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Hi everyone.

My husband and I live in Little Italy near Fell's point in Baltimore City. Last Tuesday, my car was broken into and my Purse and Nikon DSLR camera were stolen. I had accidentally left them in the trunk the night before which is something I never do. While the street isn't crazy dangerous, there are always sketchy people that walk by. To say I am heartbroken is an understatement. My purse had a piece of jewelry in it that was very special to me and my Nikon had a memory card full of family pictures. I have called around pawn shops and they have all said the same thing- that I need to check with the pawn squad at the police dept. I check Craigslist and Facebook marketplace,ebay everyday in hopes that my items will pop up. I feel so desperate and just helpless. Is there anything else I can do? I would so appreciate any help and suggestions because I just feel at a loss.

If you see a grey steve madden cross body purse with a green ribbon anywhere on the ground, laying somewhere in the city especially Little Italy and Fell's point, please do leave a comment. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your help.



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VHT4ME t1_iv11je6 wrote

You'll need the model & serial numbers of the camera when reporting it stolen to the police. Pawnshop have to report all purchases with model & serial numbers. If you don't have that info try contacting the retailer you bought it from. They can cross reference a receipt to a serial number.


Optimus_RE t1_iv18tme wrote

Unfortunately it's the risk you take living in Baltimore. A shame you left those valuables over night, even more of a shame someone would break into your car. Good luck with the BPD...

Lol at the down votes of speaking the truth of living in Baltimore this is the risk you take. Some of you are so delusional. I remember I'd read people being like but that's isolated in isolated areas. BULLSHIT. You can have this happen anywhere in Baltimore and not just once or twice.


archenemy_43 t1_iv1b0vm wrote

I'm so sorry this happened, I know its not fun losing personal touchstones such a jewelry.

for future reference, I imagine more car break ins happen in places like fells because people are far more likely to leave valuables in there by mistake, so be extra careful in these areas. As for BPD, unless you have surveillance of the break in happening they're usually not willing to divert resource to stuff like this. Maybe check with nearby establishments to see if their cameras caught anything.


Good luck.


app_priori t1_iv1dq4i wrote

I'm sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately Baltimore is also a place where crimes of opportunity occur a lot.


Optimus_RE t1_iv1eile wrote

I don't think the BPD will do anything without evidence of it happening and by chance maybe recognizing suspects if their is any video footage around. There's a lot of riff raff that walks through so unfortunately might be a lost cause. Best bet is multiple neighbors have been dealing with break in's in that block and the news will report on it


sauceandmeatballs t1_iv1feif wrote

There was a time if you lived in Little Italy nothing like this would ever happen.


JonWilso t1_iv1hrre wrote

Hey! So you may be able to get your serial number from the EXIF data that is encoded in images taken with the camera.

Try this.

I tried one photo of mine and it didn't have my serial number, but I tried another and it pulled it. You want photos taken directly from the camera and not processed through social media or editing apps as they typically strip the data.


boarbar t1_iv1kr6h wrote

The pawn unit is one of the few functional BPD divisions. Definitely follow up with them.


neigh_time_pervert t1_iv1oe34 wrote

Maybe Mayor Brandon can start paying people an annual income of our tax dollars to not break into cars and steal shit.


TweedleBeetleBattle2 t1_iv1wo2f wrote

My in-laws went to Hawaii in December 2019. Their last day there someone broke into their rental while they were watching I believe a surfing competition. Stole my MILs Nikon camera, her purse with everything inside including her wallet. Never got any of it back. I hope you find your things, she said it was such a horrible feeling of being violated. The camera bothered her the most.


epicwinguy101 t1_iv2005l wrote

My heart aches for you. We tell ourselves objects can be replaced, but ones with this kind of sentimental value that whisk us back to our happiest times with the people we love, well, those are irreplaceable and priceless. Losing them really is like losing a piece of ourselves. And to lose them in this way shatters our sense of security. It hurts my head to think that whatever the thief sells it for will only be a tiny fraction of the harm and loss they have caused you.

I am very sorry for your loss, and hope you beat the odds and are reconnected with these precious pieces of yourself.


AdDue1062 t1_iv23oj4 wrote

It's OK, please don't worry, the criminal who robbed you will soon be getting paid to not do so to others.


Illustrious_Listen_6 t1_iv2geln wrote

Ask your neighbors for footage from their Ring camera. Could be a lead.


sunglasses90 t1_iv2tlq4 wrote

Bruh. You live in the city and you left a purse in the car. I’m sorry. That’s a big thing to forget. Baltimore made sure you won’t forget next time.


TheDeathMessage t1_iv35pg3 wrote

Definitely need to take JonWilso's advice. You need the serial number because NCIC is your best bet for getting it back and nothing goes into NCIC without a serial number, well nothing short of human remains.


markISsolid t1_iv38r5m wrote

This is becoming a very serious issue for me. I’ve had my car broken into 3 times in fells since September. They broke my rear vent windows twice and the third time thankfully got in without breaking anything. I have nothing of value in my car, yet it KEEPS HAPPENING.


xxl_gal t1_iv3mwzq wrote

Sorry this happened. What events led to society being this way, do you think?


Douseigh t1_iv403ve wrote

Make sure you follow up w the cops - I reported my serials and it was still pawned and sold because cops didn’t enter into RAPID or whatever they use


Hedqe t1_iv4bnw8 wrote

Renters insurance extends to valuables in your car. I found this out when my car was broken into earlier this year. With the police report filed online, my insurance company was quick to help.


old_at_heart t1_iv5xx2s wrote

Actually, if they would truly refrain from breaking into cars and stealing shit, I would hold my nose and pay them.

But, somehow, I think that they'll just keep on stealing because they're not satisfied with the annual income they receive. The Man is just too stingy. It goes on and on and on.


neigh_time_pervert t1_iv5zxkq wrote

Definitely. My comment was spurred by the I team recommending that one of the solutions to the squeegee issue is to pay them not to squeegee. Like they wouldn’t just squeegee anyway? And is everyone eligible? Our local government is recommending that we pay an unspecified number of people and unspecified amount of money and they think this won’t just exasperate the issue. I voted for Mayor Brandon and have cut him some slack, it is a tough job. After this I won’t be voting for him again.


Similar_Coyote1104 t1_iv65g81 wrote

To prevent this the interior of your car visible from street needs to be empty of cds, cords, gps, change, everything.

If they see so much as a cord laying out they’ll break your window and search the car. If they see something worth 50 cents, that’s enough.


starlight8827 OP t1_iv6k8jn wrote

Thank you for your SUPER helpful comment. Like I said it was a complete accident. A mistake I made because I’m human. Trust me, I’m very angry with myself and will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

But thanks again👍🏽