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Greedy-Mushroom4890 t1_j195o18 wrote

My husband uses Gladstone psychiatry and it seems to be easy enough to get refills. They have a few locations but he does all his appointments virtually.


allcapsallcats t1_j198slo wrote

I see a psych nurse at Balance Point Wellness. They have a lot of locations with a ton of providers and I use them 100% virtually.


superdreamcast64 t1_j1bgjww wrote

i used to see them, but i honestly have a hard time recommending them because their “you have to see us every 90 days” rule was killing me. i feel like i shouldn’t have to see my prescriber every 90 days if i’ve been on the same medication at the same dosage for 3+ years.


allcapsallcats t1_j1bjy4d wrote

That’s true I can see that. I don’t mind because I like having a small check in because if I had a problem I would never have an appointment on the schedule otherwise. So a 10 minute Telehealth appointment was no sweat off my balls. And they take my insurance too. But it’s something important to consider.


karensbakedziti t1_j1ddh87 wrote

Complete Wellness sounds like a good fit for you. I’ve been going for over two years for anxiety meds and they basically just check in with me every six months to make sure I have no side effects and want to continue with the medication.


Shiny_Deleter t1_j195cx6 wrote

Since it can be difficult to get appointments with psychiatrists as a new patient, you might want to consider a psychiatric nurse practitioner that can prescribe medication.

Primary care physicians are another option.


RuthBaderG OP t1_j195p9k wrote

I’d def see an NP. I’ve had issues with PCP prescribing. They seem uncomfortable with long term medication use so they keep saying they can’t write for me. But they also have no idea how to taper so they basically just say good luck out there.


Timid_Teacher t1_j19uinj wrote

I see a NP through Hopkins Community Physicians and I’ve had no issues with getting anxiety medication prescribed. I only see her once a year and get refills when I need it.


DiscoDeadhead t1_j1aesyf wrote

Would you be willing to share the name of your NP? Mine requires me to see her 4x a year and doesn’t take insurance


Timid_Teacher t1_j1bbx79 wrote

I don't know who the hell downvoted me. Ugh...Reddit. I see Amber Reichart in Remington. She's great and very helpful.


DiscoDeadhead t1_j1aem3t wrote

I use Leslie Poff for medication, she does everything via Telehealth and I only have to see her 4x a year


The_Waxies_Dargle t1_j1afz69 wrote

I used the dark web in the past, but it takes a little planning. And, no insurance coverage. But a good workaround for the byzantine and capriciously moral American healthcare system.


babesbobo t1_j1alfe1 wrote

I had the same problem recently, Medstar refused to keep refilling my script. They referred me to a place where they wanted blood work/drug test and monthly appointments but I don't really need a whole psychiatry thing I've been on these meds for years and I'm doing just fine.

Went to Centered Counseling Services in Towson and they were great. It's a LNP, they do telehealth appointments and they didn't give me a fuss about it. My wife also goes there and they're very nice and easy to work with.