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Timmah_1984 t1_j21k1yn wrote

When you’re looking up neighborhood safety ratings on websites those are largely useless. There is crime in every neighborhood in this city. Drive around the area in the day and after dark to get a feel for it. The BPD crime map can give you some insight too. Some neighborhoods have people breaking into parked cars and porch pirates. Others will have murders and assaults. It can change block to block too.


DvrthKen OP t1_j21kfzm wrote

Great insight, thank you! I won’t be able to visit again before I move unfortunately, but I’ll check BPD


Critical_Composer106 t1_j21yhpj wrote

25th and barclay here, i like it that i’m close enough to greenmount that the rent is cheap, i don’t feel unsafe but its gritty enough to keep my family visiting down


Seletixarp t1_j21jy1j wrote

It’s kind of an in-between? Barclay Avenue itself (and eastern roads near Greenmount) south of 25th are sketch. North of 25th is practically CV. Guilford, Calvert, and streets west (south of 25th)… it’s weird, because some of those are classified as CV (like Guilford south of 25th gets the green trash cans and pays like CV does), or Old Goucher. If you’re looking at a specific property (regardless of any location), it’s always best to scout it out during daytime and nighttime.


DvrthKen OP t1_j21kwnc wrote

Yeah, it’s south of 25th. That’s great advice and great insight. Thank you!!


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_j21olor wrote

I support the above poster. Those neighborhoods are very mixed, but basically east and south are where it gets sketchier. But it’s really not as simple as all that. Go down during the day, and if it looks nice, go down on a Friday night.

But Barclay st south of 25th for someone who doesn’t know Baltimore is not a great spot. Guilford isn’t too bad. I know several women in that area with mixed reviews of safety


crusaderq42 t1_j24vr3f wrote

Are you referring to Goucher maybe? If Guilford is in the cards, that would definitely be a step up above Barclay. A couple tax brackets to be exact.


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_j24wa9s wrote

I meant guilford ave, that runs parallel to barclay.

Both are in or close to the Old Goucher neighborhood


Mikel32 t1_j22c1xs wrote

“Sketchy” areas stay sketchy until people commit to living their and commit to helping better the community.


Jrbobfishman t1_j22v3qe wrote

Until the non-sketchy people get inadequate support from law enforcement and city leadership. Then they take their non-sketchy, broken and beat down asses to less sketchy areas


sxswnxnw t1_j23k8we wrote

Well, the way it usually goes is nonsketchy POCs, LGBTQ folks, and poor folks turn it into something livable, and then the other people that are used to being generally accommodated in society and aren't at all used to getting their asses beat and broken move in and act like they have always been there.


Jrbobfishman t1_j26i4hj wrote

no, it’s usually young blue collar artists and craftsman (regardless of race,identity,ect) who decide to be urban homesteaders. You don’t need to part of any group to fix up an old row house or run when you figure out that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze


DfcukinLite t1_j2dlyr0 wrote

They move in with the “artists”, but that’s 3rd wave after the gays/LGBTQ during the second wave.


DfcukinLite t1_j222wob wrote

It’s in transition. It just looks sketchier than it is in certain parts of the neighborhood. Keep your general good wits about you. You’re not in any immediate danger living there.


sacrificebundt t1_j21ajx5 wrote

On a sketch scale, least sketch at the top, I’d say, idk, top half? Top third? It’s got some upside.


CaptainStudly t1_j21ceju wrote

Are you measuring absolute sketch or is this normalized for Baltimore?


sacrificebundt t1_j21greb wrote

Normalized to Baltimore. That stretch on Greenmount between North and 25th is a bit sketch but it’s filling in further west.


DvrthKen OP t1_j21gmdh wrote

It’s right by station north and Charles village, which are both dope when I was checking places out. I mean I’ve lived in Peru and am coming from one of the more “dangerous” cities in the US and it’s always been fine. I know there are places to avoid in every city, and was wondering if this was one of those.


sacrificebundt t1_j21jamc wrote

It’s not one of the neighborhoods that you need to avoid. There’s plenty of investment going on south and west, less in the neighborhood rn. I bike through it on Guilford from time to time and it’s fine?


DvrthKen OP t1_j21l9nw wrote

Perfect. It seems great, but I just wanted to make sure. I really appreciate it.


Hansel4407 t1_j21hsfq wrote

It’s on most peoples avoid list, but use your own judgement.

Here is a helpful resource -


sxswnxnw t1_j23kty9 wrote

Just want to add I used this (among other resources) when I was looking for a house. Literally every neighborhood has crime of some sort. Yes, every single one, including Roland Park, Federal Hill, and Locust Point. It's humanity, it's not just Baltimore. The useful thing about this tool is it allows you to get an idea of the types of crimes that are happening and you can look pretty far back to see if certain crimes are outliers or typical.


CaptainObvious110 t1_j232oqs wrote

Wow! That was uh, truly eye opening! Lots and lots of larceny. I'm honestly wondering what time these crimes took place though? Especially the aggravated assaults, the shootings and the homicides.


sxswnxnw t1_j23l05j wrote

You can click on individual crimes for more info. There was one other tool I was using that I can't remember right now and it let me get to an even more detailed level, but this was a useful one if you want basic information about where and when.

Recommend using a laptop or desktop computer, not a smartphone or tablet.


CaptainObvious110 t1_j23tgiq wrote

Ok, thanks. It's a very interesting map for sure and I'll definitely have a time with this later


MZ-E620Throwaway t1_j21jqdx wrote

My partner lived over there for a little while and was generally fine - heard gunshots once or twice, but by and large it's just a neighborhood. No attempted break-ins or anything. Lot of JHU kids live there, and my car never got broken into or anything on the dozens of nights I parked on the street


DvrthKen OP t1_j21l5nm wrote

Word, that’s great to hear. Thank you very much! Great insight!


UptownHiFi t1_j22dyrv wrote

I would recommend contacting the Greater Greenmount Community Assn, a great local volunteer organization. They can give you a resident’s perspective and bring you up to date with all that’s going on.


Beneficial_Truth4351 t1_j24hdbi wrote

There's a couple spots where people sell drugs at night, but that neighborhood is pretty mellow.


K_N0RRIS t1_j23oiir wrote

It really depends on the block. In this city you could be on 3 separate blocks only a traffic light away and each one will have a different safety feel to the other. You really need to get boots on a ground to get a real safety feeling. Residents make a neighborhood safe, not a website rating based on surveys from people who probably never even lived there.


bOhsohard t1_j24cumh wrote

I lived in barclay off 23rd for 5 years. There is honestly more sex work in the neighborhood than violent crime. I never felt like I was in danger walking home from bars late at night, and felt a real sense of community from my neighbors up and down the block.

Feel free to ask me more about the neighborhood, I loved it and if I never left Baltimore would still live there


sit_down_man t1_j25ffre wrote

I live pretty much right there. It’s a fine area for the most part. Depends on the street, but during the day you’re completely fine regardless. That said, I wouldn’t really be hanging out in the middle of the night at like greenmount and 24th lol, but that’s all


bitesizeboy t1_j21ekpg wrote

All of Baltimore is sketchy, you should just say where you are.

Edit: /s I guess. I'm just tired of seeing this type of post every other day. Cities have city problems. If you don't want to deal with that, move to the county.


ltong1009 t1_j21ht4i wrote

Yeah, Roland Park and Federal Hill are so sketch.


bitesizeboy t1_j21lmlr wrote

Mt.Washington is down right unsavory.


DvrthKen OP t1_j21goke wrote

Sorry Charlie, can’t do that :(