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Ambitious-Intern-928 t1_it4s9pp wrote

I think it's pretty safe, as far as "feeling safe," well that's how you mess up anywhere. You're not really safe anywhere and criminals look for the people lollygagging/not paying attention/headphones in/obviously under the influence. Don't be afraid to offend somebody by crossing the street if they look sus🤣. Don't hesitate to spin the block if there's suspect people hanging around, people do get carjacked and robbed quite frequently, in the nicer areas MORE so than the hood. I've been living in Baltimore for 4+ years now and visited especially to go out in Canton/Fells point for years before that, and never really had any issues. I had a nut chase me from Ritchie Hwy back into South Baltimore just to pull up on me and politely say "I'm a nice guy but you were driving pretty aggressive and I just wanted to let you know people shoot around here" 😭, had a scammer recently try and say I backed into his car and very aggressively try to intimidate me and get my insurance information (told him we can go right back to the alleged spot because they have HD cameras, he took a picture of my tags and never saw him again and no calls from insurance), and I've only had 1 super aggressive confrontation with the squeegee boys after years of daily interactions. I was a victim of crime more in my hometown of Salisbury, MD, had one of the scariest incidents of my life down there where my friend almost got abducted by 10-15 men in front of me in the middle of the night and of course in the panic the last thing on our minds was tag numbers so there was absolutely nothing for the police to follow up with. So basically, I'm saying, don't feel safe anywhere but don't be afraid either, if you like the vibe of Canton, move there, you'll enjoy it. And yes, people walk home from the square, again, iust limit the possessions you carry so in the off chance you do get robbed, you lose as little as possible. But that's anywhere. Because I've been robbed in the hoods of Salisbury but never anywhere in Baltimore