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atomlinson89 t1_itmoymt wrote

All things considered this thing was built quickly.


ConcreteThinking t1_itpkys9 wrote

The project also required filling an acre and a half of wetlands and burying 300 feet of a creek in a culvert. They even had to "make" the land to build it on! All under MDE supervision.


BlarghMachine t1_itpm7ym wrote

Oh that’s gross and sad but I’m not surprised.


ConcreteThinking t1_itpqgkw wrote

I hate to lose good wetlands but the land there now is better than it was before. The contractors capped over contaminated soil that had been polluted with years of industrial waste and was leaching into the Patapsco river. The fill used was certified clean fill. So they basically made new clean land where old dirty land used to be. The "creek" that is now in a culvert is tidal. It used to lead to a mill where ravens stadium is.


dopkick t1_itnbzbl wrote

A long time in the making but it seems like the opening announcement came out of nowhere. They only recently installed the astroturf and had assumed they still had a ways to go. I guess not.


Taxitaxitaxi33 t1_itoc53t wrote

I wondered what the exact concept of this was (not a golfer) so finally googled it- which led to googling “drunk bros falling in net top golf” after seeing the setup. Did not disappoint.


cdbloosh t1_itppkmn wrote

It’s basically just turning golf into a social, bowling alley-like concept. It’s worth doing for non-golfers, it can be pretty fun. It’s also probably going to be an absolute madhouse for the first few months.


Taxitaxitaxi33 t1_itq11ey wrote

As someone who hates golf (that’s not mini) I have to admit this looks fun.


cdbloosh t1_itq1g64 wrote

Yeah, it’s worth checking out. The areas you hit from are elevated so the good thing is that even if you really struggle and top the ball (meaning hit the top of the ball and fail to get it in the air, which most beginners tend to do), it doesn’t just go like 10 feet, it will still go a decent distance and potentially make it into some of the closer targets. So you don’t really need to be able to consistently hit good golf shots to be able to participate. And you can set up a bunch of different games and competitions on the screen so you can specifically aim for the shorter targets or whatever you want to do.


Gr8WallofChinatown t1_itqq615 wrote

As long as you don’t take golfing seriously, it’s fun. The food is trash tho


TopS3cr3t t1_itmycdg wrote

Awesome! Just booked a bay for Friday night!


LeetSawse t1_itnjjlu wrote

Any word if they have any accommodations for cold weather? Seems like they’re opening late in the season if they don’t plan to have a way to keep ppl warm outside on the bay.


BirdPeckOfPower OP t1_itnlgkl wrote

TopGolf is open year round. Each bay has heaters for the cold. I believe you can control them as well.


mlorusso4 t1_itod5gm wrote

Each tee bay is covered and has heaters. On super windy days it can get a little chilly but it’s not aweful


atomlinson89 t1_itnk3eo wrote

You can play year round and the other local top golfs.


Creeping_Death_89 t1_itqq7xq wrote

My biggest suggestion to those who have never been is just to book a half hour or an hour and go from there. It can get VERY pricey very quickly and once you are in a bay you can always just add more time in 15 minute increments as you see fit.


sweckz t1_itnhfkv wrote

We should enjoy it before it’s ruined. Prob a month and a half tops.


rhymes_with_pail t1_itnoo4w wrote

How will it be ruined?


[deleted] t1_itnoxk4 wrote



rhymes_with_pail t1_itnpcb3 wrote

Yes, why will it be ruined?


sweckz t1_itnqjjj wrote

Because it’s Baltimore. We can’t have nice shit. People will be getting robbed for their clubs before you know it.


LearnestHemingway t1_itnrd0m wrote

Are you one of those people that brings their own clubs to the drunken company top golf outing? 😂


rmphys t1_itnvc3q wrote

I think they're overexaggerating about the crime, especially since I'm sure security will be tight around the area, but there's absolutely nothing weird about bringing your own clubs. Used to go on business trips in the Bay Area, and tons of those guys brought their own clubs.


sweckz t1_itnrsf8 wrote

I don’t think taking your own driver and a few irons is stupid, but to each their own. I also never enjoyed drinking with most of my coworkers, you see them enough during the day.


Sausage4321 t1_itnwyjf wrote

Call it negative call it what you want...i call a spade a spade ....Another Baltimore Attraction going to be destroyed unfortunately


rental_car_fast t1_ito0hbk wrote

Why destroyed?


Sausage4321 t1_ito15sa wrote

I am assuming you're from Baltimore, and if you're really from Baltimore city you know damn fact it is a complete shit show. You should know that and if you don't see it you're part of the problem living in a fairyland thinking its wondeful. I am Born and raised in east baltimore city.


_brobeans_ t1_ito1ma4 wrote

You didn’t answer why you think it’s going to be destroyed


Sausage4321 t1_ito1tcr wrote

I did answer it. You just didn't like the way I answered it.


UnlikeyLooker t1_itobz8e wrote

But... you didn't answer it. You made a sweeping generalization about the whole city and tried it sell it by saying you were born and raised in East Baltimore.

You didn't explain your initial response at all...


Bmoreravens_1290 t1_iu4s3wv wrote

He’s a typical county person afraid of the city. Fox45 preys on their feeble little minds into thinking the entire city is a literal ghetto


Ok_Ad8609 t1_itpgg7y wrote

I’m from Baltimore, live right in the city, and currently you’re the biggest shit show here. Why are you even in this group?


theghostofm t1_itpknqq wrote

I’m a different person but I also live in the city.

For context, I’ve been lucky enough to live in a lot of places, in different countries and here in the US. But nowhere i lived felt like home until i landed here in January 2014, almost nine years ago. I’ve lived here long enough to live in an apartment, then buy and sell a house in midtown (and I sorely miss living in midtown). And know what I did after selling my house in the city? I went and bought another house in the city.

I’m not blind. I know this city has problems. But I’ve experienced life in a broad range of places that, on paper, are “better.” Fact of the matter is everyone, everywhere has problems - and they impact people in myriad ways. Because of all that, and because I like living here so much, I do everything I can to stay involved and help make the experience better for everyone. It’s a lot of work but it can and does happen.

I’m sorry the experience of living in the city seems to have not worked well for you. But I really want to recognize that people can have full and happy lives here. And people who are happy with their lives are not “part of the problem.”


StinkRod t1_itr7rik wrote

Like the casino has been destroyed? Or ravens stadium has been destroyed? Or the aquarium has been destroyed? Or the art museum has been destroyed?

I literally have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

What attractions get destroyed?