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Appropriate-Algae-82 OP t1_j1g5b77 wrote

True! Any particular area within the inner DC suburbs you'd recommend with a commute to Baltimore? We're totally new to the area


soph_lurk_2018 t1_j1hfogw wrote

Maybe look into Silver Spring. Takes me about an hour door to door when I go to Silver Spring, as long as it’s not peak rush hour.


terpischore761 t1_j1g5nb5 wrote

It's not super clear where in each city you'll be working. That will determine my advice :)


Appropriate-Algae-82 OP t1_j1g88dn wrote

My partner will be working in Capital Hill, I'lll be working in Hamden.


munchnerk t1_j1gcnow wrote

I would so, so, so strongly recommend living in Hampden and bearing the triweekly train commute to Capitol Hill. If for no reason other than the people are *so* much nicer in Hampden than in Capitol Hill and you'll spend 1/3 the cost on housing, with just as good (or better!) proximity to food and other city perks. This is speaking as someone who's been living in and around Hampden for 5 years now, and has been commuting either to Suitland or the Nat'l Mall for the entirety of it! I grew up in the DC suburbs and Columbia and there are reasons that I continue to live where I do. The voice of experience is speaking!

The reasonable recommendation, since it's all up to you and your partner, is that you guys come spend an afternoon and evening in Baltimore and explore on your own. Especially in Hampden, since that's where you'll be working!


Appropriate-Algae-82 OP t1_j1ggx2w wrote

This is good to know. I've definitely heard wonderful things about the people in Baltimore. Would I take the bus to Penn station and then take MARC from there? Are there other options than the bus? I've heard it isn't very reliable in Baltimore?


munchnerk t1_j1gktdx wrote

For a visit, right? Light rail! Take MARC to Penn, then catch the light rail at Mt. Royal and ride it to Woodberry. It's quite direct and it's $1.40/ride no matter the ride length. The buses aren't that bad unless you have a strict schedule - I wouldn't take one for my daily commute, but I would take one to go shopping or to dinner, if that makes sense.


Appropriate-Algae-82 OP t1_j1rxba6 wrote

It would be almost an hour walk to work if I can only take the light rail to Woodberry, sadly. My schedule for work will be quite strict so the bus does make me nervous


peanutnozone t1_j1l6h0t wrote

Not to split hairs, but fares are $2 per ride now, hasn't been $1.40 for years, like maybe like 8 years lol


fijimermaidsg t1_j1glyh0 wrote

Agree! It's going to be an brutal and odd commute from Hampden to DC as Hampden is more of a neighborhood/place to unwind and come home too... check out this recent post on the comparison between Bolton Hill and Capitol Hill...


dizzy_centrifuge t1_j1htzdl wrote

Interesting, there aren't offices or anything in ahampden so I'm curious what kind of work you do that'd be hybrid here. As for commuting here from DC, take the train to Penn Station and it's a quick walk to the light rail Mt Royal stop and you can take it to the Woodberry stop. When the weather is nicer I'd recommend just getting on a scooter and riding up Falls rd


PigtownFoo t1_j1je6ox wrote

Live Uptown like in Brightwood or Takoma, DC or Silver Spring for easier access to the highway. Your partner can take the Red line to Capitol Hill.