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aeon_ducks t1_j91777j wrote

Nothing Frankenstein did? He rejected him at the first possible moment, not only that but every person he met treated him in the worst way they could. It is no surprise at all that he behaved how he did, the world left him very little choice.


gnatsaredancing t1_j919k8u wrote

Frankenstein ran out on him and came back to nothing. No sane person would argue that's cause to go on a murder spree.

Along the same lines. he creature had very little contact with people other than his creepy stalking of the blind girl before he decided that murder and intimidation was the way to go.

The creature made a speed run to deciding that killing Frankenstein's loved ones, framing him for the murders and threatening to do more. These weren't crimes of passions, these weren't the creature lashing out at his tormenters.

The monster made a very cold calculation to target very specific innocent people for very specific self serving reasons.

Nothing that happened the creature is a valid excuse or even motivation for what it did. It explicitly did not harm its tormentors. It harmed innocent people in a way it hoped would benefit its goals.


aeon_ducks t1_j91d6zn wrote

More bad faith arguments. He didn't just run out the very second he woke up without Frankenstein having time to say anything. He woke up and his creator immediately started screaming at him that he was an abomination and should never have been created while acting physically threatening. Every human he met after that treated him with immediate fear and distrust while driving him off. Did you forget that humans have to be taught empathy/sympathy? He was born as a blank slate and was only shown hostility of course that was all he knew.


gnatsaredancing t1_j924ruv wrote

And which of those do you imagine is excuse enough for a premeditated murder spree?

Back in the real world we'd laugh at anyone using something like that as an excuse for carefully planning and executing a series of murders for clear personal gain.