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Vollautomatik t1_jcfc89c wrote

Interesting. For me it was quite the opposite. The mere fact that Circe was immortal really made everything meaningless in my opinion. Every encounter she ever had with any human was just a small blink and didn’t matter in the grand scheme of her life. It really made me think about the importance of death for a meaningful life.


crankygerbil t1_jcg6lbq wrote

I meant more along the feeling like the earth was under your feet. There was more attention to flora and fauna, more of it feeling posited in the real world.

I liked the book. I had never really placed close attention to Circe in mythology, didn't know she was the daughter of a Titan or a nymph.

After watching The Eternals, I now picture Circe as Sersi. :)


Dorothea2020 t1_jcgnlsp wrote

Though Miller’s Circe agreed with you about immortality, which is why she made the choice she did at the end. I liked Circe better than SOA precisely because I loved its exploration of the distinctive weight and meanings that mortality gives to human life.