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mjpenslitbooksgalore t1_j1nni5s wrote

Why didn’t they dress up as the grinch instead. Much more believable


Das1tMane OP t1_j1nnxdv wrote

I guess he thought he could fool people into thinking he was delivering.

3D chess


Nespot-despot t1_j1o6wvq wrote

It’s also a perfect face-hiding disguise. Ya gotta admit the guy is thinking ahead.


Timid_Teacher t1_j1obrc6 wrote

Wouldn't the Grinch hide your face too? Especially if you had the whole face paint and beard. Obviously both characters make this person a crappy person, but I feel like the Grinch could have been just as covert.


NaHbruhman t1_j1nnu3p wrote

He that giveth, taketh away.


dajuice21122 t1_j1oftal wrote

I’m guessing that this asshole didn’t give a damn thing


exrexnotex t1_j1nyrmg wrote

It's f*d up and funny at the same time.


Das1tMane OP t1_j1nu4kg wrote

Imagine getting your presents repo’d


michfoof t1_j1nowh8 wrote

Maybe his naughty list just got updated.


Y2ff t1_j1ost80 wrote

Baltimore santa be like: My bag is empty, I came here to fill it


bitesizeboy t1_j1owkdb wrote

“Mommy, why is Santa getting his ass beat?”


sxswnxnw t1_j1nofor wrote

Is this real or staged? I am skeptical.


Das1tMane OP t1_j1npoth wrote

An update says he was caught and the packages were returned but I can’t be certain.


sxswnxnw t1_j1oalnr wrote

A black Santa your first Christmas in Baltimore shows up on your stoop Christmas Eve or Day, which falls on a Saturday and Sunday, and it also happens to be possibly the coldest Christmas on record, and steals packages left by a Christmas delivery person I presume... and not only do you get the packages back, the thief is caught? Like. That's a lot lining up perfectly, I guess.


Das1tMane OP t1_j1oatow wrote

Not my stoop, just relaying information from the ring app.

That being said, I do love a good Christmas conspiracy.


throwaway37865 t1_j1qkift wrote

It’s real. It was on my neighbor ring cam too. He got caught within 15 minutes because he was on several peoples cams and obv the police can find someone dressed as Santa pretty quickly


Ryleebirdee t1_j1o4bae wrote

The fact that he didn’t dress up as the grinch really pisses me off smh


Tps4848 t1_j1noxex wrote

I feel like this is my old block 😂😂😂


Funny-Bread6634 t1_j1r86m0 wrote

surprised? Baltimore is a fucking shithole and should sink into the ocean


Electrical_Appeal_21 t1_j1ngwdd wrote

This city is trash.


Das1tMane OP t1_j1nh12t wrote

Still trying to understand my feelings. I’m from Memphis originally so it’s not all new.


dizzy_centrifuge t1_j1nnj0s wrote

Was in Memphis last December. I'd never been and was shocked how it was a complete ghost town. One of my first thoughts is that's what Baltimore will be in a decade with the way things have been headed


Das1tMane OP t1_j1nnnf3 wrote

Yeah this year was wild down there. Power outage, rolling blackouts, and a boil water advisory. Maybe I lucked out this year when all I have to worry about is Santa stealing Amazon packages


Emerald_Pancakes t1_j1q5b6t wrote

We haven't had rolling blackouts or power outages, but we have had boil water advisories, and we get hit with the flooding and sink holes which, literally, washes our streets away.


instantcoffee69 t1_j1o0bz7 wrote

Anyone want to tell this smooth brain that package theft happens everywhere.

Fuck off Jafar. If you think package theft from a Grinch is wrecking your world, you're in for a rude awakening where ever you end up next.

Some people aren't cut out for city life.


huckleberryrose t1_j1ox3sy wrote

Have you always lived in Baltimore? It literally doesn't happen everywhere. There's a big world outside of the east coast people lmao.


magnoliabluebonnet t1_j1qcqqw wrote

I'm just gonna say package theft seems to be a countrywide issue. I'm home visiting my family in a Texas exurb and they have a problem with people stealing packages too. Not many people even live in this town and yet people still go around stealing shit.


mousemarie94 t1_j1qkuw8 wrote

...lmao tell my friend in bumfuck Texas they didn't get their packages stolen the other week. Go on, tell them.

Stop being a dense turkey sausage.


DocKosmosis t1_j1npt9a wrote

Blame people, not the city. Put enough bodies on top of each other one of thems bound to be an asshole


Electrical_Appeal_21 t1_j1nqz3o wrote

A city is its people. People are overwhelmingly rude and inconsiderate here. You can stay. I’ll be gone soon. Enjoy.


DocKosmosis t1_j1nr1ci wrote

Good riddance


Electrical_Appeal_21 t1_j1nr838 wrote

Indeed. Because people like me are committing crimes and being rude to others. You’re right; I’m wrong. Good riddance. Merry Christmas, dear!


[deleted] t1_j1o8fsb wrote



mrglumdaddy t1_j1og3uk wrote

Yes I can’t possibly imagine why anyone would be rude to this person who seems to be nothing but a shining ray of light and positivity