Submitted by [deleted] t3_10927dk in baltimore

Am I mishearing?

It sounds like he's saying "This is Ashley Sterner"

I need to know if I'm tripping, accurate or something.

Whatever it is, I appreciate them.



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offairashley t1_j3wuga2 wrote

Y'all have it right! I've been Ashley off-air for quite some time now, and am working to be my most authentic self everywhere. Thanks for listening (and for your grace every time I mess something up on-air)!


EthanSayfo t1_j3wzhev wrote

More power to you! :-) And thanks for the fantastic broadcasting over the years, you've been a great presence at WYPR, from a listener-member's perspective.


Willothwisp2303 t1_j3xkrko wrote

You are always a delight and constant companion on my commutes. You're the car friend I've never met but feel like I know.

Your visibility (audibility??) will give so many people that feeling that they know a transitioning friend, and make it so much easier for others to be accepted too. Bravo!


anne_hollydaye t1_j3x5w0l wrote

going forward, what are your preferred pronouns? just so I don't screw up.


OkIDrewABunch t1_j3ycpm3 wrote

I swear I could hear the happiness in your voice when I first heard you do the name switch-up this week. Congrats on making the on-air move!

Do you know if your web folks plan to update your bio page on the WYPR site? I only ask because when I heard your name drop, I went to the website to make sure I wasn’t jumping to the wrong conclusion.


offairashley t1_j3ydicm wrote

I have to follow up on that one. I'm not sure who's in charge there now! I used to have editing ability on our website and I fixed my pronouns like six years ago, but subtly so I'm not sure if anyone noticed!


Yellohsub t1_j4jb2o8 wrote

Wanted to say I’m so happy for you! Also not sure if it’s possible but the NPR app is using an old start up clip of you introducing yourself. (I’m not sure if this has a proper radio term, they alternate different radio hosts doing the intro when a user opens the app and hits play.)


offairashley t1_j4ksmwy wrote

Thanks for this! Those announcements were recorded sooo long ago, I'd forgotten they existed! I'll look to get them updated. And thanks so much! :)


Yellohsub t1_j4ktcox wrote

I use the app A LOT and get your intro a few times a day lately :)


offairashley t1_j4nfx92 wrote

Bio is updated... kinda. A little copyediting is needed, but we'll get there!


Crlady t1_j3x3du0 wrote

My husband said yesterday “I think they’re transitioning. That’s awesome!”


aresef t1_j3x9410 wrote

I've been following your tweets. I'm happy for you.


MazelTough t1_j3yeowg wrote

Username does NOT check out, Ashley, but we will allow it for your many years of tireless reporting and pouring boxed wine at member events.

But, what are your preferred pronouns? Because Ashley is one of those multi-purpose names. Cheers! Edit from down thread: mostly they but she is welcome.


offairashley t1_j3yf8vg wrote

Haha! I guess I'm onairashley now, too? Still Ashley off air. Should I just be everywhereashley?


Acceptable-Machine46 t1_j412mku wrote

I haven't heard NPR in AGES and also thought I misheard the first time yesterday. Thankfully I was driving quite a while and was able to confirm it. I'm so happy for you, Ashley. Hugs. Kim sfg4u


Russ915 t1_j41br85 wrote

You said something a few weeks ago after a musical/note segment came back about a brown note and I damn near spit my coffee out. Funny stuff. Please keep doing off the cuff bits. I laugh every time


DamFessler t1_j4112h5 wrote

I love listening to you every morning! So happy that you are being true to yourself. Love and support to you!


offwifherhead t1_j42aza5 wrote

Bravo and best wishes for you. No matter how you identify, it's your voice and personality I love to listen to. Felt this way then, feel this way now. Keep going!


AHandfulOfGods t1_j465bsu wrote

Everytime you say your name in the morning, I'll say "And I'm Matt Wilson." I was very confused this morning. I'm happy to hear you be yourself on air. Keep up the good work!


PigtownDesign t1_j3vt22d wrote

If you look at their twitter feed, it looks like they might be transitioning.


gofasterstripes t1_j3vw26r wrote

If radio were a two way visual medium, maybe we'd see that they transitioned.


MazelTough t1_j3z8ewe wrote

I am so glad they can’t see us. My first forays into NPR was listening to the coverage of Katrina in NO from my century row home bathroom—it was so warm that you would just get home and shower, shower just to cool off. I could not hack it for my full year there. But I was hooked.


udelkitty t1_j3w5e2n wrote

Also heard that, good for them, and brave!

Even though I’m sure the WYPR audience is friendlier and more welcoming than some, but I’m sure there are some cranks that will take objection to it.


MereyB t1_j3w11uk wrote

I heard that yesterday and thought I misheard. Good for her


FelixandFriends t1_j3vn5mr wrote

Nah that’s accurate from what I’ve heard


lieutenantstoner t1_j3vymsu wrote

Just heard it too, so you heard correctly. Ashley has a tradition as a male name so I'm not jumping to any conclusions.


Uu550 t1_j3wx43v wrote

One of the best NPR hosts too!


Floss_tycoon t1_j3w67q6 wrote

A rose by my other name smells as sweet, just learn how to pronounce trattoria.


jaxdraw t1_j3z3jqy wrote

I thought I was going crazy when I heard it. Wow, good on ya Ashley!

Now, let's head over to Matt Tacka with traffic*

*I know he doesn't do traffic anymore, but that's what popped into my head.


voodoochild461 t1_j3wn2u7 wrote

Whatever. As long as that monument of a radio voice doesn't change I'm good.


aduirne t1_j3ybrc3 wrote

Go you! I am happy you are becoming who you want to be.


OGzenPanda t1_j3yia9l wrote

I knew it! That's what's up. You've always been my favorite


Wind0un11 t1_j43m9tj wrote

The first time I heard “Ashley” you were correcting yourself as I am sure it takes a sec to go off of autopilot. There was just the hint of a giggle as you did so and the joy attached to it filled my car. Cheers!


wengib t1_j4631bn wrote

OMG, congratulations! I actually thought I miss heard or someone gave you the wrong script 😆 Appreciate you so much! ♥️


Musichead2468 t1_j475tuq wrote

Congrats, I had her as a professor for my audio documentary class in 2016


Tbone1214 t1_j4puigw wrote

Ashley I am so happy for you! I heard the name change after the new year & at first thought I misheard. But i am so pleased to read you are living your most authentic life both on and off the air - I admire your courage ! Thank you for all your years of service giving us the news each morning ! - Theresa