local Facebook group?



guest0112 t1_iu7sdq0 wrote

Guys take their hair VERY seriously when it comes to balding


wbruce098 t1_iu9b7fe wrote

Man Pro Tip: shave that shit off; embrace the bald! Trust me, it’s better.


AzrielK t1_iu7us6g wrote

I know :( I'm one of those guys and I'm terrified.


baller410610 t1_iu81lbu wrote

Package thieves should do 25 years in person.


Velghast t1_iu99h55 wrote

I was really surprised that guys lose their hair so frequently and it's so common. I know a lot of their guys early twenties that started losing their hair. We need to show this man our support


aflacks t1_iu9oo99 wrote

Starting a Go-FundMe for your hubby’s hair plug treatments


Jack_Ash_ t1_iu961m1 wrote

Stoop pirates and their highly mobile compatriots, scooter stoop pirates should be vaporized on sight. As well as sallyport serpents.