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WillieKeeler96 t1_izeuqee wrote

Charm City is a crappy nickname that was made up in a focus group by a PR firm.


aresef OP t1_izexl6e wrote

I like it and you’re a bit off.

Willie Don convened ad execs and creative directors and asked them to come up with something to promote the city. It wasn’t focus grouped but they put these ads out there.


WillieKeeler96 t1_izf1tqg wrote

Very slightly.


IheartPickleSoda t1_izhb9l2 wrote

Don’t you love it when people ignore the point and argue over the not important part? How dare you say it was a focus group!


DONNIENARC0 t1_izf5fjh wrote

I kinda like it, atleast compared to most city slogans.