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urbanachiever1012 t1_j36w5a5 wrote

I've lived in one of these apartments since 2019 and this house is very special. There is a stately feeling to the place despite it being given the Landlord Special. 12 foot ceilings, glass doorknobs, big beautiful windows, gorgeous crown molding. I would have loved to see this place in its glory. One of my closets has a pushbutton light switch nestled in the doorframe so that when you open the door the light automatically turns on and when you shut it, it automatically turns off. I also have a curious metal plate with what looks like a room number on my bedroom door. I've always wondered what it's history was.


Any-Grapefruit-937 t1_j35h8ij wrote

Just looked it up on Google street view. House looks well-maintained on the exterior. Found it on It has been divided into apartments. A few pictures of the 3rd floor apartment. Looks pretty nice.


DfcukinLite OP t1_j35hgua wrote

Yes because that’s a nice neighborhood in west Baltimore. Not everything over that side deteriorated


luchobucho t1_j3aildl wrote

Would we really consider that west baltimore? It’s like cheswolde. I would call the at northwest…


DfcukinLite OP t1_j3aiyxg wrote

That’s Mt. Washington a block away from Plimico racetrack and Sinai Hospital.


S-Kunst t1_j36dopb wrote

Was Capone visiting Hopkins for an STD?


lightofthehalfmoon t1_j36ok6u wrote

Yes, after his release from prison. Johns Hopkins actually refused his treatment and he was treated at Union Memorial for syphilis with the new wonder-drug Penicillin.


RuinAdventurous1931 t1_j36u60q wrote

It's interesting how much more ostentatious it is than his Chicago home, which was a regular single family in the style of a two-flat (two condos--still probably 3500 square feet).


sonnyspoon8 t1_j3a7luf wrote

He donated two Japanese Weeping Cherry trees to Union Memorial for there services.