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old_at_heart t1_iv5xx2s wrote

Actually, if they would truly refrain from breaking into cars and stealing shit, I would hold my nose and pay them.

But, somehow, I think that they'll just keep on stealing because they're not satisfied with the annual income they receive. The Man is just too stingy. It goes on and on and on.


neigh_time_pervert t1_iv5zxkq wrote

Definitely. My comment was spurred by the I team recommending that one of the solutions to the squeegee issue is to pay them not to squeegee. Like they wouldn’t just squeegee anyway? And is everyone eligible? Our local government is recommending that we pay an unspecified number of people and unspecified amount of money and they think this won’t just exasperate the issue. I voted for Mayor Brandon and have cut him some slack, it is a tough job. After this I won’t be voting for him again.