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fireslayer03 t1_iz4b5zq wrote

$20 says neighbors cooking and it ain’t meat


NewrytStarcommander t1_iz4c27c wrote

Neighbors are cooking meth


sugarsugar_cg t1_iz5tbm8 wrote

I agree, sounds like neighbors are cooking meth.


S-Kunst t1_iz6r4t7 wrote

wouldn't that leave traces? All odors are microscopic bits of the stuff. If its meth, ask the police to bring in a sniffer dog. That much time there should be a build up.

Have you ever smelled a rat? That has a distinct smell, with a barn yard structure vs a chemical smell. Had one take up residence at my former work place. The smell would come and go, as the rat was on the move.


ChrisInBaltimore t1_iz4h0h0 wrote

Definitely meth and it’s probably making you very sick. It’s also crazy dangerous.


EthanSayfo t1_iz5a8et wrote

As in, meth labs often go kablooey in a big way dangerous.


BuggyRiot t1_iz5er1a wrote

They really don’t the chemicals are killing him and killed his mother


EthanSayfo t1_iz5g6re wrote

Meth labs really do blow up sometimes.


BuggyRiot t1_iz5gcks wrote

Oh definitely but not as much as everyone thinks cause if that was true there wouldn’t be a lot of meth. At least they have the windows open 24/7


ccbmtg t1_iz5hb50 wrote

which is a pretty big red flag on its own, especially this time of year. crazy how they've been possibly allegedly doing this for years but never had the common sense to look into diy ventilation systems lol.


BuggyRiot t1_iz5hgd7 wrote

I mean if it ain’t broke don’t fix it they seem to know what their doing just wish OP took his mothers claims seriously


arcessivi t1_iz5l0yb wrote

I’ve heard that remediation/cleaning up contamination of a former meth house is extremely difficult/expensive. I never dug too much into the details though.

The health effects from meth lab exposure is gnarly. Explains why they wear those masks in Breaking Bad

> Exposure to meth residues may cause symptoms similar to those experienced by meth users. Exposure to VOCs may cause symptoms such as nose and throat irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion and breathing difficulties. Some VOCs may cause cancer.

> Acids or bases will cause a burning sensation on the skin and in mucous membranes, and can cause severe eye damage. Exposure to metals and salts can cause a wide range of health effects including respiratory irritation, decreased mental function, anemia, kidney damage and birth defects. Metals such as lead and mercury are particularly hazardous.

Hey OP, if you’re for real, seriously call the DEA, call Maryland Dept of the Environment (MDE will probably be slow but eventually they’ll get something done). And get out of that house.

This isn’t about narcing on your neighbor or perpetuating the war on drugs. This is about a very serious health and safety concern for you, your family, your other neighbors, visitors, your mailman, passers by, etc. Not to mention your mother, may she rest in peace.


ChrisInBaltimore t1_iz6saq6 wrote

I was friends with a couple that unknowingly moved into a former meth house. It made them super sick and she miscarried pretty quickly after moving in. When they found out what it was, it was cheaper to demolish the house and start over.


Anne314 t1_iz4h4kc wrote

To join the consensus, your neighbors are cooking meth.


fireanthead t1_iz4jo9z wrote

It’s also dangerous because cooking meth could cause a house to explode!!


PM_ME_UR_NUTZ t1_iz4wl47 wrote

This is actually heartbreaking


SelfOk1681 t1_iz5ugsr wrote

I was in and out of a handful of rehabs in Maryland and this one lady from Baltimore I’ll never forget because she had a meltdown during group and was like “how am I supposed to get clean when I live where I live? I’ve lived in the same public housing my entire life and I see crack every single day, how could I stop?”


Me_Myself_and_Me t1_iz6side wrote

Absolutely heartbreaking. My heart goes out to folks who are trying so hard to break an addiction, yet have no choice but to return to an environment where they are surrounded by drugs.


planetarylaw t1_iz4rjuv wrote

I'm a country girl from the Meth Belt. My money's on meth. Different steps of the manufacturing process have different smells. You can have samples taken from your home to have tested. I forget who to contact. I'll add more later.

Edit: Ok so if you Google meth residue test kit that's what you need. Also suggest cross posting over at r/homeimprovement and also agree with others saying to call the police or DEA tip line.


rooranger t1_iz4pcnb wrote

Be a good citizen, make an emergency police or fire department call when oder is detected. If there is a "chemical leak" it poses a threat to the greater community, not just you.


LaurensBeech t1_iz4renv wrote

Place a tip on the DEA tip line


Jennigar t1_iz4o12p wrote

Call the police!


JonWilso t1_iz4r0vz wrote

Check your water heater. Chlorine is in our water and if it's building up on the element, could be burning and creating the smell. Assuming it's malfunctioning or something. I'm not a plumber

Or your neighbors are cooking meth/crack.


moediggity3 t1_iz5hrap wrote

Has anyone suggested the possibility that they’re cooking meth? I haven’t seen it posted here 👀


tacocollector2 t1_iz4u4se wrote

Pretty shitty of you not to believe your elderly mother for 4 years without having it checked out.


[deleted] OP t1_iz59loe wrote

Yeah seriously.


EthanSayfo t1_iz5atka wrote

I don't think OP said they didn't believe her, they said the hospital didn't believe them, and that they had told their mother the smell of cooking food shouldn't burn your throat.


[deleted] OP t1_iz5bqdp wrote

Not sure about the exact timeline of OPs actions and whether he went to the hospital and got a VOC detecter after his mom died.


f11tn88ss t1_iz508r1 wrote

move as quick as possible. a meth explosion in a rowhome is really bad. and more than likely they are up while you sleep for work so it could happen then.


sassygirl101 t1_iz574h0 wrote

Can you just give us all here in Baltimore a heads up as to WHERE!!?!!!! Obviously we don’t need an exact address just give us a neighborhood vicinity.


NeutralTableFlip t1_iz5g6u2 wrote

OP, you need to notify DEA or local drug enforcement before posting anything public about the location. Your neighbors might be on here as well and if they know the area is hot then they’ll clean up for a few weeks/months before resuming production again


Blobfish9059 t1_iz4ipju wrote

Be nice if you befriended a cop and had that family over for dinner.


JonWilso t1_iz4qxy2 wrote

Invite him to dinner at their house. They're cooking I'm sure.


zamboniman46 t1_iz4pexu wrote

Your neighbors might be cooking meth


flyingspaghettisauce t1_iz4shel wrote

Is your neighbor’s name Walter and is he a former science teacher?


Tps4848 t1_iz4z7az wrote

Interesting post, interesting user account. 😂


Wilmore99 t1_iz4tl3r wrote

As soon as I figured out the neighbors are cooking meth the first thing I thought of was Russel Crowe knocking over that drug house for the duffel full of money in “The Next Three Days”….


Hey OP ummm… just curious where is this?


BudsCarsGuns91 t1_iz4yrjk wrote

Your neighbors are making shake n bake.


octosquink t1_iz514c3 wrote

Which neighborhood is this?


UptownHiFi t1_iz5f8cu wrote

Report the circumstances to the Maryland Department of the Environment.


neigh_time_pervert t1_iz5ow69 wrote

The odor is probably from the neighbors that are probably cooking meth.


thespyeye01 t1_iz66c3k wrote

Bro your neighbors are cooking crystal meth


Me_Myself_and_Me t1_iz6saoi wrote

Sounds like you have a meth lab nearby. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's passing. Oftentimes, there is a strong cat urine-like smell affiliated with meth labs. Is that something you've noticed as well? Either way, keep calling until someone comes out to investigate.


Mediocre-Week-9010 t1_iz6sroq wrote

No cat pee, just the same 3 smells chorline, dish bowl cleaner and or nail polish remover.


thespyeye01 t1_iz66pzc wrote

Also which is crazy because I've lived in Baltimore my entire life I'm 42 Crystal meth is not big here like I'm a recovering her own at it we're big on heroin crack and pot of Coke I'm not saying that it's not here I'm just saying that you know it's not a big thing but who knows it's when it comes to things like that you never know but it sounds like crystal meth


NickySnipes t1_iz6gwfs wrote

Hate to go against the popular opinion, but I’m afraid they’re cooking meth.


fatclouds69 t1_iz4z2ct wrote

Cookin scramble.


JhoodsLady t1_iz50vlc wrote

In Baltimore scramble is Heroin. And making scramble heroin doesn't smell like chemicals more like vinegar.

Eta: before Fentynal was the big thing


fatclouds69 t1_iz511tn wrote

Just thinking of the song is all. Should have used an ellipsis I suppose.


JhoodsLady t1_iz51z4d wrote

I was just commenting because I wasn't sure is methamphetamine are called scramble


edcod1 t1_iz4ldyc wrote

I wouldn’t be drinking the tap water.


Wilmore99 t1_iz4trrb wrote

No one really should even without the meth. 😋