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NayaIsTheBestCat OP t1_iuzjr36 wrote

But I'm not talking about just asking medical staff for the drug. I'm asking about therapy that uses ketamine to treat depression.

See, e.g., Efficacy of ketamine therapy in the treatment of depression and Ketamine Isn’t an Opioid and Treats Depression in a Unique Way


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I know someone who used it, I will see if I can find out where she went. It may have been this place


NayaIsTheBestCat OP t1_iuzkr57 wrote

Thank you!


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Hopkins is also looking for people to participate in a psilocybin study if you have any interest in that


NayaIsTheBestCat OP t1_iv1dfeu wrote

Thanks! I had not thought to look at studies. But I just checked Hopkins' website for that, and sure enough, they are conducting a number of psilocybin studies. They focus on specific conditions (e.g., Alzheimer's, anorexia nervosa) that don't fit my situation. But it is good to know that studies can be a source of treatment. (Now that I think of it, I got my covid vaccinations -- the first two -- in the Astra-Zeneca trial!)


tansreer t1_iv0y9a5 wrote

You're wrong with ketamine therapy. They tend to be separate practices who specialize. It's not going to get you flagged any more than asking for some other specialist like for EMDR or TMS or something.

The hardest part will be getting it covered by insurance, because it's off-label. But if you selfpay, it's no issue.