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Optimus_RE t1_iv18tme wrote

Unfortunately it's the risk you take living in Baltimore. A shame you left those valuables over night, even more of a shame someone would break into your car. Good luck with the BPD...

Lol at the down votes of speaking the truth of living in Baltimore this is the risk you take. Some of you are so delusional. I remember I'd read people being like but that's isolated in isolated areas. BULLSHIT. You can have this happen anywhere in Baltimore and not just once or twice.


BeSmarter2022 t1_iv1a609 wrote

Let’s be real what can the BPD too with that kind of info? I hope she gets lucky and finds some info but a 10 year old camera probably is not even pawnable.


Optimus_RE t1_iv1eile wrote

I don't think the BPD will do anything without evidence of it happening and by chance maybe recognizing suspects if their is any video footage around. There's a lot of riff raff that walks through so unfortunately might be a lost cause. Best bet is multiple neighbors have been dealing with break in's in that block and the news will report on it