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[deleted] t1_jdv4iux wrote

Reply to comment by indigohan in Cancelled books? by FaithlessnessOdd9006



charliesmahm t1_jdva76x wrote

“Repeating nonsense” the article you shared literally states from the publisher she was being racist and she was dropped from Penguin. If you’re gonna argue you could at least use a source that doesn’t argue for my side. Everything I said I was true 🤣 go be dumb elsewhere. The book is cancelled. She told some fan on her IG that it was coming out late 2022 and it never did. The book is done.


D3athRider t1_jdx09bl wrote

Wow, ngl your response to /u/charliesmahm is weirdly aggressive considering their original comment was pretty damn benign. The way you go on an immediate unprovoked attack against a random user calling them a "coward", "moronic", and accusing them of "repeating nonsense" is suspicious as hell, tbh. Are you the author in question or something?


indigohan t1_jdv5849 wrote

Wouldn’t matter anyway, as the book is no longer coming out.


Tobacco_Bhaji t1_jdv60oi wrote

On the say-so of who?

Because her publisher didn't drop her and she immediately got another agent.


indigohan t1_jdv69le wrote

I literally cannot buy this book. There is no updated release date, even for book sellers. It’s listed as back catalogue in industry stuff, without stores ever seeing a copy


Tobacco_Bhaji t1_jdv6gad wrote

Sure, but that doesn't mean it won't be published.

I can't buy Winds of Winter, but I will.


indigohan t1_jdv72x3 wrote

I just checked and Random House has it listed as postponed indefinitely. Unless there’s a sudden big demand, or she either writes something else huge and creates more interest, or can get the rights back, I wouldn’t be holding out for it.

There’s a difference between a book that isn’t finished yet, and one that is written but the publishers don’t want to release it. It’s release date was meant to be November 21

Edit: 11th May 2021

Edit: those pesky American dates always get me