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Battlepikapowe4 t1_jduiyz2 wrote

Just like with Cass Morris and The Aven Cycle. Though in his case he started self publishing the series, so I wonder how easy it is to make that switch.


Merle8888 t1_jdysnma wrote

Oh yeah, easier to do with an established fan base. If Morris (a woman btw) can make it work that’s more impressive since she only got 1-2 trad pubbed. Though still has the benefit of the publicity from those 1-2 I guess.


BerriesAndMe t1_jduq1tw wrote

Jasper Fforde's shade of grey, for example.. If you persist as a fan, this may eventually change though!


UndulatingUnderpants t1_jdv0edp wrote

Argh I've been waiting for the sequel for so long!


BerriesAndMe t1_jdvmd51 wrote

6th of July is what they say now.. So there's hope.


[deleted] t1_je5gmpv wrote

Really? Man, that book left off at such an intriguing place and I thought a sequel would be a few years away, not this long.


aidoll t1_jdv4y0k wrote

Yep. Occasionally on Goodreads you’ll see entries for books in series that never came out because the publisher canceled them.