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SAgentDaleCooper t1_iy521me wrote

If you’re on the Homewood campus, most students tend to live in Charles village, Remington, or Hampden. Further down, but still on the bus route is Mt Vernon


DvrthKen OP t1_iy561ek wrote

That’s a very helpful answer. Thank you!


billiamprydz t1_iy5b8mz wrote

Hampden is a good choice. Safe. Things to do. Easy/close walk. I would look into apartments there!


locker1313 t1_iy4wq5s wrote

Can't really help you since Baltimore city has four Hopkins sites that all offer graduate programs.


DvrthKen OP t1_iy557k0 wrote

I didn’t even know that. I’ll be at homewood


jessiewicz t1_iy4yes5 wrote

Which campus? Do you have anything you are specifically looking for in an apartment? What’s your budget?

You can just search this subreddit and find the question asked before if you don’t have any unique criteria.


DvrthKen OP t1_iy55vfa wrote

I’ll be at the homewood campus. I’m paying like $1500 now in Denver, so I guess around that. Preferably cheaper. All I care about is some natural lighting, a washer-dryer in unit, and a dishwasher. Idk if it’s possible, but I would love to be able to walk to campus. Or if that’s not possible, maybe an area with some arts and decent food.


jessiewicz t1_iy5jw7w wrote

There are a lot of options around campus. You’ll want to focus on Charles village, Hampden and Remington.


baltosteve t1_iy5zv2x wrote

Good answers. I’ll add Tuscany Canterbury.


Rubysdad1975 t1_iy54zh5 wrote

Medical School? Neighborhoods south of the campus (particularly south of Baltimore street) are safest. For Homewood campus, you have plenty of options with Charles Village being the most urban and dense and Hampden having more of a small neighborhood feel.


baltimorecalling t1_iy5kgvh wrote

Charles Village, Remington, Hampden, Waverly, Hoes Heights, Medfield, Evergreen are all reasonably close to Hopkins Homewood.


avoca_ho t1_iy9r7w5 wrote

If you opt for Mt. Vernon, keep in mind that the bus route stops at the Monument next to Peabody, so look close to that. Otherwise, Hampden is nearby and Charles village is also well-loved.