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superdreamcast64 t1_j3dre30 wrote

Vaccaro’s should be the default option for cannolis in Baltimore imo. stuff is fantastic, as is everything else they make there.


[deleted] t1_j3f6631 wrote

Nooooooo. I really want to love Vaccaro’s and have tried so many desserts there but they’re average and a lot of things taste artificial.

If you want good cannolis, try DiPasquales or Trinacria. There’s also a new Sicilian bakery pop up at the 32nd street farmers market on Saturdays that has cannolis. I haven’t tried yet, but their pastries look great.

ALSO if you want good authentic gelato, go to Pitango. Adding that because Vaccaro’s is usually a default recommendation for gelato in this sub.


jwseagles t1_j3gwhmv wrote

Doppio pasticceria (at the farmers market) is awesome. Haven’t had their cannolis but their cookies, olive oil cakes, and ravioli are very good. Better quality than anything you’re getting at dipas.

Edit: oh and the arancini too


[deleted] t1_j3hfx1u wrote

Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely hit them up the next time I’m there


MonoChz t1_j3jbnqg wrote

I want to love it too but every time I go (both locations) I’m treated like complete trash and swear I’ll never return. Pitango FTW.


okdiluted t1_j3exqug wrote

another italian new yorker here--super unimpressed with their cannolis. and i was so excited from their reputation, so it was such a letdown! their sfogliatelle were okay though


drimgere t1_j3f5lfv wrote

Have a better alternative in Baltimore though?


okdiluted t1_j3fqwp1 wrote

i'm still on the hunt! generally i don't get homesick for much food-wise since baltimore's got some pretty great food, so i wasn't going in trying to be a hater, but their cannoli were so sweet they made my teeth hurt and i was so disappointed


dizzy_centrifuge t1_j3f2cwi wrote

As a fellow Italian New Yorker, Baltimore is by and large a disappointment. I went to Joe Benny's which everyone raves about and heard the guy working there talking about how their Focaccia bread pizza was better than a NY slice. It was awful


[deleted] t1_j3f70hs wrote

Have you eaten at Allora? I tried to go recently but they weren’t accepting walk ins. I’ve heard good things but am skeptical of Italian restaurants here. God I wish Orto had been owned by someone else because their food was chef’s kiss


earnestlikehemingway t1_j3fv265 wrote


Bottega was the spot where "le comptoir du vin" is at. They used to make everything from scratch and had the best pasta , gnocchi etc ...


dizzy_centrifuge t1_j3f7av3 wrote

I haven't yet but I'll add it to my list. As far as Italian goes Sotto Sopra is next up


drimgere t1_j3f5sy0 wrote

If you went to Joe Benny's expecting NY pizza that was a mistake. It's very good though, but it's an oranges and apples comparison.


dizzy_centrifuge t1_j3f64ur wrote

They advertise it as pizza. The focaccia itself isn't particularly good and I really disliked the vibe generally.


rockybalBOHa t1_j3fezhk wrote

They do NOT advertise it as pizza.


jwseagles t1_j3h9b9b wrote

No dog in the fight here, but they absolutely do. Per the menu: “homemade Sicilian style pizza”


[deleted] t1_j3f6bfe wrote

Hahahahaha. I LOVE Joe Benny’s, but that’s comparing apples to oranges. What a silly comment


dizzy_centrifuge t1_j3f6ngb wrote

That's great, I really disliked both the food and the atmosphere. It's not apples and oranges it's in my opinion a bad restaurant


ahbagelxo t1_j3gmpjq wrote

The atmosphere is it's selling point for many people, so it just sounds like the restaurant isn't your style or preference, versus it actually being bad. It sounds like you went in with the wrong expectations. Which happens to all of us with different restaurants and other things we try. Joe Benny's is a favorite in my house, but I can also see how it wouldn't be to everyone's taste. I just think that's different than something being bad.


Big-Maintenance2971 t1_j3enewn wrote

As someone who has been to Italy and grew up in NY/NJ. I disagree with this vote. My husband and I ordered a cannoli from this place and as much as I appreciate them filling it to order they used a freaking spoon to fill it. I can't even begin to say what a crime that is. We've never been back!


noseltzie t1_j3eopx1 wrote

But how did it taste?


Big-Maintenance2971 t1_j3ggr7v wrote

Honestly it was ok. We haven't found a cannoli in the Baltimore area that made us think of home or Italy


drimgere t1_j3f5iqq wrote

Have a better alternative? OP wanted Cannoli suggestions in Baltimore.


brYzmz OP t1_j3fioy2 wrote

Ended up just getting some from fresh market and they were slammin lol


Unusual-Thanks-2959 t1_j3dvag4 wrote

Trinacria sells several varieties as well as cannoli "chips and dip".


DfcukinLite t1_j3drs0l wrote

Trinacria or Di Pasquale’s


ElevatorNo7156 t1_j3e90jq wrote

Yai yais bakery does a good cannoli. The have big and mini ones. It’s out near white marsh Rossville area


Nicktendo t1_j3fic88 wrote

The best one I've had is actually at Cosima


HenriettaHiggins t1_j3fz6e0 wrote

Di Pasquale’s is the only local one I like. We go to Juliet’s Italian market when it’s a real occasion.


Salmon_Berries t1_j3eu6pc wrote

Try Doppio Pasticceria at the 32nd Street Farmers Market


boobiesiheart t1_j3gvqr6 wrote

Any place to get deconstructed cannolis??


asmolten t1_j3k7ohd wrote

Trinacria sells filling and shells as well as finished ones


ladyliferules t1_j3h7jdu wrote

I like the cannolis at Johnny Dee’s Lounge in Parkville too. I like when there’s some cinnamon in the cannoli cream.


JessLevelsUp t1_j3i0jt3 wrote

Cannolis are my favorite dessert and I suggest biting the bullet and… just going to Boston to Mike’s Pastry 😅. But seriously here in town - I think Vacarros and Dipasquales is good. I went to Cosima and they were horrible.


fafaflooie t1_j3h4ywq wrote

Vaccaro’s. I like the cannoli dip with the cannoli chips for dipping.