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NewrytStarcommander t1_j0zdt0h wrote

It wasn't great before the pandemic, but ever since there's basically nothing to eat late night.


downwithlevers t1_j0zzhiw wrote

If it's after 8 or 9 PM there is almost nothing available in this city and honestly it's pathetic. You don't get this problem in DC, Philly, or NYC.


Few_Society5388 t1_j107j2k wrote

DC has never been great about this either


OTTER887 t1_j10zuvn wrote

What?? DC has jumbo slice!!


pathoge t1_j114scw wrote

And Amsterdam Falafel


MetaPhysic16 t1_j126vdd wrote

DC has a 24 hour spot on the weekend called the Diner. You can get chocolate chip pancakes on a Friday night or technically early Saturday morning. I love that place!


Angdrambor t1_j1069td wrote

NYC or Philly has a lot more people to feed, so it's worth staying open later. It scales with population density.


KevinOMalley t1_j10lvv2 wrote

NYC has 8 million+ people. Why would you ever compare it to Baltimore? Of course there's going to be better stuff there.


Gitopia t1_j10vr8d wrote

There's 20 times as many people sure. Don't think anyone is expecting to find 1000 places open at 2am in Baltimore. But it would be nice to have like 6 that aren't gas stations?


downwithlevers t1_j10nwvk wrote

Just trying to say that the closest east coast cities are all doing it better. I understand that NYC is a lot bigger.


strewnshank t1_j10i57e wrote

Back in the day, the papermoon diner was one of the only places open really late....not sure if they still are though. I worked at a recording studio near it and we'd go there often after our sessions that ended late.


todareistobmore t1_j10jtxd wrote

Paper moon hasn't been 24 hours in at least 10 years, and IIRC they'd even stopped staying open til 3am before the pandemic. They're not open late even for a regular dinner shift anymore, though.


LurkerOrHydralisk t1_j11hclq wrote

Also their food has never been good. At least not in the last 20 years.


strewnshank t1_j11vt8m wrote

In 98-02 when i was in the area, it was reasonable, with bonus points for availability and a pretty cool group of people working and eating there.


todareistobmore t1_j11huci wrote

Never great, just largely generic sysco IIRC. Though it's a few blocks from my house I haven't bothered going since they cut their hours the first time.


lpycb42 t1_j13m69h wrote

Oh but after a night of drinking it def was.


strewnshank t1_j11vi1o wrote

Interesting. I haven’t lived in Baltimore for about 18 years so I’m dating myself with my comment.


Muted_Ad7308 t1_j120qav wrote

Cool. Any artists you worked with worth checking out?


gavinessence t1_j0zk3t5 wrote

There’s probably a correlation between this issue and it being a bad city to be out late at night generally.


PleaseBmoreCharming t1_j0zvacw wrote

But also the affects if the pandemic on bottom-line prices for food and difficulty getting labor


DONNIENARC0 t1_j0ze2q6 wrote

It's pretty bad for late night anything unless you wanna hang out at a strip club, the casino, or one of those strange after hours clubs.


anne_hollydaye t1_j0zex33 wrote

Took the words from me. It hasn't been a late night city for the entirety of my adulthood.


mickeyflinn t1_j0zgjhi wrote

I don't disagree, but exactly what do you want there to be to do late night?


DONNIENARC0 t1_j0ziyx6 wrote

Idk, maybe just be able to get a drink after ~1:30AM and some pancakes afterwards if the mood strikes. A diner would be cool, I don't think there's much in the way of late night food in the Canton area except for a pizza spot or two, and the Taco Bell.

I guess the 2AM cutoff time is more of a maryland thing than a baltimore thing, though?


ravens2131 t1_j0zogxt wrote

It’s 2AM as is most states


DONNIENARC0 t1_j0zpa5w wrote

Yeah, most places seem to do last call around 1:30 so they can actually have people out the door by 2 in my experience, though.

If you're at a small dive bar or something that probably doesn't apply though.


ravens2131 t1_j0zphs9 wrote

That dive probably won’t risk their license so they can serve after 2


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_j0zqemi wrote

Yep. Dives do last call at 1:15 and lock their doors with curtains closed any 1:45, and any regulars they like can stay later


timmyintransit t1_j14qjf0 wrote

Or if you're Club Charles, back in the day, your last call was like 12:30/12:45 because the bar time was in the Atlantic time zone or something


DONNIENARC0 t1_j0zpm4k wrote

Oh yeah for sure, I'm just saying you could probably still get a beer there up to 1:45 or right up to the cutoff point or somethin since they got a smaller crowd to worry about.


MidContrast t1_j13tu7a wrote

Lord help you if you go to that taco bell at 2am on a weekend. Ive literally went home and made drunk tacos instead after looking at that line


planetarylaw t1_j1008dp wrote

Go spend a weekend in literally any other city and live a little.


Notonfoodstamps t1_j10dffv wrote

Outside of NYC, Honolulu, Vegas & Miami... pretty much every city closes down around ~2am. DC last call is 3am. Philly, Chicago & LA have a decent amount of afterhours spots as well.


amberthemaker t1_j11hsux wrote

New Orleans bars are open 24/7. In underground parts of Atlanta, bars stay open until 4. I highly recommend checking out both of these cities if you haven’t already.


Notonfoodstamps t1_j123oz0 wrote

Nope there pretty much the last ones on my to-part-in list

Baltimore does have a cool quirk/loophole that allows bars & clubs to stay open 24/7 through Dec 31 - Jan 2 (2am)


amberthemaker t1_j12479f wrote

New Orleans is way more fun than Baltimore.


Notonfoodstamps t1_j125t8h wrote

Don't doubt it for a second. Baltimore is an amazing dive bar city, but painfully lacks big clubs/venues.


lasthorizon25 t1_j106iep wrote

I remember in NYC I'd look at my watch and think "oh awesome it's only 2:30am!" Hours of partying left to do lol


Typical-Radish4317 t1_j0zfn0b wrote

Yeah you got to plan ahead a bit. The number of times I've settled for domino's pizza cause they were the only thing open is depressing.. night shift workers get pretty shafted. When I lived in midtown that convenance store was a bit of a lifesaver. Wish there was at the very least a gas station- less Wawa in the city that you could get sandwiches


MrChicken23 t1_j0zhvps wrote

Moved here from Toronto, which has incredible late night options. It was very shocking the lack of late night eats.


lolokaydudewhatever t1_j0zvv4v wrote

Toronto is a pretty cool place. Baltimore is similar, if you reduce your expectations by 25%-75% across the board


benoben17 t1_j10lg08 wrote

Why on Gods green earth would you leave Canada for this disaster of a country? I mean you do you but I’m sorry.


todareistobmore t1_j10nwqt wrote

imagining trying to explain why Nick Mosby is so corrupt to somebody moving from a province run by Doug Ford


MrChicken23 t1_j10mxgy wrote

Haha wife is from the states, but the plan is to move back to Canada next year.


Moonagi t1_j10mqt8 wrote

More Canadians move to the US than there are people from the US that move to Canada. Idk why Reddit is shocked that Canadians leave Canada.


groovevault22 t1_j10wm1x wrote

Because they buy into the trends that are more common online than in real life


bmore_conslutant t1_j10y0ee wrote

Most careers pay significantly more here. That's why most people move out of the north

Also weather


sxswnxnw t1_j10quqn wrote

Toronto is... Amazing. Don't even get me started about public transit there. Hands down my favorite city. I have great memories of late nights in Toronto. No, Baltimore cannot even compare.

Love Baltimore! But, no.


zerosixtimes t1_j10ej0z wrote

Jung kak is the real answer. Spicy pork and soju before karaoke upstairs


sxswnxnw t1_j10r8gx wrote

YES. When I am thinking late night, this is more in line with what I want.

Now, can my 40 year old GI tract handle spicy like it used to? No comment, but still willing to give it a go.


nonotsafestuff t1_j11a885 wrote

Do they still stay open late? I stopped by there sometime in October for late night food and they were fully closed up, lights off. This was at 1:30am on a Friday/Saturday night too. Pre-pandemic I went there a few times on weekend nights and they were open until like 4am so I was expecting them to be back somewhat to those hours.


ajflipz t1_j0zzhas wrote

As a recent transplant from NYC, this is probably one of the hardest things to deal with for me. I'm not used to everything closing by 9/10pm except 7-11. The lack of food delivery options after you worked a 12 hr shift is painful. I've eaten a lot of ramen lately as I'm too tired to cook. Don't get me started on the very limited number of liquor stores that are open on Sunday. 😩


unique_virgo t1_j11ef4x wrote

I’m from NY as well(state not city) and I was annoyed when I realized I couldn’t buy liquor in Target or CVS like I would in NY. smh


ajflipz t1_j11f5nj wrote

Hahaha! Not having any in the corner stores (these don't qualify as bodegas down here lol) or grocery stores has been a shocker, too.


unique_virgo t1_j11gxm3 wrote

💯😂. I miss the bodegas! When I used to party in the City there was the dollar pizza shops open at 3am/4am when the clubs closed and the halal trucks. I miss it 🥲


ajflipz t1_j11i1xy wrote

DOLLAR PIZZA! Omg I forgot that ever existed. And Papaya King near the W. 4th station. Oh and Benny's Burritos dollar margaritas. Ok I think it's time for me to move back. 😩


unique_virgo t1_j11k2su wrote

They seriously need to bring that back! I never went to Papaya King(I’ve passed by it though) and yessss @ Benny’s Burritos. Margaritas became my favorite drink because of that place. I miss NY too. I try to go back once a month


walmartteacups t1_j11yh9u wrote

I’ve found my people! I’m an NYC transplant and I miss ordering food at even like 10pm and getting it delivered.


MrRich1972 t1_j0zosgs wrote

Is Sip and Bite still open?


socatsucks t1_j0zr2q0 wrote

Hell yeah it is. Was about to come recommend that. Valentino’s up by Hamilton is also a great late night spot. Broadway Diner is great on the East Side. It’s mostly diners, but there are a few good spots.


MrRich1972 t1_j0zruey wrote

Ok,yeah! That's a home cooked meal at 2 AM man! I grew up near Patterson Park so that was our soak up liquor spot. And I feel you on Valentinos. Live near Morgan now and when I head to work at 4 AM I always have to duck the late nighters getting they grub!. At the same time wishing I could stop and not go to work. Yeah Fam there are spots. That's what this platform is for. Hope we helped the one who posted.


[deleted] t1_j0zse36 wrote



MrRich1972 t1_j0zt0qm wrote

Yup. Even with some issues here , life is great in 21218. Just to not deal with parking and traffic. Its mad spots to shop, explore between Waverly, Hamilton, and nearby Towson. Yeah Fam, we done moved on up! Happy Holidays!!


milpink t1_j0zvsr0 wrote

i’ve done the reverse, grew up in Parkville and moved to the patterson park area (now canton). ironically, this is my first time ever having a built in garage.


thriller24 t1_j0zrvdf wrote

I haven’t seen Sip and Bite open past 11pm


dudical_dude t1_j0zj6as wrote

I’d be happy with a Wawa.


tmnt20 t1_j10a1rx wrote

Rofo chicken is my go to late night


coolandtuf t1_j10ac7j wrote

Is Never On Sunday still around? That place was Heaven after a dozen beers.


funbb t1_j10m0at wrote

Yep, closes at 3a.m. on weekends.


marinas97finn t1_j11d45i wrote

they used to. they close at 11 or midnight now


funbb t1_j11mylt wrote

Oh crap, I checked the website before posting to make sure I was right but they must still have old hours posted.


WatchYourLane t1_j11r5go wrote

Never on a Sunday was my spot after hours. God their subs were delicious!


mickeyflinn t1_j0zgd7j wrote

Everywhere in Maryland is...


neutronicus t1_j10kfor wrote

Korean places on 20th are open late (Kong Pocha, Jong Kak)


dogmeatdwater t1_j1306t2 wrote

Getting a curry chicken cup bap from Kong at 1am… there’s nothing like it.


OxyContintail t1_j0zt1et wrote

Old bartender here. In Fells we would all see each other at Blue Moon around 230-300. It was a godsend for a chill down. Sarah gets it. Open all freaking weekend!


sxswnxnw t1_j10rhld wrote

Is it open 24 hours on weekends again? That would be a nice cozy night spot.


godusop88 t1_j15pwxq wrote

Your favorite late night server here, Covid killed late night. Never coming back.


Unknown14erUnknown t1_j0zthxb wrote

Sip and Bite is great for late night food and cocaine.


FeelingLoan t1_j11wc63 wrote

is the cocaine sarcasm


DfcukinLite t1_j12muud wrote

Absolutely not. I call it “Sniff & Bump” affectionally. The owner was caught in a huge blow bust 10 years ago. Dude got caught like 7 kilos in Northern Va. he also owns that Rita’s between eastern/fleet here and hey found more blow + various other party drugs + a shitload of money and if I’m not mistaken a gun or 4. There’s been serval bar owners between canton and fells that have been busted for blow thru the years.


KnowOneHere t1_j0zwqfq wrote

I miss Paper Moon being open all night.

It wasnt about the food.


temptags t1_j14akn2 wrote

Paper Moon was our college hangout back in the day. Nothing like a friend calling at midnight with a random suggestion to go to Papermoon for some breakfast food. I spent a lot of weekends there in the early 00s. I was highly shocked and disappointed the one time I stopped by after 11 to find them closed.


essmithsd t1_j103qlr wrote

The whole city has weird hours.

Can't go day drinking because most of the cool stuff doesn't open until 5PM.

TONS of great spots are closed on Sundays.

It sucks


absolut696 t1_j10xwm1 wrote

What? This is an amazing town for day drinking, and Sunday drinking as well. Those are sadly probably two of my favorite activities tbh.


DfcukinLite t1_j12nhk5 wrote

OMG YES. This is the one thing that really chaps my ass post-Covid.hard pressed to find brunch or lunch at most places that aren’t in fells that are open for lunch/brunch Sunday - Thursday. And then to some degree the other remaining days. And then those same places close at 10-12PM that night.


BronzeEast t1_j0zks0y wrote

Even most of the gas stations aren’t 24hr anymore. I don’t blame them with the amount of assholes roaming the streets.


grillmetoasty t1_j0zpiaf wrote

Yemen and Gulf hits the spot and it’s open until 1am


kimjongev t1_j10fzxs wrote

Why can't we have a Waffle House in the city? I think it would be a huge success


MidContrast t1_j13uhjg wrote

That Waffle House would be so ratchet but I'm absolutely down for it


S-Kunst t1_j112876 wrote

Baltimore is not a cruise ship. Restaurants work on the concept that there is a profit to be made or else they don't stay in business. Getting labor to work late night would be more expensive than during the day. One would have to put the restaurateur in an area they could be certain that it would draw a crowd. Even Sip & Bite is no longer open in the wee hours. So there will need to be some location and incentive to be open.


TonyDanza888 t1_j102wan wrote

My friends and I always talked about opening a food truck or small spot called "It's 2am Somewhere" and serve all the drunk food. Stuggys opened up after and we were pissed we never made the move. Dogs were one of the many ideas we had.


Cunninghams_right t1_j10hvyv wrote

in Baltimore, food trucks cannot operate between midnight and 6am, and they cannot operate within 300ft of anywhere that sells food. stupid rules.


antoine2497 t1_j0zoc6k wrote

Try Kong or American wings and pizza. These are my goto for post midnight hunger pangs.


sxswnxnw t1_j10sdo0 wrote

I have been saying this for a long ass time, but this is why I wish we could get some sort of Asian night market, like the ones they have in Taiwan? I want some tasty dumplings, kebabs, and spicy, saucy food I can soak up with rice. Ensure they have police presence, should be easy I am sure all the cops will want to eat there. And just put it in Harborplace.

Some spicy garlicy green beans at 3am sounds so good to me.


godusop88 t1_j15q4fz wrote

There was Nam Kang, Korean spot open till 5am… but Covid took them out.


cactiloveu t1_j11coid wrote

Sip &bite, Maria D’s is open late I think, hilltop always changes but used to be open pretty late lol


B-More_Orange t1_j0zry12 wrote

we are a pretzel dog and rofo town


mrcrowface3421 t1_j0zmuu4 wrote

Dude it suck especially if you don't drive like when I get if work at 1am my choices are 7 11 or Subway it was Royal farm but they close the one downtown but they all suck


spirilis t1_j0zohg9 wrote

Had a better experience with this in downtown Frederick tbh.


Cunninghams_right t1_j10imcq wrote

homelessness, violence, and a police/SAO that won't do anything about low level crimes and this is what you get.


69swagman t1_j0zyaiz wrote

Everything closes early with the exception of a few spots. Super frustrating


DiscoDeadhead t1_j10rpkw wrote

There used to be a place on the corner of Light and E West St that was open really late, I used to love late night drunk breakfast. Now the only option is Maria D’s


A_P_Dahset t1_j124hkb wrote

For too long, Baltimore City (and Maryland state) government(s) have had no urgency for economic policy and infrastructure investment geared toward the city's overall population growth and stimulating business demand. As a result, there's a drag on the presence of amenities in this city; and in my opinion, this plays out most vividly in the food sector, both retail and restaurants. Grocery stores don't want to come here & restaurants open today, go out of business tomorrow, and have early closing hours in the interim. It's all pathetic given the city's beauty, potential, and youthful vibe---there could be a booming night time economy here.

All that said, not sure where you live but American Pizza & Wings has really good (non NY-style) pizza...closes at 1AM weekdays, 2AM wknds. Silver Moon 1 is open till 3AM every day...I've heard from a friend that it's good but never personally had it.


DfcukinLite t1_j12omeo wrote

Dude a Giant just opened up in Locust point last week.. Northwood Commons by Morgan got a Lidl…they opened the Streets Markets in Greektown and Charles Village a few years ago. Ironically both of the last 2 were developed by Bramble.

And cool, hip new restaurants open every other day. Do you even live in Baltimore? It’s a global “post Covid” adjustment. This issue is happening downtowns across the nation.


A_P_Dahset t1_j12tq5a wrote

>Dude a giant just opened up in Locust point last week.. Northwood Commons by Morgan got a Lidl…they opened the Streets Markets in Greektown and Charles Village a few years ago.

I do "even live in Baltimore" and your comment supports my point. These are all stores that opened up in White L neighborhoods where population is growing, with the exception of Lidl which opened up in NE Baltimore near a growing university campus, where there is a middle-income black population. Meanwhile food deserts abound in East and West Baltimore where the city is shrinking.

Do you track that lack of access to fresh food is a major issue in Baltimore City? At the same time that the Giant was opening in Locust Point, Price Rite in Pigtown was announcing that it would be closing down at the end of this year, much to the community's disappointment. In Cherry Hill, residents are working to create a food co-op because there's no grocery store in the area. The city administers a whole Grocery Store Tax Credit program in an effort to lure operators into the city and it's still a struggle.

>And cool, hip new restaurants open every other day. Do you even live in Baltimore? It a global “post Covid” adjustment. This issue is happening downtowns across the nation.

New restaurants open every other day...and how many survive over the long haul? How much more of a shot at success would restaurants have in a city with a growing population, which translates to a bigger customer base, more demand, and more dollars circulating?

I made no mention of downtown. Poor economic policy and shrinking population are citywide problems that pre-existed COVID. Yes, the pandemic wiped out businesses and dampened demand. In our current post-pandemic recovery mode, people want things to do and places to go---cities with growing populations will have an easier time in providing such amenities.


DfcukinLite t1_j1331zv wrote

Northwood isn’t the El nor is Greektown. Not that that changes the fact the several different grocery store chains have opened here within 5 years where you said “none want to come to Baltimore”. Clearly that isn’t true.


A_P_Dahset t1_j14n0bb wrote

I noted that Northwood isn't the L; Greektown is close enough. Nowhere did I state about grocery stores that [absolutely] "none want to come here," so I don't know why you quoted that.

Decipher the nuance: again, in a shrinking city, grocery stores are choosing to operate in select areas, particularly those that happen to be growing, which bodes better for profitability. Within a one-mile radius of Canton Crossing you can find Safeway, Sprouts, Harris Teeter, Target, and Di Pasquale's Marketplace; in Cherry Hill and Sandtown, nothing. Grocery store operators do not want to come here in the numbers that we wish they would; the food deserts of East and West Baltimore, and city gov's tax credit to induce operators to the city reflect this fact. Ultimately, these are for-profit businesses in a free market, so they make location decisions accordingly; it is what it is. I imagine they would find a growing and more economically competitive Baltimore, more attractive.

Two things can be true at once: grocery stores opened up in more affluent, growing neighborhoods, while less affluent, shrinking neighborhoods do not have as many and struggle to attract grocery stores. Not sure what the confusion is here.


DfcukinLite t1_j14tnl7 wrote

The city isn’t shirking. It’s a mass exodus of former low income residents. The city has done nothing but rise in median income over the last 10 years. Number of households have increased, but the number of families has decreased.

Because you your original point was grocery stores don’t want to come here. They’re here and they do open up as evident by them several very recent grocery store openings in various parts of the city.

Yes, no shit. Why would any business open up where it isn’t profitable. Location matters with everything.

Cherry Hill has options. I know because my grandmother lives there. I take her to the grocery stores nearest. They also have access to fresh produce and such at the Cherry Hill Shopping Center. And there are options for people in Sandtown as well.

You’re now moving into moving goalpost territory. We weren’t talking about food deserts. You went on some BS rant and I called you out on the plot holes in your narrative. You then tried moving goalposts and gaslighting. So that where the confusion came from. Below I’ve copied and pasted your direct quote to help with your confusion:

“For too long, Baltimore City (and Maryland state) government(s) have had no urgency for economic policy and infrastructure investment geared toward the city's overall population growth and stimulating business demand. As a result, there's a drag on the presence of amenities in this city; and in my opinion, this plays out most vividly in the food sector, both retail and restaurants. Grocery stores don't want to come here & restaurants open today, go out of business tomorrow, and have early closing hours in the interim. It's all pathetic given the city's beauty, potential, and youthful vibe---there could be a booming night time economy here.”


A_P_Dahset t1_j15yrvq wrote

>You’re now moving into moving goalpost territory. We weren’t talking about food deserts. You went on some BS rant and I called you out on the plot holes in your narrative. You then tried moving goalposts and gaslighting. So that where the confusion came from. Below I’ve copied and pasted your direct quote to help with your confusion:

I'm not the one confused or ranting, but I'm sure you do fancy yourself as having "called out" something. The goalposts haven't moved; keep up. I cited weak economic policy and population loss as factors in Baltimore's relative lack of amenities, and simply used the food sector (i.e., restaurants and grocery stores) as an example, given the title/theme of this thread. Accordingly, food deserts are an indicator of the availability of grocery stores (again, one of the amenities that I originally cited), as the most common outlet for fresh food, though of course one can have other options.

In raw numbers, the city is shrinking on account of a mass exodus of low income residents. There's ample civic discussion about the ongoing loss of residents, as I'm sure you're aware. The population was lower in 2020 than in 2010, and lower in 2021 than in 2020. Since 2010, there's been a negligible (1%) increase in # of households on account of single, higher-income new residents moving in. Ideally, many of the people who are leaving would be able to stay and contribute to the city growing (in terms of both raw numbers and households), assuming they saw some measure of value in remaining in the city, which isn't the case at the moment.


earnestlikehemingway t1_j12hy8l wrote

It’s you. We got Korean food like Jong Gak open till 4 am. Sip and Bite or Sip and Show because you get some interesting shit happening sometimes. There is some pizza/ sandwich places like Hill Top or the Fed Hill shawarma place. Also Bun shop was open late, a couple of buns and that Hong Kong Coffee would kill the buz fast.


DfcukinLite t1_j0zkkmq wrote

Hard disagree. I’ve had zero problems getting food here even at 3am. Especially when I lived in MV with The Spot, Michelangelos pizza, University market, Jung kak and Ravens Pizza. Miss when Never on Sunday was open until 3 am.late night pizza and hot dogs in fells at the square and the various halal food trucks.

All Marko’s pizza and Ny Fried chicken spots are open late too .


NikkiRocker t1_j10j94s wrote

We used to head to Sabatino’s after the bars closed for a bookmaker’s salad, but you can’t do that any more.


PrincessPilar t1_j12jtxy wrote

I remember heading to Sabatino’s at 2am and seeing Michael Olesker there holding court. Great restaurant and sad it doesn’t stay open like it used to.


tommykaye t1_j11ig8m wrote

Crazy Johns on The Block. open from 6am to 3am. Best spot to eat while horny.


bogglethreshold t1_j12lhq8 wrote

You’ve clearly never been to Sally O’s


CaptainKurtG t1_j101og5 wrote

Safeway used to be open 24-7. Frozen pizza hit different at 3am.


addctd2badideas t1_j106i8p wrote

As I recall, a late night place was told by the city to close by a certain time (apologies for the FOX45 link but every other site was paywalled) in part because of how many violent incidents have happened near there at night (nevermind it's a shitty joint with a shitty owner that overcharges drunk people for shitty pizza).

If it weren't for the real and perceived public safety issues in the city, the demand for late night food would be there and the labor market would probably respond accordingly.


moderndukes t1_j10awgu wrote


addctd2badideas t1_j10q42z wrote

Their main source was the owner of the joint so at the least, they didn't get the other side of the story and took him at his word, which is shitty journalism and not a bit surprising. Though a non-sourced testimonial from a random redditor also might not pass a credibility test, it's certainly more believable than anything that network puts out.

Even if the piece is skewed, it still exemplifies the unintended consequences of trying to have a non-alcoholic establishment for late night food when there's both legitimate and non-legitimate perceptions of the city being a violent place.


Inner_Tadpole_7537 t1_j10v6hv wrote

Broadway diner is open till midnight I think..Eastern and Kane near 95. That was my go to when it was 24 hours.


iammaxhailme t1_j110eu9 wrote

yeah lots of the places around me close at like 7 or 8


phoenixjazz t1_j12bdgh wrote

Lived there for 8 years and tbh, I did not find it to be a city that celebrated good food at all.


cologne_peddler t1_j143qq5 wrote

Pain felt. It's pretty bad down here in DC too


rockarolla78 t1_j144c15 wrote

I left Balto many moons ago but in the early 90s I worked at a place called GAMPYs. Probably the latest place to grab a bite and a drink and loud music usually served by wasted staff 😁


elcad t1_j145wq5 wrote

I miss getting a French Dip or Monte Cristo sandwich at 2:30 AM.


Double_Access t1_j16ma9b wrote

Pandemic really ruined a lot. Broadway Diner no longer being open 24 hours every day is brutal (used to love going there after getting off work late or some weekday drinking). There's the Korean places in Station North that are usually open after the bars close but the service is pretty spotty.

It's a vicious cycle- less people going out because nothing is open late, but nothing is open late because less people are going out on weekdays.


NikkiRocker t1_j10jgum wrote

Or you would go to Sip and Bite…


marinas97finn t1_j11d0bv wrote

ra sushi is open until 12am on weekdays and 1am weekends


bad_scott t1_j11ykyw wrote

it depends where you are, some neighborhoods are really bad for it


sgsmopurp t1_j127mj5 wrote

God I miss sip n bite at 3am


SeaworthinessFit2151 t1_j12arew wrote

Lotta places stopped serving late because it was just a pain in the ass drunks


Tonisade t1_j12k87h wrote

Omg …. I was thinking the same thing.


ISAWTchu t1_j12lpx2 wrote

These are my top and really the only places i know.

-Kong in old Goucher off Maryland ave (korean food)

-Subway on St Paul’s and 33rd (24hrs)

-Valentinos Harford rd and northern parkway Carry out dinner (24hrs)

-Wawa down in canton

-Royal farms if ya desperate


ParoxysmAttack t1_j12mcjj wrote

It’s awful. Papermoon changed owners and closes earlier now, Sip & Bite did a 180 for some reason and isn’t even open past like, what, 7 or 8 now? There’s NoS in Mount Vernon which is awesome but that’s about all I can think of. You gotta order takeout/delivery generic pizza and wings and fast food from Grubhub or something if you want anything outside of Royal Farms.


Bitchi3atppl t1_j13dm08 wrote

Much agreed. Nothing decent is ever open late.

You dare not order from a McDonald’s or Taco Bell. It’s usually busy af already with customers.


StrangeLoveBeats t1_j13th6e wrote

Which is crazy because this is one of the best food cities overall IMO it’s just everything closes early


bvzxh t1_j13zn83 wrote

Jong Kak on friday and Saturday late night food is one of the only remaining godsends


thc4va t1_j11g39e wrote

Kona grill has HH everyday 9-11


KayCorbs t1_j12coip wrote

Not if you like bullets with your cheesesteak


CelebrationNo5813 t1_j12bw0j wrote

Mcsqueegees??? “You’re gonna hate the way it looks, I guarantee it”


BJJBean t1_j10h1bz wrote

Baltimore's food scene in general is pretty poor compared to other cities unless you really really like crab based food.


boarbar t1_j12mn40 wrote

Correct. It’s just not a great food city overall.


fnkdrspok t1_j103bhp wrote

Y’all must not go to Double T’s or Diners that stay open 24 hours.


lsherida t1_j10n9nu wrote

The Double T in Catonsville hasn't been open 24 hours in years.


fnkdrspok t1_j10nen0 wrote

Besides the point, for one, there are tons of diners around Maryland. Two, there is more than one location for Double T’s


lsherida t1_j10nulg wrote

> there is more than one location for Double T’s

None of which are open 24 hours, and none of which are in Baltimore. Though the Catonsville one is close enough, hence why I singled it out.


PrincessPilar t1_j12jqtu wrote

I remember when they did, but they’re not 24 hours anymore.


Apacelull t1_j115wgr wrote

It's a bad city for food


megalomike t1_j10meme wrote

darling, baltimore is a bad city for almost everything.