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EfficiencySuch6361 t1_j15q4ev wrote

Can’t find ATMs anymore due to criminal assholes and soon it’s going to be Lyft/Uber rides that are in short supply too due to criminal assholes


fredblockburn t1_j1689qi wrote

Because people were crashing vans into buildings and stealing them?


planetarylaw t1_j16ovem wrote

They were hitting walgreens around my neighborhood for a minute and I kept having to switch where I had to get my kid's medication because of it. Pisses me off. I feel worse for people who don't have the ability to just hop in their car to drive across town like I do.


gaytee t1_j19g0e8 wrote

If more and more DC money comes up 95, a lot is gonna change.


Karmachanix t1_j16mh12 wrote

WJZ is reporting that a carjacked woman was raped by a juvenile, and that people are being forced into their trunks. Not sure why The Banner left these details out of their reporting. WJZ link:


TheSpektrModule t1_j171y7v wrote

And yet the state legislature wants to make it harder to charge juveniles as adults.


bmore t1_j17a3zl wrote

Yes, your sentence explains why, as they are not in fact adults.

Edit: if you downvote this, you don't believe in science/evidence and support systems that make youth offenders more likely to commit future crimes; congrats on being a dumbass that supports creating exactly more of what you're mad about.


The_Waxies_Dargle t1_j1aix2j wrote

Your solution? Let's say they catch this 15 year old who methodically planned out and forcibly raped a woman. Are you going to therapize this behavior away?

This isn't shoplifting, or a fight. Or even armed robbery. Or even battery. It's violent rape by a stronger male of a vulnerable woman. This kind of thing doesn't just ruin the life of the woman. This trauma will infect those around her, and it will get passed down in one form or another to future generations.

The justice system isn't trying to fix this person, it's trying to dissuade the rapist's classmate or neighbor from doing the same.

None of the guardrails that are supposed to keep this individual from doing this worked up to this point. But suddenly this person is going to respond to tough love from a state appointed counselor?


pringlesbones t1_j1cxj1i wrote

Being tried as a juvenile doesn't have to mean treating it like a lesser crime, like he committed petty theft instead of rape. It can simply be keeping in mind that the criminal has a better chance of being rehabilitated. He'd still lose many of the freedoms that his peers can enjoy, and that would continue well into his adulthood. The problem is that it's easier (and more profitable for some) to throw someone in jail/basically let them completely go than have dedicated case workers to keep tabs, because our social infrastructure is shit.


TheSpektrModule t1_j1siylg wrote

> Being tried as a juvenile doesn't have to mean treating it like a lesser crime, like he committed petty theft instead of rape.

Yes it does. Everyone knows that the juvenile system is a joke and hands out meaningless non-punishments.

> the criminal has a better chance of being rehabilitated.

Ha! Right, and I've got some prime swamp land in Florida to sell you.


bmore t1_j1bim99 wrote

Yes, statistically they are less likely to re-offend if they are handled in the juvenile system. Longer sentences and even the death penalty do not dissuade violent crime, in fact they're correlated with greater violent crime. In the time you wrote this lengthy comment, you could have read a literature review on this subject.


Pakaru t1_j19eq77 wrote

This Reddit is full of dumbasses that don’t realize you can’t incarcerate your way out of what is happening.

Especially considering how big the BPD and its budget are already.


throwaway37865 t1_j173lnt wrote

I was an Uber driver from 2019-2021. I started driving again early in 2022. What caused me to quit was two teens almost carjacked me, they ordered me as an Uber comfort/waited 15 minutes for the ride. When I approached they were wearing black ski masks and then one of the teens pointed to my dash cam and whispered something to the other teen. They cancelled the ride and ate a $16 cancellation fee and went back into the building.

I ubered because my regular job didn’t make enough and I used the Uber money to supplement my grad school tuition costs. It was normally a great job and I even liked driving drunk people because they were so fun to chat with. I’d drive people into West Baltimore that worked in other parts of the city and they were some of the kindest and most genuine people I met.

The teens doing this, really ruin everything for the community. Eventually we will have no Uber drivers. I would have kept driving had I not encountered so many safety issues in Baltimore


RepChar t1_j18b1n0 wrote

Well that dash cam payed for itself pretty easily


Paid-Not-Payed-Bot t1_j18b2c2 wrote

> dash cam paid for itself


Although payed exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in:

  • Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. The deck is yet to be payed.

  • Payed out when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. The rope is payed out! You can pull now.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment.

Beep, boop, I'm a bot


Redditanother t1_j1820l8 wrote

You reported this right?


throwaway37865 t1_j18c2lf wrote

They didn’t pull out any weapon on me, so I was still in denial about what had occurred. I knew something was really off and called my boyfriend because I was scared. I didn’t start really realizing the gravity of the situation until I had driven far away. Now I’d report right away, especially given current events.


Redditanother t1_j18e0ed wrote

Then you are part of the problem.


throwaway37865 t1_j18edk2 wrote

Classic victim blaming. I’m not part of the problem if I’m not carjacking people.

I agree it would have been better to report and I know now for the future to do so. Calling me part of the problem is just weirdly aggressive


The_Waxies_Dargle t1_j1aj6zh wrote

Ignore this ignorant motherfucker. Sorry this idiot somehow conflates your experiences with...whatever he's thinking.


Redditanother t1_j18h6lk wrote

If drivers weren’t being kidnapped and raped I might listen to this.


throwaway37865 t1_j18l0v5 wrote

As someone who has been a sexual assault victim, believe me when I say I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone.

I’m not the one committing violent crimes and they didn’t really commit any crime towards me, they just acted super suspicious.

I stated that I wish I had reported it. Blaming me doesn’t change what happened in the past, all it does is make me feel guilty about something I didn’t cause.

Maybe re-direct your anger towards the people doing this


Redditanother t1_j18p9zw wrote

Maybe stop posting on reddit and report it now.


bmore t1_j19f7gz wrote

Call BPD and tell them someone in a ski mask called an Uber, pointed at it, and whispered and tell me how that goes for you.


throwaway37865 t1_j19n79s wrote

Exactly. And honestly there are several young men in Baltimore who wear ski masks and don’t commit major crimes. I didn’t want to profile or accuse anyone without evidence.

Now that all of this has come to light in the news and happening frequently, I would report suspicious behavior and been more aware. And I would probably be taken more seriously. I honestly was in so much denial at the time because I wasn’t sure what the intention was.


Redditanother t1_j1ay1tg wrote

Report the username, location, time. Don’t exploit it for karma when people are getting kidnapped.


bmore t1_j1bi7q9 wrote

Call BPD and tell them someone in a ski mask called an Uber, pointed at it, and whispered, reporting the username, time, and location, and tell me how that goes for you.


Redditanother t1_j1d2vhe wrote

If you ever stop and wonder why the city is like its is. Just know your apathy plays a role. You idiots could be talking about some kidnapper.


bmore t1_j1dlmje wrote

I literally witnessed someone forcing another person into a car screaming for help and approached an officer across the street who told me he was busy getting coffee. But you think they'd do something with this vague info. You're deeply naive.


pk10534 t1_j1685a6 wrote

I know it’s a long shot but I really hope when Bates gets into office we see some changes


sit_down_man t1_j16j4rb wrote

What’s a single policy Bates would implement that Mosby didn’t?


pk10534 t1_j16lhas wrote

Well, it’s kind of hard to compare, because Bates has a 20-page explainer on his ideas of what to do and how to do it, complete with charts and statistics and addressing topics that range from firearms possession to vacant housing to drug court. So I’ll post a link to that. Meanwhile, I’ll just copy and paste Mosby’s crime plan here because it’s so brief and generic, and this is the only thing I can even find on her campaign site that talks about fighting crime rather than police or reducing sentences:

“In the past seven years, the State’s Attorney’s Office has maintained a 90% conviction rate on average for violent offenses, an average 88% conviction rate for mandatory minimum eligible cases, and a 92% conviction rate for violent repeat offenders, all of which matches or surpasses the conviction rates of her predecessors over the ten years prior to her taking office. Mosby has aggressively focused her prosecutors on targeting violent criminals by creating a Gun Violence Enforcement Division that targets violent criminals and the totality of their activities rather than just their violent acts, and a Criminal Strategies Unit that uses data and long-term intelligence gathering in partnership with BPD detectives to target the most heinous criminals in our city.”


holden118 t1_j18o0qj wrote

My partners bf went to jail twice for violent crimes and was released shortly after both times under Mosby's rule. He just recently did the same thing he did to my gf to a new girl and he went to jail for a month before being released again. Some of it is his parents money and the other part is he's white and pulls the I've changed card while manipulating everyone around him. Adam Cook is a garbage human being.

Mosby is shit and was too busy trying to get more money to buy beach houses with. Thank yall for voting her out.


sllewgh t1_j173tsx wrote

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth take office.


JonWilso t1_j16r4l0 wrote

Bates might be able to at least put together a halfway functional office.


islander1 t1_j16fls5 wrote

I mean, it's incredibly sad that these are largely juvies. If these were older adults I'd just be angry.

American dystopia.


iforgottolaughlol t1_j16t88n wrote

When a person is a juvenile, they still know that these crimes are wrong. There's no excuse.


Thanatosst t1_j16uy4p wrote

They also know that there's little to no consequences due to their age.


islander1 t1_j16zicv wrote

and they also are doing it because they have no other practical choices in life.


TheSpektrModule t1_j1723ac wrote

Total BS. Nobody is being forced to commit carjackings.


islander1 t1_j174mtp wrote

I'm not justifying it, they should all be punished/rehabbed; but these kids are doing it because they are born into a life with no future.

When I hear people say "no one is forced into it" I hear someone who hasn't got a fucking clue what a hard life is actually like.


bookoocash t1_j184f1b wrote

Yeah but there is also the simple fact that the kids doing this make up a very small portion of kids in this city who come from virtually identical circumstances, the overwhelming majority of which choose not to victimize other people. This is absolutely a choice and they could have gone another way.


Thanatosst t1_j17cf18 wrote

I'm fully aware of the correlation/causation of poverty and crime/violent crime. That isn't going to ever be fixed except by drastic, sweeping reforms of the way the country operates. Until then, it's basically a free-for-all where you can't depend on anyone else to protect you, physically or financially.


Mildred_RatchedRN t1_j191vhe wrote

Most poor people actually don't become criminals.


islander1 t1_j192la8 wrote

even less people become criminals when they don't have to worry where their next meal is coming from, or when they are able to have a home, transportation, and an actual job option.

The fucking entitlement in this thread is amazing, and the sad part is - 10 years ago I'd think example the same as you lot.


Mildred_RatchedRN t1_j193l9e wrote

Poverty is a reasonable justification for many things, but it never just makes someone a rapist or murderer. Frankly, you're coming off like someone without any personal experience with poverty


islander1 t1_j194iau wrote

  1. I never justified poverty for murder or rape. See previous posts.

  2. true poverty? No. I grew up in a household where my father went bankrupt 3 times. We had to cheat on taxes for years to keep bills paid, and eventually got audited/in trouble. Bills such as power barely got paid. We ate, but not well. I had it great compared to people in the inner city.


Mildred_RatchedRN t1_j1956y8 wrote

Perhaps you just don't know what you're talking about. I am not going to get into a tit-for-tat with you. You obviously have an ideological agenda, and good luck with that.


islander1 t1_j196ivc wrote

or perhaps you're just mis-interpreting the message I'm attempting to get across. Have a good one.


Dylan552 t1_j18ld0z wrote

Well and I think it depends a lot on the crime, if a kid is stealing a package or vandalizing something I can see the argument that yea they may know better but it could be seen fairly harmless in their minds.

But when you are out car jacking people, robbing them etc there’s no excuse


LunarLorkhan t1_j18vvmt wrote

Technically they don’t. It’s proven that the parts of their brains that understand long term consequences and control impulse are underdeveloped. Hence why the drinking age is 21 and the U.S. military likes to recruit kids.


TheSpektrModule t1_j1721uv wrote

I'm still angry.

I knew damned well that carjacking was not ok when I was a teenager.


islander1 t1_j174szh wrote

and you grew up completely impoverished in a dangerous ghetto, right?


troublewthetrolleyeh t1_j18g02v wrote

Look, a lot of people grew up in Baltimore City and didn’t carjack and rape women in their teens. I’m all for extending sympathy to people committing crimes to survive but what part of rape benefits a young perpetrator? They didn’t have to do that.


islander1 t1_j18tz13 wrote

Oh, totally agree with anything past the carjacking/robbery.


bmore t1_j18jwnn wrote

Over here thinking children make rational, logic based decisions


troublewthetrolleyeh t1_j18khzr wrote

We are not normalizing teenagers raping adults.


islander1 t1_j18u1nh wrote

No, we aren't. I was referring to the carjacking itself and/or robbery.


There's never an excuse for rape.


bmore t1_j18ljoo wrote

Nobody is normalizing this shit. It's terrible. But you brought a cost benefit analysis into it with your comment, and we know through the science of brain development kids can't make decisions in the same way adults can. It's frankly why youth crime is so terrifying, because it's so unpredictable.


holden118 t1_j18q7g7 wrote

You clearly dont understand that the kids now and days dont give a shit. Look at Milford Mill high school for a perfect example. Id argue that 90% of that school should fail every semester but they dont fail them because it looks bad when a title 1 school that is 98% aferican american fails almost all their kids. They have produced one Ivy league student in the last 10 years. Most of that school doestn go to college and the ones that do come back and always say that Milford did nothing to prepare them for college. These kids dont have accountability in school, they dont learn anything. My gf has been threatened by students parents because their little shit is failing school because their kid refuses to do anything.

Blaming brain development is just a excuse. My 11 and 7 year old kids know not to steal cars and rape people. Thats not going to change with they become 17. Its not a brain thing, its a how they were raised thing. You just dont want to admit for whatever reason.


islander1 t1_j18uau2 wrote

>Blaming brain development is just a excuse. My 11 and 7 year old kids know not to steal cars and rape people. Thats not going to change with they become 17. Its not a brain thing, its a how they were raised thing

Were they raised in an environment where parents were around to show them love and affection?

Were they raised in a relatively stable household with food, clothing, and electricity/shelter?


holden118 t1_j19cq48 wrote

Once again more excuses. Just because you weren't raised right doesn't give you a free pass to whatever you want. Just because you might have had a hard time in life doesn't give you the permission to rob people. I was bullied every day in school since 4th grade. I don't take my shitty experience and use it as an excuse to rob/rape people.

Those kids know what they are doing, they should be tried as adults and live in a cell for a few years. Its the same reason we charge kids as adults when they murder someone. Kids aren't stupid and using those excuses just gives them an easy out.


islander1 t1_j19d9rj wrote

Oh yeah, being bullied is exactly the same as being poor, parentless, living in a home without electricity or money.

Fuck sake.


holden118 t1_j1ad4sp wrote

And yet none of those things are excuses for being a pos that steals cars and robs people of their hard earned money.

fuck sake


islander1 t1_j1aeqo0 wrote

Just one of many clueless takes in this thread.

My point is understanding the why behind these, for once.

If these kids had an actual opportunity to 'earn money' the vast majority would.

Until these problems are reconciled, it's going to get worse - not better.


bmore t1_j19fq2b wrote

Evidence definitively proves you wrong. I'm not sharing opinions, I'm sharing facts based on extensive peer reviewed research. You are simply wrong. It's basically like you're calling the world flat.

It's extra disappointing because what you're calling for (charging and incarcerating youth as adults) is proven to cause higher rates of recidivism, which is exactly opposite the end goal.


TheSpektrModule t1_j1sj1vx wrote

I was absolutely capable of understanding basic morality as a child.


Redditanother t1_j18253i wrote

It’s not surprising. Only kids are stupid or crazy enough to do this. Adults have more common sense than racking up kidnapping charges.


enforce1 t1_j16tz55 wrote

This is not an America specific thing. This is a Baltimore thing.


completethesestreets t1_j16vxxg wrote

You're wrong, it is a national problem.

> In Minneapolis, for example, there were 405 carjackings last year — more than triple the number in 2019. The suspects arrested were often juveniles between the ages of 11 and 17. Other cities saw significant increases too, including New Orleans, LA, Kansas City, MO, Louisville, KY and Washington, D.C. In Chicago, there were 1,400 carjackings in 2020, with juveniles involved in nearly half of them. Chicago police say there have been 370 carjackings in the city of Chicago in the first two and a half months of 2021.


maudlinmary t1_j172ly4 wrote

This gives me the willies for some reason. Kids are just so erratic and unpredictable, it’s so hard to gauge. You can sort of plan on what kinds of risks an informed adult will take, and plan accordingly, but teenagers are pure chaos. I used to drive for Uber in Baltimore, I’m sure glad I don’t now.


enforce1 t1_j1bh1yl wrote

This may shock you, but no, it isn’t an American problem, it’s a city problem. I didn’t say “cities have this problem” because it didn’t make sense in context. Thousands of square miles in the US are “leave keys in the ignition” country.


DfcukinLite t1_j17ozih wrote

It amazes how people so confidently believe everything that happens in Baltimore exclusively happens in Baltimore on this sub. How naive.


screechingsparrakeet t1_j19l5d6 wrote

It's disingenuous to pretend that Baltimore isn't uniquely dangerous compared to many other American cities, however, or that it doesn't consistently make that rating. There are precautions that I have to take in nicer parts of Baltimore that I never had to take in the nicer parts of Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, D.C., New York, or San Antonio.


DfcukinLite t1_j19lw4l wrote

Lol nobody said any of that. Nothing that happens in Baltimore doesn’t happen anywhere else.

If you dumped 2000k more people in Baltimore right now all of a sudden those statistics on crime look better and better.

There’s certainly places I wouldn’t go in DC, ATL, etc. and I never want to go anywhere in TX.


MD_Weedman t1_j19evee wrote

Lots of irrational self-confidence on Reddit. Fortunately it often gets called out.


enforce1 t1_j1bh4dr wrote

“Cities”. Most of the country, hell, most of Maryland, do not face the issues baltimore does.


lolokaydudewhatever t1_j16n1fs wrote

Uber\Lyft Drivers: FYI CCW in Maryland has moved from "may" to "shall" issue


throwaway37865 t1_j172tng wrote

Has Uber or Lyft updated their terms of service? You can get deactivated from the platform for even concealed carry


lolokaydudewhatever t1_j18npor wrote

concealed is concealed

If you do ccw right, they'll only know when you need it

When you need it, the last thing you'll care about is staying employed with Uber|Lyft


Matt3989 t1_j18yrsr wrote

I don't really know how you'd draw from concealment while being car jacked. Presumably the guns are on you before you're even aware, trying to draw in that situation just seems like a good way to catch a bullet.


lolokaydudewhatever t1_j1907iz wrote

Agreed, this is why you almost never draw from the drop. In a situation you just described, best to just comply and let them take your car.

With that said, this article refers to kidnappings and rapes, in these cases ccw gives you additional options to improve your chances of survival.

Either way situational awareness is key.


Nintendoholic t1_j194xhm wrote

Seems like a good way to lose a car and now also a gun when you get jacked


Thanatosst t1_j16uw1g wrote

Sadly it's still fairly prohibitively expensive to do, but it is a big step in the right direction.


sllewgh t1_j1748cv wrote

The only possible solution to this problem is to address the root causes of crime, especially poverty. Anything else is just reacting to it.


Matt3989 t1_j18z4jd wrote

That is a generational approach. You still need to react to the situation at hand to get things under control.

It's hard to car jack people from prison.


sllewgh t1_j190d1p wrote

And how's that working out so far? Is it under control?

[looks at thread title]


Matt3989 t1_j190hrj wrote

That's kind of the point... We're not convicting, and when we do, not for long enough for it to make a difference.


sllewgh t1_j191thj wrote

Oooorrrrr... Crime and punishment isn't the solution to begin with, as I said. You can make all the excuses you want, but you can't say that strategy is working.


Matt3989 t1_j191z19 wrote

You're right, let's just have all crime stop.

Problem solved.


sllewgh t1_j192skr wrote

I gave the real solution already, but if pretending I didn't helps you feel good about your reply, go ahead.


Matt3989 t1_j193jm6 wrote

You gave a strategy to reduce crime in the future, not a solution to the current situation.

This crime is happening/has already happened. You saying "Crime isn't the solution to begin with" is obviously true and also not based in reality.


sllewgh t1_j194ct3 wrote

There is no short term solution that works.


Matt3989 t1_j194tv7 wrote

So your 'solution' right now is just to not punish crimes?


sllewgh t1_j1956pd wrote

Just stop replying if you don't have anything to say. Don't make shit up to disagree with.


Matt3989 t1_j1960aj wrote

You don't have a solution, you have a strategy. We still need short term fixes to reduce crime. Those involve putting criminals in jail.

>Dude, just stop replying if you don't have anything to say.

You're the one saying that "we should fix poverty to make crime stop"... No shit, just fix poverty, super easy.

Until poverty is solved, I hope you don't get carjacked.


sllewgh t1_j198cux wrote

I never said it was easy. Again, if you can't respond to what I actually wrote, just stop replying.


Matt3989 t1_j1991uv wrote

I did respond to what you wrote. I told you it was not the 'solution' that you think it is because it is a generational strategy.

You're not going to 'fix poverty' by letting crime run rampant, so you need an immediate solution to address it. Maybe if you have an idea for that then you wouldn't sound like a 14 year old in a Che Guevara shirt.


sllewgh t1_j199pj8 wrote

>I did respond to what you wrote. I told you it was not the 'solution' that you think it is because it is a generational strategy.

It's exactly the solution I think it is. I don't disagree it won't have immediate results, that doesn't mean it isn't the answer. You haven't made any attempt to say it isn't.

> you need an immediate solution to address it.

Right back at you. I haven't heard anything constructive from you on that subject besides doing more of what's already failed.


hypatiaakat t1_j17y6rl wrote

Because Americans still believe that you deserve to be poor, that you just didn't work hard enough. Children don't get to choose their parents or their living situation. I'm sympathetic, but it's a problem that's unsolvable until a critical mass of people have their "come to Jesus" moment about poverty in this country. There are no easy fixes, either.


VacationWooden8283 t1_j179ce5 wrote

How bout addressing the culture of crime in this city


bmore t1_j17af0s wrote

Lol what the fuck does this mean


FrankieRedFlash t1_j18xaq7 wrote

I think they mean the poverty, hopelessness, poor education, lack of jobs, lack of parenting, and glorification of being "tough" over being a good, kind, productive person. Address those things and the crime rate will likely go down. I got no idea how you do it.


bmore t1_j19gb97 wrote

I don't think that's what they mean since that's what OP said and they replied implying OP was wrong and we should do something different.


jabbadarth t1_j186z4k wrote

It's the same bullshit idiots spout about schools and parents. "We just need responsible parents" as if there is some way to magically instill education, responsibility, drive, etc into people.

And that's always in response to we need to spend more on education. So their solution is don't spend any more to improve education or after school programs that will educate children and give them opportunities instead just change the "culture".


hypatiaakat t1_j1890tl wrote

Responsible parents usually means parents who aren't the working poor, who aren't the people who have no choice but to leave kids unattended while they work multiple jobs. Factor in drugs and crime that walk hand in hand with poverty, and that's a recipe for what we have now.


jabbadarth t1_j18aoda wrote

100% and yet morons will constantly point to responsibility and culture as if those are things that can be forced on people regardless of their situation to somehow fix problems when in reality this issue is generations in the making and will take years if not decades to repair through investment, hard work, and giving people opportunity and hope.

If we really invested in kids right now and built up a massive after school program, and mentor programs and built community centers that offered meals and parent support we could see kids flourish. It wouldn't be cheap but in the long run it's a hell of a lot cheaper than what we are paying for cops and crime.

You can see examples of it all over the place where individual schools get an amazing principal that turns an entire community around just by offering support. Issue is we can't rely on individuals to put in all the time needed to that on their own.,11%2C%20he%20spoke%20no%20English.

First example is just a cash infusion that have hope to families and turned a community around in one generation.

Second example is a single man utilizing his time and skills to fix a failing dangerous school and get buy in from the community at large.

If we took an approach that combined both of these methods and built it out across the city maybe we could start seeing some positive movement away from crime.


sllewgh t1_j17ikbw wrote

Just be brave and say whatever racist shit you really mean by that.


VacationWooden8283 t1_j18xt4x wrote

You could give everyone in Baltimore city a million dollars tomorrow and we could still rack 300 murders next year. Wtf else is there to explain?


sllewgh t1_j18ymdo wrote

There we go! Proud of you for overcoming your fears and being more straightforward about your racist prejudice. I get why it's shameful, but you don't want to be a moron and a coward, do you?


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Robbiebphoto t1_j16t6qs wrote

So they conflate carjacking and robbery? I ain’t paying for their shit so who knows?…


Vjornaxx t1_j184wo1 wrote

A carjacking is a specific type of robbery. Robbery is theft + assault/threat of assault. A carjacking is motor vehicle theft + assault/threat of assault.


Strange-Effort1305 t1_j16d6ds wrote

They love carjacking. It carries huge time and guarantees no actual profit in the crime. It’s perfect for the Baltimore prison fetish population.