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1800TurdFerguson t1_j0ukarh wrote

They could also sub-lease it. Maybe they’ll stick around, as they have other offices and facilities in the area. I’m skeptical because it’s typically not a great sign when a company moves its HQ out of state.


Cheomesh t1_j0vu4fi wrote

What even is in that building other than Pandora and the Starbucks anyways? It's enormous and can't possibly all be Pandora can it?


annapolitano t1_j0w5l3m wrote

UMMS has the top two floors and I think the 6th-9th floors as well. The Corporate Executive Office and some other corporate staff are there.


Similar_Coyote1104 t1_j0y2wad wrote

It’s common to expand into nyc and LA for executive offices / prestige and maintain less expensive locations for staff and operations in other cities. It wouldn’t surprise me if they kept the Baltimore office.