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You can place this one under the header of "old people problems." I have been hanging around here a while and putting in my $.02 where it seems helpful. I need to ask for a little helpful advice myself. I am 72 and have a hip injury that is bad enough to be inoperable. It causes chronic pain. I worked for a couple of years with a personal trainer at the Jewish Community Center with some good results. This is an all ages/family place, and during the day there are lots of Olde Phartes like me. COVID kept them shut down for extended periods, and I tried to continue working out at home. Now that they are re-opened, I am finding the personal trainer a stretch--raging inflation is the cause. I am also in trouble physically getting to the center. It is close enough to be an easy walk for an able bodied person, not so much for me.

My health insurance Medicare Advantage has subsidized memberships at a variety of gyms in the area. Transportation will be easier to these for me, so I am looking at them. There's a huge number, too many to list, but what I'd like to know is if anybody can suggest centers that would be more Olde Pharte Friendly. I will be dismally uncomfortable if I get there and find out no one is past forty, everyone is at their ideal weight, and no one is friendly. I will arrive in t-shirts with holes, cotton capri pants, and sneakers that are ruinously expensive but not recognized as stylish due to being old people sneakers.

I guess what I am looking for is a more family friendly environment. I will at first use the treadmill, stationary bike, and anything available for cardio fitness. I will also enjoy chair-type yoga.

Thanks in advance!!



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jessiewicz t1_j21h9db wrote

If there is a YMCA near you that would be a good option. Typically an older age group and there’s often a senior discounted membership. They also do classes that are generally included.


Ritaontherocksnosalt t1_j246fai wrote

I've gone to Towson, Waverly and Parkville YMCA's. The staff at all of the locations I've been to are outstanding. I haven't used their personal trainers, though. I mostly use the pool. The locker rooms are a decent size and clean. The Parkville location is the main one I frequent. There are avid Pickleball players and folks on the cardio machines and weight floor. The crowd is mostly older when I'm there which is between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.. I don't see a ton of families there with babies or young kids but there are a few. I go during the week.


Classifiedgarlic t1_j21hjw5 wrote

I’ve heard really positive things about the Y in Druid Hill. I have a number of older friends that sing it’s praises


enforce1 t1_j21p2ee wrote

There are a ton of seniors that train at The coaches there are incredible. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it.


YorickTheCat t1_j24brhr wrote

I was going to suggest Fivex3, but OP said treadmill and bikes, and there aren't those there. Plenty of ways to get some cardio in by lifting, straps, and body weight exercises though. Highly recommend Fivex3 for anyone that can afford it. The personalized coaching makes it worth it. Edit: Fivex3 does have some spin cycles. Forgot about those.


lexabear t1_j2247w0 wrote

I was also going to suggest the Y. I used to go to the Waverly one and there were people of all ages. Raggedy tshirts are welcomed. They do have personal trainers but I have no idea how much they cost. There's a rehab place associated with a local hospital in there too if you need a physical therapist.

Another suggestion would be that if there are any trainers you liked at the JCC, look them up and see where they are/if you can go there/if you can get appts with them at other gyms.


captain_smonch t1_j21j2dm wrote

I third the Y! I usually go to the Weinberg Y in Waverly and it really is an all ages kind of place, there are kids in the daycare, teens, and adults all the way through seniors!


coldbrewbruh73 t1_j21rsj4 wrote

Merritt Downtown Athletic Club has a very diverse membership, there are many older members. The facilities are top notch and people are very friendly. I’ve been a member for 5 years now and I love it. There’s a pool, a track, tons of machines, a hot tub, sauna, and steam room! There a many free classes too!


zinniasinorange t1_j25lml9 wrote

Came here to say this. I work out here and there are people of all ages and everything else. There are even a few people who have canes, etc.


coldbrewbruh73 t1_j25myd0 wrote

It’s one of the many reasons I like the place, the diversity. The Fort ave and Canton locations are not as diverse.


sxswnxnw t1_j22eftl wrote

You're in Glen, so when I lived in Pikesville and Mount Washington/Cheswolde area, I went to Lifebridge for a while. It was a really, really nice gym with an indoor track and sooooo much equipment. I really loved that gym, but it was expensive as hell. This was back in like 2014 and 2015, but they used to give you a free session with a trainer to get a plan down. I had just switched from the old Lynn Brick that was in that St. Thomas plaza on Reisterstown Road where I had been paying for a trainer at a ridiculous weekly rate... I combined what I had been doing at Lynn Brick with what they gave me at Lifebridge and I was pretty much good to go. It's an all ages gym, plenty of older people. No one cared about what folks were wearing? At worst there would be guys in there trying to flirt.

Another one I used to go to that is a bit farther out was Bare Hills which I think is now called Coppermine. That skewed much older. Also a really nice gym where no one cared what you wore. Lots of equipment, families. The tennis courts were pretty busy.


mattyboy22 t1_j22hso7 wrote

Glad you posted this. I'm in the old fart club here in Baltimore also. I'm 64 and health issues stopped me from working this year. And have been planning on trying out the YMCA in Parkville !


Pretend-Smoke-8942 t1_j23g2vq wrote

I just came here to say ditch your advantage plan. In October, I highly recommend you enroll back with traditional Medicare. Advantage plans are a scam.


sxswnxnw t1_j23imse wrote

Lmao so this may or may not have been what I wanted to say, but... Yes, Medicare Advantage plans imo often do a lot of suspect stuff. To the point that I would not recommend either of my parents get a Medicare Advantage plan.Hell, if I were Medicare age, I wouldn't even want a Medicare Advantage plan.

They get you with all the "perks," meanwhile they will deny legitimate claims to compel you to stop asking for stuff you need. 🥴 Meanwhile the plans make profits like nobodies business... It's very fucked up.


pipandmerry t1_j23k6i1 wrote

Activate Body is a small team personal training gym that specializes in strength training to help maintain mobility/capability as the body ages. It’s not always covered by insurance (some insurance won’t cover anything that involves a personal trainer) but it could be worth looking into!


Willothwisp2303 t1_j248dpy wrote

The Senior Center has yoga, Tai chi, and other fitness classes. My 85 year old father showed Amazing balance improvements just by taking the Tai chi class. He stopped for covid, but I think they are back. Check them out because it's done wonders for my Olds!


xlllxJackxlllx t1_j22nup0 wrote

I am a caregiver who has experience w/ some of your issues. Why is it inoperable? Also, and I am not kidding, would it be operable on medicaid?


Obasan123 OP t1_j234v4v wrote

Not at all! It is inoperable because that's easier for me to write out than "I am a very poor candidate for surgery (CHF)." I am certain they could unzip me and replace the joint, but there's a good chance I wouldn't survive. So I'm going to give a "no" to the Medicaid. Not unless the doctor were a bit overeager.

What intrigued me was your reference to Medicaid. I had Medicaid benefits for two years after my husband's death. At that point, I both qualified for Medicare and was able to retire on my own record as opposed to as his widow. My financial picture changed to the point where I could take care of my own Medicare, and the Medicaid stopped. Fair enough. My recent application for a scooter via Medicare was denied. I felt the physical therapist made a good case.

What is curious is that I have innumerable friends, neighbors, smoking buddies, and partners in crime in this building, and many of them have terrific scooters courtesy of Medical Assistance (Medicaid). I would not begrudge a single one of them. They have worked hard, served in the military, paid their taxes, raised their families, and contributed to our city and society as a whole. In comparing notes, it seems that Medicare wants you to keep your scooter within your own four walls, while Medicaid wants you to use your scooter to get out and do those things you need to do to continue to age in place. Nothing to do with Baltimore in particular, but it is very odd.


sxswnxnw t1_j23i706 wrote

Medicare Advantage plans will deny everything... If you have the stamina, resubmit. They have a nasty habit of denying claims to imo wear you down. Traditional Medicare plans don't do this.

I'm not advising dropping your MA plan if you like it! But if willing, try again for the scooter.


HorsieJuice t1_j234u29 wrote

Too bad Meadow Mills isn’t open anymore. In one year there, I saw more naked old men in the locker rooms than I’ll probably ever see in a lifetime of looking in the mirror.


Purple_Box3317 t1_j249xfq wrote

I don’t know if this is happening after covid but often times the local high schools will have free senior classes directed by one of the physical education instructors. I’m sure you could go to Towson U as well and ask if one of the kids in the kinesiology program would take you on as a client.


disc0ndown t1_j257dj5 wrote

Does Medicaid cover PT? You’d be getting a similar experience as using a personal trainer with the added benefit of a treatment plan. Typically the copay is the same as a regular dr visit, so possibly even less than what you’d pay a personal trainer.