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sacrificebundt t1_j21ajx5 wrote

On a sketch scale, least sketch at the top, I’d say, idk, top half? Top third? It’s got some upside.


CaptainStudly t1_j21ceju wrote

Are you measuring absolute sketch or is this normalized for Baltimore?


sacrificebundt t1_j21greb wrote

Normalized to Baltimore. That stretch on Greenmount between North and 25th is a bit sketch but it’s filling in further west.


DvrthKen OP t1_j21gmdh wrote

It’s right by station north and Charles village, which are both dope when I was checking places out. I mean I’ve lived in Peru and am coming from one of the more “dangerous” cities in the US and it’s always been fine. I know there are places to avoid in every city, and was wondering if this was one of those.


sacrificebundt t1_j21jamc wrote

It’s not one of the neighborhoods that you need to avoid. There’s plenty of investment going on south and west, less in the neighborhood rn. I bike through it on Guilford from time to time and it’s fine?


DvrthKen OP t1_j21l9nw wrote

Perfect. It seems great, but I just wanted to make sure. I really appreciate it.


Hansel4407 t1_j21hsfq wrote

It’s on most peoples avoid list, but use your own judgement.

Here is a helpful resource -


sxswnxnw t1_j23kty9 wrote

Just want to add I used this (among other resources) when I was looking for a house. Literally every neighborhood has crime of some sort. Yes, every single one, including Roland Park, Federal Hill, and Locust Point. It's humanity, it's not just Baltimore. The useful thing about this tool is it allows you to get an idea of the types of crimes that are happening and you can look pretty far back to see if certain crimes are outliers or typical.


CaptainObvious110 t1_j232oqs wrote

Wow! That was uh, truly eye opening! Lots and lots of larceny. I'm honestly wondering what time these crimes took place though? Especially the aggravated assaults, the shootings and the homicides.


sxswnxnw t1_j23l05j wrote

You can click on individual crimes for more info. There was one other tool I was using that I can't remember right now and it let me get to an even more detailed level, but this was a useful one if you want basic information about where and when.

Recommend using a laptop or desktop computer, not a smartphone or tablet.


CaptainObvious110 t1_j23tgiq wrote

Ok, thanks. It's a very interesting map for sure and I'll definitely have a time with this later


MZ-E620Throwaway t1_j21jqdx wrote

My partner lived over there for a little while and was generally fine - heard gunshots once or twice, but by and large it's just a neighborhood. No attempted break-ins or anything. Lot of JHU kids live there, and my car never got broken into or anything on the dozens of nights I parked on the street


DvrthKen OP t1_j21l5nm wrote

Word, that’s great to hear. Thank you very much! Great insight!