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Ritaontherocksnosalt t1_j486sl5 wrote

Where the park entrance is off Harford there is a basketball court and large grassy area parallel to the road. That entire area is wet all the time. I think the Run is expanding or the underground tributaries feeding the Run are. I’ve seen other large wet areas as I walk my dog in some of the fields. The whole park needs to be evaluated. Right now there is only 1 way for handicapped, small children or older people to get in the park. The neighborhood trail entrances are not maintained and not what I would consider safe for a casual walk.


In_This_To_Win_This OP t1_j48gbjv wrote

Oh no. Walking that trail is a favorite activity of mine and the whole family. I do wish there were emergency phones are something of that nature along the trail. I’ve walked thru some parts on the other side of Belair Road towards Harford and saw some unscrupulous men that made me immediately turn around. Here’s hoping that the city is aware of the “flooding” areas too.