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NewrytStarcommander t1_iy642dx wrote

Maybe take them down to Lexington Market, see if they have any street value?


Wilmore99 t1_iy6cgwf wrote

I can take those off your hands my good man! I am a reputable meds… disposer-er… yeah! I dispose of medical waste and other medical things. Practically a doctor!


[deleted] t1_iy5zb03 wrote

I’d wager any pharmacy would be able to safely dispose of unused medication


infusedpineapple OP t1_iy64ydy wrote

Not the one near me!


Animanialmanac t1_iy64ayw wrote

There used to be a drop box in the city police station on Font Hill Avenue, I don’t know if it still in operation.

There is a drop box in the Baltimore County police station on the Wilkens Avenue side of the UMBC campus. That one is there in the lobby 24 hours per day.


terpischore761 t1_iy6h3sf wrote

Most police stations have medication disposal boxes in the lobby.


Vjornaxx t1_iy6l6ya wrote

The Southern District Police Station has a drug drop off bin.

10 Cherry Hill Rd 21225


Mother-Lie8474 t1_iy7unvh wrote

CVS with a minute clinic like Exeter Street