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allcapsallcats t1_j198slo wrote

I see a psych nurse at Balance Point Wellness. They have a lot of locations with a ton of providers and I use them 100% virtually.


superdreamcast64 t1_j1bgjww wrote

i used to see them, but i honestly have a hard time recommending them because their “you have to see us every 90 days” rule was killing me. i feel like i shouldn’t have to see my prescriber every 90 days if i’ve been on the same medication at the same dosage for 3+ years.


allcapsallcats t1_j1bjy4d wrote

That’s true I can see that. I don’t mind because I like having a small check in because if I had a problem I would never have an appointment on the schedule otherwise. So a 10 minute Telehealth appointment was no sweat off my balls. And they take my insurance too. But it’s something important to consider.