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[deleted] t1_ixjx7rn wrote

Don’t insult hoes like that.


NeatLeft t1_ixkk5rz wrote

Oof… that sucks OP! So much construction going on around town. This happens all the time. I avoid alleys at all cost! I’ve already gone through six tires this year. And low profile tires are expensive 👀


Blatmore t1_ixllvhl wrote

If I ran a tire shop, I'd go around throwing nails and tacks on the road everywhere. I'd also lobby aggressively to reduce funds for fixing potholes


waterorsharks t1_ixm133r wrote

I don't think you'd need to find that. The city already doesn't fix them. There was a massive pothole/sinkhole in the alley behind 26th and N. Calvert that several people repair tickets in for. It took 3 of my neighbors and my husband popping tires (my husband popped 3 tires at once) on it for the city to come out and do anything.


Blatmore t1_ixoma52 wrote

Maybe the tire shops are already doing this


Complete-Ad9574 t1_ixlx1cz wrote

Every time a home repair van opens its doors, they jettison a spray of nails or speed screws. Do not park in the contractor's area of the Home Depot parking lot.


DirtyPolecat t1_ixm4o00 wrote

Shit falls off the shelves all the time driving on these Bmore streets. Sorry. I do my best to pick up after myself.


Striker383 t1_ixkg1ce wrote

Any construction nearby?


Few_Society5388 t1_ixkstcm wrote

If we’re talking the Hargrove side there’s always so much trash in that alley, had to get a tire replaced last week.


UptownHiFi t1_ixo2las wrote

I was wondering if garbage trucks could be outfitted with magnetic sweepers to remove nails, screws, etc., from alleys in Baltimore.


old_at_heart t1_ixur3e6 wrote

Hmmm...and those nails look perilously close to the unrepairable zone.

Those tires look like they're a wee bit expensive, too.

Nothing beats discovering a flat tire with a nail in it, only to discover that

  • The a-holes at the car place overtightened the lug nuts. Even to the point of the studs getting sheared off when you finally wrestle the lug nuts loose. Oh, yes, it can happen...
  • The wheel is kind of welded to the hub, necessitating a frantic search for someone who knows what they're doing with regards to tires, and can apply just the right kind of whack to loosen the consarned thing

"Ho's" brings to mind human reproduction, and in that vein the individuals who scatter vicious debris on the roadway need their breeding privileges revoked, or something surgically removed or tied off, etc.