Submitted by cheesewitche t3_zrtrlv in baltimore

The guy I'm looking at right now in Annapolis is supposed to be a great surgeon, but when I met with him for an examination he underestimated the extent of my injury, so I'm a little wary of him now.



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mlorusso4 t1_j14k6vv wrote

Towson orthopedic associates. Shoulder labrum is probably going to be Dr Shiu. He’s great.


mrm0324 t1_j14lyo3 wrote

Curtis National Hand Center at Union Memorial is really good.


Strategery_Man t1_j14nuqp wrote

The whole Centers for Advanced Orthopedics is pretty good and VERY good for rehab. Dr. Zooker did my surgery. While he did a great job with my surgery, he's not good with follow-up visits. He was late (on average) to the appointments by 45 minutes. I had one shoulder done and need the other one done and I will go back to them.

EDIT: This would be in the Pikesville/Owings Mills area.


cheesewitche OP t1_j14q87d wrote

I'm okay with doctors who aren't people-people as long as the surgery's good. How's your shoulder doing now? I really want to be able to do things like brace myself for a fall on that side without fear, but I know that's a big ask.


Strategery_Man t1_j14twce wrote

I play pretty competitive ice hockey and it's held up well! The big thing is to really give a solid effort in PT. Three days a week minimum are truly needed. My surgery was three years ago. Expect a year's recovery to get back to 80%.


cheesewitche OP t1_j14wk7w wrote

Oh that's very cool! Something like slipping and landing on my back would completely knock it out of joint right now. I'd imagine you're experiencing that level of force semi regularly in the rink so it's really cool to hear that you're doing well.

I can hardly remember what 80% of my pre injury stability felt like bc it's been messed up for so long, even though it's actually gotten significantly stronger since then due to all my efforts to avoid surgery. Sounds like I should just do it


Devoted_2My_Hotwife t1_j152z5d wrote

I've had several other surgeries with locally renowned surgeons. When I asked the top docs who they recommended for torn labrum and bicep, the answer was Anand Murthi at MedStar. I'm all fixed up now.


OxyContintail t1_j15bv4v wrote

Only facts here but I had Dr Burkhart replace my shoulder and required revision within a year. The placement of the appliance was incorrect. Just a fact.


Ali1558Cat t1_j15tk6f wrote

Dr. Amir Moinfar (Glen Burnie) has surgically repaired both of my shoulders (complete tears of rotator cuff) & the shoulders of my former spouse (heavyweight bodybuilder).

We can't say enough good things about his knowledge, skill and approach to fixing our worn out parts.


FreyjaSunshine t1_j16k2eb wrote

Regardless of who you go with:

  1. Your surgeon will not know the extent of your injury until he/she is in there with a scope. Imaging gives an idea, but the reality is often different.
  2. Get an interscalene block before surgery for post-op pain control. Shoulder surgery pain is intense and difficult to control.

Good luck from an anesthesiologist (can't make recommendations as I no longer work in the area).


imgunninforya t1_j16vpzl wrote

Tore one in each shoulder. Not gonna lie, the recovery is going to suck. It long and painful but I'm back to 100% in both arms. I'd recommend Dr. Koman at Koman Orthopedic out in Reisterstown.


TheSpektrModule t1_j171vlu wrote

In my experience people on the internet suck at recommending specific physicians.

My recommendation is to call a big ortho group in the area. IMO you can't go wrong with MedStar (the ones at Union Memorial). All of their doctors are fellowship trained and subspecialize in certain areas. Contact them and tell them your issue, they'll refer you to a surgeon with the most appropriate training and experience.


MeowsAllieCat t1_j1hfukb wrote

I second this recommendation! Dr. Baugher operated on me at Union Memorial in 2013 & 2014. He's great, both medically (very experienced and skilled) and personally (always made me laugh and he even let me keep the gnarly x ray). I'm pretty sure I said "I love you" to him when I was all hopped up on anesthesia, haha. The physical therapists are excellent as well. Just make sure you do your part with the home exercises.

Unfortunately my finger is still not 100%, but that's my fault for putting off treatment. (Spiral break, but I insisted it was just a sprain because I was young, poor, and afraid. The bone started to heal twisted, so it had to be broken again to be fixed, and required multiple surgeries due to scar tissue. Still, it's in MUCH better shape than it was before.)