Submitted by SeaworthinessFit2151 t3_zbtd6n in baltimore

I’m not being glib I swear. But is there an actual reason no fast food joints will make a shake?? I’m always surprised how that meme is so real 😭 is there like, a shake machine repair man shortage



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AndieIsOnline t1_iyt7i8d wrote

too many parts to clean in the machines


UsualFirefighter9 t1_iytelfp wrote

Screw McD and Burger King. Hunt down a Dunkin thats teamed up with a Baskin Robbins. Same price, no breakdowns.

Or screw that too and head for that place on 36th Street. Charm city creameary?


DiscoDeadhead t1_iyuabsj wrote

I love an extra thick chocolate milkshake with French vanilla from Baskins, that was my go to when I worked next to one


midwestUCgal t1_iytm2h7 wrote

Clark Burger has shakes! And tasty food


worm_odyssey t1_iytvck2 wrote

Clark Burger is my go-to place for burgers and shakes. I wish their fries were a liiiittle bit better.


Spirit-S65 t1_iyu2uc2 wrote

Shake machines are difficult to clean, it requires taking apart the entire machine. And with staffing issues being the way they are it often isn't something they can handle. And the McDonalds shake machine is poorly designed. McDonalds shut down a couple who worked to fix them.


greggsbenton t1_iytiqv6 wrote

F fast food businesses.. support local businesses instead like bmore licks or the charmary


HorsieJuice t1_iyucd9n wrote

I like the charmery, but their shakes are really expensive.


PVinesGIS t1_iyxeoq6 wrote

TBF, it's a hand dipped shake made from local craft ice cream. That isn't going to be cheap.


CaptainObvious110 t1_iyvmmbz wrote

If people are that pressed for shakes then they should be willing to pay for them.


TatumLaBianca t1_iyv9axh wrote

Why did Lost City have to go? Black and white malted milkshakes made life worth living.


S-Kunst t1_iyvdbpk wrote

You do know that most fast food shakes are made of a non dairy powder? Not saying they don't add milk, or walk it by the machine, but it comes in a box as a powder.


SeaworthinessFit2151 OP t1_iyve29e wrote

Yes. And I don’t care. I’m veg and most of the fake stuff I eat is a weird soy product. I’ve picked my hill to die on and it’s not this


Similar_Coyote1104 t1_iytw058 wrote

They either don’t feel like cleaning it or have decided they’re done making shakes for that shift. This begs the question: if you don’t want to make shakes, why not take them off the menu?