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NewrytStarcommander t1_j0zdt0h wrote

It wasn't great before the pandemic, but ever since there's basically nothing to eat late night.


downwithlevers t1_j0zzhiw wrote

If it's after 8 or 9 PM there is almost nothing available in this city and honestly it's pathetic. You don't get this problem in DC, Philly, or NYC.


Few_Society5388 t1_j107j2k wrote

DC has never been great about this either


OTTER887 t1_j10zuvn wrote

What?? DC has jumbo slice!!


pathoge t1_j114scw wrote

And Amsterdam Falafel


MetaPhysic16 t1_j126vdd wrote

DC has a 24 hour spot on the weekend called the Diner. You can get chocolate chip pancakes on a Friday night or technically early Saturday morning. I love that place!


Angdrambor t1_j1069td wrote

NYC or Philly has a lot more people to feed, so it's worth staying open later. It scales with population density.


KevinOMalley t1_j10lvv2 wrote

NYC has 8 million+ people. Why would you ever compare it to Baltimore? Of course there's going to be better stuff there.


Gitopia t1_j10vr8d wrote

There's 20 times as many people sure. Don't think anyone is expecting to find 1000 places open at 2am in Baltimore. But it would be nice to have like 6 that aren't gas stations?


downwithlevers t1_j10nwvk wrote

Just trying to say that the closest east coast cities are all doing it better. I understand that NYC is a lot bigger.


strewnshank t1_j10i57e wrote

Back in the day, the papermoon diner was one of the only places open really late....not sure if they still are though. I worked at a recording studio near it and we'd go there often after our sessions that ended late.


todareistobmore t1_j10jtxd wrote

Paper moon hasn't been 24 hours in at least 10 years, and IIRC they'd even stopped staying open til 3am before the pandemic. They're not open late even for a regular dinner shift anymore, though.


LurkerOrHydralisk t1_j11hclq wrote

Also their food has never been good. At least not in the last 20 years.


strewnshank t1_j11vt8m wrote

In 98-02 when i was in the area, it was reasonable, with bonus points for availability and a pretty cool group of people working and eating there.


todareistobmore t1_j11huci wrote

Never great, just largely generic sysco IIRC. Though it's a few blocks from my house I haven't bothered going since they cut their hours the first time.


lpycb42 t1_j13m69h wrote

Oh but after a night of drinking it def was.


strewnshank t1_j11vi1o wrote

Interesting. I haven’t lived in Baltimore for about 18 years so I’m dating myself with my comment.


Muted_Ad7308 t1_j120qav wrote

Cool. Any artists you worked with worth checking out?