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Temporary-Light9189 t1_j6i1wd9 wrote

Baltimore Blast


OldeBonesSkate t1_j6iabbg wrote

For MLS, you'd have to look at DC or Philly. There are some Maryland USL teams, none in Baltimore city. There are also the local Colleges that have teams and as some have mentioned, indoor leagues. It's a pretty open ended question but you have options.


atomlinson89 t1_j6i79nv wrote

Coppeemine United men's and women's semi-pro. Several of the women's players from last year's squad went on to play internationally.


Longey13 t1_j6i4why wrote

Baltimore Blast, but they're indoor and therefore not MLS.


DoctaStooge t1_j6i9uq5 wrote

And to be clear, Indoor soccer in the US is not the same as futsal which is played in the rest of the world.


ThatguyfromBaltimore t1_j6iowk3 wrote

The Baltimore Blast play in the MASL - Major Arena Soccer League. Home games are at SECU Arena on Towson's campus.

They are one of the most successful indoor franchises ever, winning 10 championships across multiple leagues.

Outside of that there are some amateur teams that play in the area as well, indoor and outdoor.

The closest pro outdoor team would be DC United in MLS.


BingByronBong t1_j6j9zp4 wrote

I don’t think so. Indoor doesn’t count.