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DiscoDeadhead t1_iw66gyd wrote

I’m so sorry this happened! Did you call the police?


ElFello93 OP t1_iw67n1k wrote

Yeah, I did, and then they came and asked for the details of everything. They said someone else was assaulted the same way in the area.


Similar_Coyote1104 t1_iw6aydy wrote

There was a police officer in fells point that used to rob immigrants all the time and tell them he’d put INS on them if they said anything. He got away with it for two years, til he tried it on a US citizen that just looked like an immigrant.


Jrbobfishman t1_iw6rpu2 wrote

Are you talking about the case of officer Dorian Martin In 1999? If so, that’s not an accurate description of what happened