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jlamont16 t1_j0eig14 wrote

It's pretty prevalent currently.


addctd2badideas t1_j0etg1k wrote

Based on what? I'm Jewish and used to live in Remington with a menorah in the window during Hanukkah and a Mezuzah on my door. Never once encountered any Anti-Semitism there or in Hampden.

Then again, it wasn't until 2017 that I thought I had to deal with actual Nazis in any meaningful way. But most of that wasn't in Baltimore.


jlamont16 t1_j0f00o1 wrote

That is awesome man! And I genuinely mean that, I am glad you never had any negative experiences. A lot of my friends have never had any bad interactions, and a lot of them have.

I have lived in the city since 96 and Hampden specifically since 2017 and have experienced quite a bit. Generally from folks who are old Hampden or old Dundalk. Anywhere from snide comments to swastikas painted on my house. Granted I have a slight bit more than a Menorah in the window.


addctd2badideas t1_j0f27qg wrote

Ouch. That sucks.

If you need an angry Jew with a baseball bat, call the Bear Jew.

But also me.


jlamont16 t1_j0f2kru wrote

I appreciate the offer! And one day I might do just that.

Currently we have a bat and a compound by the front door, but that's the kind of stuff that doesn't make the article.