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S-Kunst t1_iry2zuh wrote

Yes, it is an ugly and painful gash, and was part of a last gasp by small minded politicians, who could not see that uglifying the city was not a way to attract people. And it only pandered to those who lived outside the city, but earn their wages in the city. Meaning they took their tax dollars and spending dollars out of the city. That being said, there are many more important places the money could be spent than trying to erase the gash, at least spent before the gash is smoothed over. Mayor Schmoke used precious dollars to have some of the "Highway to no-ware removed. That being a part of I-95 which was to be the on ramp just east of the Wilkens Ave Exit. Correcting the problemd of the city cannot be wiped away by short term stunts. We have see this with goofy lighit posts placed on Howard St & North Ave.