Submitted by Typical-Radish4317 t3_y5sijb in baltimore

What's your ride and die for dessert in the city? Something specific that is absolutely delicious. My A tier currently is Taharka brothers graham ice cream, Sally Os birthday cake with bourbon ice cream, and Capital Grille's Cheesecake w / Codetta coming in a close second in the cheesecake race - that caramelized sugar crunch on Caps Grille just does it for me.



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bad_with_stress t1_islson1 wrote

My grandmother and father would be very upset with me if I didn’t say Vaccaro’s here.

Cannoli chips, kids. They’re legit. But everything is good there. (Chocolate topped cream puff gang wya)


frolicndetour t1_isluwqy wrote

I second Vaccaros. Never had a bad thing there. The waffles with gelato on top, too. Nom.


superdreamcast64 t1_islxwjx wrote

their Almond Joy gelato is genuinely one of the best frozen treats i’ve ever had. i’m glad i don’t work so close to there anymore or else i’d eat it every day!


bad_with_stress t1_isly9qv wrote

My family lives in PG, so by no means is it a long drive to see them, but when I don’t bring vaccaros they’re like “why even bother” and it would hurt my feelings but the place rocks.


LlamaJacks t1_isnjo2z wrote

I live like a couple minute walk from this place and never tried it. Might have to sometime.


isahayajoe t1_ismrw44 wrote

Vaccaro’s almond cookies cost a ton but every once in awhile I just drop $20 and I’m in heaven for a little while


butipreferlottie t1_isljnee wrote

Sour cherry crumb pie from Dangerously Delicious.


Typical-Radish4317 OP t1_islk5nb wrote

I was sad when they converted their Hampden location into a test kitchen. Feel like the number of variety of flavors went down at that location. I do love a good cherry crumb pie though


silentvowel t1_islodz3 wrote

Half baked blondie from The Food Market. Comes with toasted marshmallow, berries, ice cream and chocolate sauce. My favorite dessert ever.


Taxitaxitaxi33 t1_isltd9o wrote

PB&J delight at rocket. A deep fried sandwich with ice cream and whipped cream- it’s ridiculous but it really works.


mousey293 t1_ispeovm wrote

This is a very good addition to the list, but one that is best enjoyed with friends because that thing is HUGE.


La_Passeggiata t1_isltaw4 wrote

Banana pudding from Creole Soul in R. House.


Bigfatjew6969 t1_islwt3l wrote

Pine Nut cake from Tio Pepe.


justlikeyou14 t1_ismxubr wrote

I swear they started skimping on ingredients the last couple of years though. The cake got smaller (for carryout / holiday order) and they were definitely missing some almond extract...


T_Anon_ t1_islkoig wrote

Codetta Bakery’s peach cobbler. Whew!!!


rpd9803 t1_islwn6r wrote

Gertrude’s candy bar or the pistachio cake with wood-fired strawberries from hersh’s


karensbakedziti t1_iso3bc8 wrote

Ooh here we go:

Birthday crust from Crust by Mack

Samoa Bar from Harmony Bakery

Speculoos ice cream from the Charmery

The candy bar from La Cuchara

Anything from Maillard Pastry

Heath bar bread pudding from The Food Market


Crlady t1_islohkr wrote

I like the sorbetto @ la food marketa. Toasted marshmallow on top!


scarletrose_31 t1_islwsoa wrote

Monkey bread or macarons from Sacre Sucre


ACFrank088 t1_ismjx8x wrote

I'm all about the petit gateaux at Sacre sucre! Although they are too pretty to eat


fboyisland t1_ism74d9 wrote

Churros at La Cuchara


sxswnxnw t1_ism9r88 wrote

Cap'n Crunch French Toast at Blue Moon. I consider it to be dessert.

Anyone who has the Sugar Bakers Smith Island Cake on their menu.


mousey293 t1_ispekxs wrote

Oh, YES. Cap'c Crunch French Toast was a revelation when I first had it.


ccradio t1_ismevjp wrote

Fried cheesecake at Thai Restaurant on Greenmount Ave. It's like your tongue just threw a party for your mouth.


Ravens5520 t1_ism1aiu wrote

Vaccaro’s full size eclairs! 1 feeds 4.


postapocolypticsnail t1_ism3ohk wrote

Anything cheesecake by Codetta ... got the banana pudding cheesecake slice recently and it was honestly unreal how good it was


obmulap113 t1_ism4mtx wrote

Affogato at Cinghiale


Dingdongsb t1_ism7bm4 wrote

Goat cheese Caramel cheesecake from Tapas Teatro


PoopsExcellence t1_ismdj44 wrote

The coffee bean opera from Bonjour bakery.

Second place is the chocolate ribbon cookies from Corner Pantry right next door.


sgfgzgog t1_isnq2vr wrote

Sacre Sucre makes amazing desserts. Or Frazier from Patisserie Poupon.


sxswnxnw t1_ispk56s wrote

Pâtisserie Poupon: Clearly I am boring, but my favorite thing there is the madeleines. I also love their pumpkin cheesecake. Matter of fact, let me see if they have started with pre-orders. The yule logs afe also fun.


Obvious-Delay9570 t1_ism1v7s wrote

Sweet potato cheesecake from Shareefs is pretty good in my opinion


Timid_Teacher t1_isnofvg wrote

I love the half baked blondie at Food Market.


issabop_2208 t1_isob8u8 wrote

The single best dessert I’ve ever had was the tonka bean bun from I think Bramble Baking co. that I got from Sophomore Coffee. I can’t even explain how amazing it was, but it was perfect. I’ve only had it once and never since and it makes me sad.


mousey293 t1_ispedbp wrote

Taharka Bros ice cream consistently blows any other ice cream I've had out of the water. Just yesterday I had some Charmery mint chocolate chip (I forget the official name of it) and I was like "this is lovely, but it can't hold a candle to Mintflix N Chillz". Hard to pick between that and Roasted Strawberry and Coffee Oreo though.

And aside from those, honestly any of the desserts at Papi's Hampden are absolutely divine. Right now it looks like they only have churros or the tres leches cake, both of which are out of this world delicious, but I think they used to have fried ice cream as well? I could be misremembering. But point being - they are simple, but made exquisitely well. 10/10.


And we cannot forget Dangerously Delicious Pies, because the Baltimore Bomb pie is absolutely a staple for a reason, but I'll also put in a vote for their blueberry pancake pies, which have no reason to be as delicious as they are.


cam_m151 t1_isqxyzz wrote

Tirimitsu at Daniella’s in Hampden