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AreWeCowabunga t1_j6khdon wrote

The Food Market was fucking incredible for a long time after it opened in 2012. Whenever I've gone there over the last 4-5 years, it's definitely lost its edge. I can't even really pinpoint what the issue is, but the magic is gone. It used to legit be one of the best restaurants in the city though.


soph_lurk_2018 t1_j6l9ta6 wrote

Food Market has fallen off. It used to be one of my favorites but my last few experiences were underwhelming.


dudical_dude t1_j6lrae5 wrote

It’s also loud, seats are uncomfortable, and you’re always crammed in there.


Ms_Cranky_Pants t1_j6kk61q wrote

I’ve tried so many times with them. The food looks good on the menu, but is executed poorly, like straight iff Sysco truck. I like the snowballs across the street when they’re open though.


Go4it296 t1_j6l9sl7 wrote

This is where I am as well. Haven't been in years because it just was no longer as good as it once was. Still will visit this weekend as my grandmother wants to go somewhere.


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_j6knyfs wrote

Yeah. I tried it first maybe 6 years ago, and thought it was okay. But by 5 years ago it had gone downhill. Now, as another person said, it’s basically sisco truck microwaved crap. Not quite, but not far off