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Your idea of “romantic” is wildly different than many in this thread. That’s okay, but it’s not going to win you a popularity contest here. You do you, but I wouldn’t say the people disagreeing with you are downers. They just have a more intimate/private idea of what constitutes a romantic evening.


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I agree! I cook breakfast for my wife 7 days a week and dinner 5 times. I want to change it up. We are from a rural area so spending an evening on the town sounds lovely even if slow. An experience!


seniorknowitall88 t1_j6bsvku wrote

As a once former sous and current head chef of house, I respect your dedication and commitment to romance


wuguwa t1_j6akvtx wrote

Good point and fair enough. You’re right, you and OP are on the same page. So…got any suggestions for them?

Edit: pronoun change


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Agreed. My wife and I love nothing more than getting carryout and then just relaxing in our hot tub on Valentine's Day. We don't have to worry about crowds and we can drink without worrying about getting back home.


kmilvin t1_j6ac059 wrote

We’re new to the city too and I was hoping there’d be some actual recommendations here. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house! Sotto Sopra, La Scala, and Marta look nice. But you’ll want call to make reservations ASAP.


kmilvin t1_j6dhkey wrote

As of Friday night, Sotto Sopra was still accepting reservations


Elegant-Air-8856 t1_j6bntxx wrote

Marie Louise, Gertrude’s, The Helmand, Indigma, Cypriana

All quiet and romantic places that might still have a reservation left!


Few-Tangerine-996 t1_j6ay6wf wrote

Annabelle Lee Tavern is cozy and a good Vday spot


sweetbeat8 t1_j6b31m7 wrote

Idk what ressys are left but … Duck duck goose, Petit Louis, Sindy Lou’s (not as cozy) but very trendy and Alma Cocina


tmckearney t1_j6bmpjl wrote

Peerce's. It's in the county but really great


Stressed_Orangutan t1_j6akgv7 wrote

Thames Street Oyster house! I didn't see many available reservations for Vday online yesterday but you might be able to call and see. Otherwise show up for an early dinner (5/530) and you might be able to get a table fairly quickly! (we did this last year and got a table but the next couple was told the wait was 1hour+ so make sure to get there before the dinner rush)


TitsMageesVacation t1_j6b2e2s wrote

Going to a super busy restaurant on Valentine’s Day with no reservation to surely be turned away, yeah, that’ll impress the wife!


Stressed_Orangutan t1_j6becbe wrote

Don't be a downer :) like I said, show up early and either you get a table or maybe you get an hour wait so you grab a couple drinks at the many wonderful bars in Fells while you wait for a more normal dinner time at a wonderful restaurant


TitsMageesVacation t1_j6bfm1a wrote

You have no sense of humor and I’m the downer?

Why would you advise a fellow Baltimorean to show up to a restaurant you could not get a table for in advance on one of the busiest nights of the year? When you can’t get in at all, you have no backup plan and most good places will not be an option. End result: pissed off wife because of his crap plan he got from some Redditor.

Are you one of those people who were never told no as a kid?


Go4it296 t1_j6dqtxn wrote

not to mention that Thames is commonly blocked out on Resy a week or more in advance for hot days like weekends already. I would expect the same on V-day. Still they could call to check.


YoureKillinMe_Smalls t1_j6bzs3e wrote

One-Eyed Mike’s in Fells Point.

My husband and I had the best Valentine’s weekend date there last year. We don’t typically go out for the holiday, but it had been a while since we’d gone out on a date in general and decided we should that weekend….before fully realizing it was mid-February aka Valentines. Most of our typical places were booked but we found One-Eyed Mike’s had Friday night availability and secured a reservation in a peak timeslot.

It’s a nicer bar with a small dining room and we were seated with only a few other couples around. There was a Valentine’s weekend menu and the food was outstanding (scallops and duck). I think the fact that it’s not on everyone’s radar for this type of thing made it perfect for a truly lovely date night with great food, drinks, service, and ambiance.


Hansel4407 t1_j6aa8fw wrote

+1 to the don’t go out on Valentine’s Day, but if you insist I’d recommend The Food Market in Hampden. Make reservations


Apprehensive_Bee7412 t1_j6cunh0 wrote

Chiapparelli’s is busy on Valentine’s Day but worth it. Food is really good


AHamGery t1_j6cwhe7 wrote

I was looking into the menu at Allora, Tilted Row, and Alma Cocina Latina - all three have been hits for me recently!


Sea_Yesterday_8888 t1_j6d51ka wrote

I am hosting a paint nite at Jennings in Catonsville for couples, they will have food specials. Plenty of tickets left:)


GraemesMama t1_j6d5law wrote

Cinghaile!!! The best restaurant in town with amazing ambiance.


Crlady t1_j6a8w3e wrote

I’d suggest cooking for her. No one likes to go out on such a busy night, and the service usually sucks.


reese-dewhat t1_j6alei3 wrote

This is the answer. I have been saying this for ages. Although as an alternative you could go out the night before or after if you don't mind celebrating that way.

If you absolutely must go out to eat on Valentine's day, or any other holiday for that matter, at the very least avoid any restaurants that are serving a prix fixe menu. Only five star restaurants can handle deviations from standard service. The average back of house and wait staff will completely Fall apart at the slightest deviation from regular service. Food and service will be garbage, and you won't be getting any nookie


OhioStickyThing t1_j6b08oy wrote

The Food Market in Hampden that’s where we’re going :)


Expendable_Red_Shirt t1_j6a89am wrote

It's getting really close. Odds are a lot of places are booked up. Plus, you don't want to go out for Valentines day on Valentines day. Better to go out like a few weeks later.


Kirch_figgums t1_j6aa26j wrote

Yeah, seconding the other opinions here. Valentines Day at a restaurant is usually a shit show, rather than romantic or cozy.


thisis29 t1_j6ao5h5 wrote

Alternative valentines idea: order crabs, have a beer at a bar while you wait for your order and bring them home (with a few more beers) this is what me and my husband do lol


FriedScrapple t1_j6aoyns wrote

Crabs, why not buy diamonds at those prices!


Few_Construction_654 t1_j6atj56 wrote

I’d rather have the crabs than diamonds! And I can’t get my boyfriend to eat them enough with me lol


FriedScrapple t1_j6atq77 wrote

You’re a real Baltimorean and he is not, dump him immediately