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HamiltonBlack t1_jd9rm0w wrote

Let me show you how dangerous these books can be to children by threatening to destroy a building with children.


RedolentPassages t1_jdafmcg wrote

I could very easily picture a Philomena Cunk interview on this

" so did the books make the bomb threats, did they leave some sort of letter?"

Interviewee: " no they were made because of the books"

" well then who made them"

" a group of people people who didn't like the books"

" well that's odd isn't it"


MatureChildrensToy t1_jdbfjes wrote

"Well it's funny because my mate Paul see, he got himself locked in a library one night while on a bender. Try as he might he couldn't get out and had nought but the books to keep him company till someone finally let him out in the morning. When he got back he said he never wanted to see another book again."

Interviewee blinks. "I see."

"Do you think it could be something like that?"


yonatan1981 t1_jdcrao4 wrote

Books has been around for almost as long as pens, and even longer than some mountains. Some of the most famous people in the world have written books, like Barack Obama, God, ... and even Gordon Ramsay. But.... what IS books? I've come here to Oxford University, in Cambridge, to ask Dr. Josh Phillips, a professor of books.


Madwoman-of-Chaillot t1_jdcygiv wrote

“Books has even been around longer than the release of unrelated Belgian techno anthem, ‘Pump Up The Jam.’ “


imtougherthanyou t1_jddb3cx wrote

No no, "books were invented in 2,000(??) BC nearly 4,000 years before the release of Belgian techno anthem, 'Pump Up The Jam.'"


Vio_ t1_jde90jb wrote

I'd like to think that she'd say "2,000 open parentheses question mark question mark end parentheses BC"


McEndee t1_jdd19ko wrote

I'm in a quiet coffee shop and laughed out loud at this. Doing a Vice undercover interview about books, complete with the mosaic tiling and distorted voices to conceal identities.


ExoticSalamander4 t1_jdbl4k6 wrote

"look how dangerous these books are -- they incur bomb threats from psychopaths!"

"but you're the psychopaths who made the bomb threat"



MessorisTrucis t1_jddhdu4 wrote

No, you’ve got it all wrong. They want to protect the children so badly that they will threaten to blow them all up to keep them safe from the dangerous ideas of checks notes existing!


BlakRainbow1991 t1_jd9u6s2 wrote

Sooo.... When are these scumbags getting called the right term? Terrorists.


eganba t1_jdafw98 wrote

Unfortunately those terrorists are winning the battle in rural and small city school systems.


OccamsRazer t1_jde2fh3 wrote

It's not by being terrorists or by using bomb threats, come on. The rhetoric and hysteria in here is ridiculous...


Bind_Moggled t1_jdctw1n wrote

No, silly, Christians can’t be terrorists. Just ask them.


Redditer51 t1_jdcx866 wrote

As long as they're white and Christian, the media will just refer to them as "troubled".


rekabis t1_jddocuq wrote

Well, in the States you guys call them Y’all Quaeda or the Texas Taliban.

Up here in Canada, we just call them the Timbit Taliban.


OccamsRazer t1_jde24d3 wrote

People who use violence or threats of violence to further their agenda are terrorists, and I think almost everyone would agree, including the people who support the removal of these books.


MayOrMayNotBePie t1_jdadom3 wrote

So pro-life they’ll blow up a school full of kids and faculty because of a book.


frnzks t1_jdasqiu wrote

Yeah, they’d rather see these people dead than to see the country continue its slide away from their beliefs.

Now, if this school full of kids and faculty blows up because of a particular book - the bible - you can be sure they’d be outraged.


oced2001 t1_jdcdv5t wrote

Libraries usually have a Bible in the collection.


godofpumpkins t1_jdd3vui wrote

Definitely too fucked up for children. Not only is it full of messed up events but it also indoctrinates children more than literally anything else. Must be banned


JoyousDiversion t1_jd9q8yz wrote

“The message, replete with spelling and grammatical errors, read as follows . . .”

Well at least we can rule out people who actually use libraries or read books


sambull t1_jdax6el wrote

they'd use purposeful mistakes out of character to mask their writing style.. I assume these people are practicing good opsec.. you notice you rarely hear of arrests. But they get their end goals met; use terror and bobs your uncle institutions roll over to terrorists when its the right terror.


whereyouatdesmondo t1_jdcshxz wrote

Dumb bigots on social media also make these mistakes. There’s a high chance the incredibly ignorant people are also incredibly ignorant.


jezra t1_jd9q5h3 wrote

hopefully the terrorists are caught and locked up


Otherwise_Ad233 t1_jdb1gsh wrote

I hope the judge throws the book at them. And the book they were threatening kids over. Throw that book too.


D3V1LS_L3TTUC3 t1_jdda1we wrote

Ridiculous to even hope for such a thing. This is America, we are full speed ahead towards fascism and have been for quite some time


Havryl t1_jdb9t2s wrote

ter·ror·ist /ˈterərəst/ (noun) a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.


searchneptune t1_jdaoc0e wrote

>It has been known for all of human history that the innonence of children is sacred.

Someone clearly hasn't read about the children used as squires in the Crusades, or those trained to be Spartans and Janissaries.


ephoenix99 t1_jdas54z wrote

And these are the same people who refuse to address gun control and how many children have to participate in active shooter drills.

They’re more worried about kids reading books than stopping adults from killing people (and kids) with guns.


searchneptune t1_jdauu19 wrote

And how many children have shot a family member, friend or teacher with an unsecured gun.


ephoenix99 t1_jdavb33 wrote


It's also ironic that these are the same people who whine about "woke" and "politically correct" and they're literally threatening to blow up schools, along with violence against librarians, because of a book. Not a law that is passed (oh, like banning the morning after pill in Wyoming) or overturning a landmark case about bodily autonomy (Roe v. Wade), but a book that teaches the reader about things.

I mean, look, I get that some content may not be appropriate for certain age groups, but that's the librarian's job, not these nutjobs who believe sex is only for procreation.


gearnut t1_jddc4gu wrote

I'd be willing to bet a lot of them would happily spend an evening with a sex worker and would completely disregard any of her stated boundaries.


Lopsided-Animator758 t1_jdc0bkf wrote

Psalms 137:9 reads "Happy he shall be that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones."

Numbers 31:17-18 "Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves."

Let the Bible speak for itself.

Edited to add second verse


Beamarchionesse t1_jddte54 wrote

The Bible and its followers genuinely confuse me. I had to copy a lot of pages as a child [small Catholic school in the 90s, me with ADHD, nuns needing to punish] and had a good grasp on the material from a young age. So the first time someone told me abortion was about killing babies and against God's will my immediate response was a confused "I mean, not really? The Christian god kills a ton of children, babies, and pregnant people in the Bible." He specifically targeted them at multiple points!

But then I hear "well, when Jesus died it made a new convenant".

Okay, neat. Then why are you quoting Leviticus?

[Also the Bible was quite clearly written by multiple sources, translated and edited multiple times, and is kind of obviously drawing from shared myths and legends of the various regions that have been attributed to multiple deities] ["a great flood" oh gee, never heard that one before]


UrQuanKzinti t1_jdgpgme wrote

All you need to mention is God killing the first born of every egyptian and you can see how much he cares about children.


sembias t1_jdd4l06 wrote

Until it's a girl that has had her period. Then she's a "flowered woman" at 11, with no more innocence and is fair game to be married off to a 50 year old man. God bless.


Kendakr t1_jdbbyim wrote

or relatives/family friends, clergy/church staff, and coaches


Redditer51 t1_jdcxrnm wrote

The innocence of children is sacred....and yet they're threatening to bomb their schools and potentially kill them and their classmates. They don't think that would destroy their innocence?!

Also, I was a child. I went to school. I can assure you, most children are not innocent. Most of them are cruel, sadistic little assholes. That's what bullies are. I don't know where this idea of children being innocent came from. (Hell, I'm sure these would be terrorists were once awful children themselves. Cause a lot of bad kids become bad adults).


KoeiNL t1_jddlya0 wrote

We still have countries where child brides are a common occurrence. I wish the innocence children was actually sacred.


McHenry t1_jdapr8j wrote

How do they quote the note without calling out the lies? "They allow and encourage children to read sexual content such as the book “this book is gay”, a book which contains graphic sexual content [ editors note: it doesn't include sexual content] and encourages children to use hook up apps [editors note: it doesn't encourage children to use hook up apps]. This book is not even designed for teenagers but kids..."

Otherwise it reads like the claims are truthful. Especially since they don't note the lie later in the article either.


Bind_Moggled t1_jdcu30u wrote

Either poor journalism - or intentional spin. I wonder which it might be?


D3V1LS_L3TTUC3 t1_jdda7e3 wrote

Isn’t like all of American media owned by a handful of rich white men who literally want to watch the world burn


Bind_Moggled t1_jdijklq wrote

Correct. I think that gives us a big clue to the whole "poor journalism / intentional spin" question.


Fair_Cheesecake_1203 t1_jda7r4v wrote

I remember the good ol days where bomb threats were used to get out of tests. Where have we gone wrong


sembias t1_jdd50o7 wrote

The pervasive cultural hatred of education in the US that caused those bomb threats back then have compounded to the current book-burners of today.


Autarch_Kade t1_jdb533t wrote

> Anyone who violates that has forfeit their right to life, we will end you and purify our land of you degenerates and make our country great

Can't imagine where this person falls politically.


lydiardbell t1_jdbl45v wrote

Old time Reagan voter? I'm joking but this person's political identity would be obvious even without the catchphrase


moviestim t1_jdagasf wrote

These “peaceful” Christians.


Dnmrtn t1_jddosj1 wrote

Do you know who it is? It did not say in the article or any of the others I read online.


TheMeanGirl t1_jdbtsxz wrote

Even if you think these books are harmful, how are they more harmful than a literal bomb?


Nemo4evr t1_jdacb6y wrote

Ahhhh more examples of christofascist love, as a recovering catholic I remember very well who were the abusers.


Near_Void t1_jdc7k37 wrote

"Recovering Catholic" ? If you dont mind, what does that mean?


Uh_I_Say t1_jdcfz0m wrote

Not the person you're replying to, but I'd imagine it means they were raised Catholic, have since left the religion, and don't have a particularly fond view of it (hence "recovering").


Near_Void t1_jdcggof wrote

Ah I get it now


D3V1LS_L3TTUC3 t1_jddadon wrote

Can concur, was raised Catholic and now have to cope with the massive amounts of trauma/brainwashing inflicted upon me during my formative years


glitchycat39 t1_jdcnyjw wrote

To go along with u/Uh_I_Say - having been in Catholic school for 12 years, it's a process to unfuck your head. Especially if you, like me, were bisexual and wrestled with that throughout high school and college until finally having it hit you at 25 that the reason you got flustered when a certain boy flirted with you is because you really kinda wanted him to kiss you. Bonus points if your coming of age was, again like me, during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Cuz then, you got to watch all the people you knew and loved go on about how Islam was a violent religion (sarcastic "religion of peace" jokes abound) and that Christianity was a religion with a "loving god", and then turn right around and banshee scree about how we really just needed to carpet bomb the Middle East, that poor people should suffer more because it'd motivate them, etc.

It's a very ... difficult experience, coming out of all that. For me, it happened because I very much bought into the idea that Jesus taught us to love and be kind to one another, but instead I got a front row seat to people around me waving a book around to justify hate and war, all while demanding complete adherence to that notion lest you be branded "unpatriotic", "unAmerican", or a "sympathizer".


Nemo4evr t1_jddh7wp wrote

To clarify and expanding on other responses you got, same as a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, with the difference that I did not choose to be a catholic, it was just the culture I was born ( Spain ) there are wounds that are inflicted as a child, indoctrination, with feelings of guilt and shame for things that are out of one control.

Like your gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race.

The wounds eventually heal but the scars, I will carry to my grave as a reminder that when some people say " think of the children " or " is a slippery slope " they don't mean what you think and they don't have your best interest in mind, just follow the money and you will see what I mean.

We as a society have to make the most urgent effort to get ANY flavor of organized religion as far away from children and schools as possible, and I am not only referring to any of the offshoots of the abrahamic death cult, whether is christianity, muslim or jewish. They pray on ignorance ( hence their insistence of controlling the Education system ) banning books or worse burning them and the people who wrote them as well.

So yes recovering catholic is a very appropriate description for many of us that survived.


JSB19 t1_jdb5moy wrote

Remove the gay books or I’ll threaten to bomb schools, what a lovely world they want us to live in.

Here’s hoping they find this scumbag and let them have nothing but LGBTQ books in the cell.


Beamarchionesse t1_jddu28v wrote

Oddly enough, there's so many restrictions on what kinds of books prisoners are allowed to have that the prison library might suit them to a T.

PSA Donate books from the approved list to prison libraries. A good percentage of the prison population is incarcerated for non-violent crimes, and they're bored. They actually like getting books for older kids/teens because many prisoners are starting on a lower reading level. Old textbooks too.


JSB19 t1_jde14qi wrote

Wow that’s interesting thanks. This person can be the exception though, I’d want them to have a “special” list of approved books haha


RedpenBrit96 t1_jda6vb2 wrote

Well the fact that they can’t spell proves that bigots/ terrorist idiots have about as many brain cells as expected.


theCatLeigh t1_jdc7hrr wrote

You know you can insult homophobes without insulting people with disabilities.

Signed someone who didn’t have enough brain cells to finish high school ✌️


RedpenBrit96 t1_jdd41qn wrote

Lol beg pardon to your brain cells I’m sure they’re fine


spotted-cat t1_jdalz41 wrote

And queer people are the crazy ones?! Fuck that noise — a bisexual that self-identifies as a goldfish is saner than whatever nutsack bigot pulled this crap.


lydiardbell t1_jdbkvrv wrote

I agree with your point but please remember that saying shit like

> that self-identifies as a goldfish

Plays right into their dehumanization of trans and non-binary people. Absolutely nobody is claiming their gender is "goldfish", not even goldfish furries.


spotted-cat t1_jdcdxg6 wrote

I am nonbinary, but I hadn’t really thought of that when I made the post.

Sorry for my carelessness.


lydiardbell t1_jdcrk1n wrote

It's okay, I appreciate the spirit of your comment. It's a bit of a sore spot for me having been the target of "attack helicopter" crap, so that's colouring my reaction.


realitymustsuck t1_jdbtz6t wrote

People absolutely are, and it's making us actually look insane.

We need to not sweep these things under the rug while we're also dealing with terrorists wanting us dead too.


wolf781 t1_jdd6gdo wrote

> People absolutely are

Can you show where someone is "absolutely self-identifying as a gold fish", without using right wing sources?


D3V1LS_L3TTUC3 t1_jddao7g wrote

“we need to prove that our identities are valid to the people who want to bomb schools in the name of protecting children” 💀 can you hear yourself?


Yufle t1_jdc68ws wrote

This is so fucking insane and yet so normal. Cultures and societies are not static. They evolve and there are always people who are fearful of change. These guys are no different than those who were screaming at 6-year old Ruby Bridges, the first African American child to desegregate an elementary school in the south and paving the way for Civil Rights action in the American South.

Every time I despair about these people and their hateful actions, I am reminded of the images of those who were screaming at that little girl and their ugliness. Ruby won and the future Rubys will win. I just hope we didn't have to deal with a version of these hateful lunatics every decade.


SnooBunnies1811 t1_jdctxt7 wrote

Thank you. That thought is definitely a good antidote for despair!!❤❤


ManOnTheMun25 t1_jddf5hr wrote

Its nothing like that and shouldnt be compared.


KovolKenai t1_jddy1qu wrote

They're comparing the hatred of black people and culture to the hatred of gay people and culture. I'd say it's an apt comparison, even if it doesn't line up 100%.


ManOnTheMun25 t1_jde8f6n wrote

This particular book talks about prostate massage among other things.
People that dont want their children seeing that stuff arent crazy or
It has nothing to do with homophobia.
Its not a apt comparison.


TheOracleArt t1_jdm0w9g wrote

This is a book aimed written for and aimed at late teens and is supplementary sex education for gay kids because, funnily enough, the practice of safe gay sex is not taught in schools the way straight sex is. When I was at school (many moons ago) we learnt about straight, penis-in-vagina sex, the anatomy around this and what safe sex precautions to take. There was nothing covering this for gay sex. Now you may say "well, gay sex is a minority, so there's no point covering this." Well, if it's not covered in normal educational classes at school, it should be addressed elsewhere. Gay kids shouldn't be the ones just left to "figure it out" and possibly be taken advantage of or not be properly prepared the way sex education tries to prepare and warn straight kids.

This book was written to address that. So yes, it shows a diagram of the male body and erogenous zones and mentions that the prostate is an erogenous zone....cause it is? Are you equally shocked and appalled that in normal sex education, they note that a penis is also an erogenous zone too? In a book educating about gay sex...they're going to talk about the functions of gay sex. I'm not seeing how it can be anything else but homophobia that you're clutching pearls over the idea that a book might acknowledge that the prostate is a well-known erogenous zone. Would you equally freak out about a sex education book mentioning the clitoris?


KovolKenai t1_jdfaqlf wrote

Oh shit, prostate massage? Those terrorists were totally justified in calling in a bomb threat, in that case. I'm sure there's not any questionable material in any of the straight books, so this is completely fair and has nothing to do with *checks title of post* LGBTQ+ material.


Yufle t1_jdezoex wrote

The comparison is about hate and prejudice. I think human experience of prejudice whether it’s as a result of racism, transphobia, homophobia should be called out. Any group of people seeking justice is a closer ally to other groups seeking justice than the faces of hate and prejudice.

As a black, straight, cisgender woman, I stand in solidarity with all the people fighting for justice and equality.


ManOnTheMun25 t1_jdf2tya wrote

This particular book talks about prostate massage among other things.People that dont want their children seeing that stuff arent crazy or FaSciSt. It has nothing to do with homophobia.
Your being lied to.


oliverkloezoff t1_jdac9kf wrote

It's them damn violent libruls again, ain't it?



Bigleftbowski t1_jdbq2jv wrote

I'm still trying to figure out why books with LGBTQ+ and Blacks are suddenly bad beyond the fact that Republicans need a hate platform to go along with the "sky is falling" platform.


glitchycat39 t1_jdcmym9 wrote

Trying to squeeze one or two more elections out of the old fucks before Gen Z and the millennials become the majority of the voting base


Bigleftbowski t1_jdct05s wrote

That's why they're pushing as many voter supression laws as they can.


glitchycat39 t1_jdct738 wrote

Yeah they're kinda in for a surprise. That only works for so long.


phoenixstormcrow t1_jdd0x70 wrote

Because the GOP can't use abortion to rile up their constituents anymore, they need a new "Save the Children" crisis to wave around.


ManOnTheMun25 t1_jddfj4j wrote

This particular book talks about prostate massage among other things. People that dont want their children seeing that stuff arent crazy or FaSciSt.


Bigleftbowski t1_jdduclh wrote

This book is Gay is not a good example and has caught flack from gays as being unrealistic and lacking useful information. And of course, young people are reading it because the stick-up-the-ass Republicans are trying to ban it.

In any case, I'm still trying to figure out how including Rosa Parks violating the law that required a Black person to give up their seat to a white person in a history book is "dangerous" and "woke". The only chance Republicans have to win in 2024 is to push through as many voter suppression laws as they can.


Hartastic t1_jdew8j6 wrote

> In any case, I'm still trying to figure out how including Rosa Parks violating the law that required a Black person to give up their seat to a white person in a history book is "dangerous" and "woke".

In a recent court case...

> “DeSantis' lawyers were forced by the court to define "woke." The lead lawyer described it as "The belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them."

So "it's not fair that black people have to go to back of the bus" is right about on. Of course they'd typically rather not say that part out loud and would rather motte-and-bailey fallacy it.


GaimanitePkat t1_jdcml10 wrote

I read this really gross book once as a kid. There was this part with incest where the daughter was going to bang her father when he was drunk. There was also this part where a father offered up his daughter to a bunch of horny men to rape. There was a part about women being ripped open and their babies killed by being beaten against the ground, and another part where this soldier guy burns his own daughter to death. Actually there was a bunch of talk about babies being smashed against stuff, and a ton of stuff about virgin girls being raped. And these two kids laughed at a guy and then got torn apart by bears?

I forget the name of this book. I wonder what it was. I sure hope nobody's advocating for that book to be put in any schools because frankly that shit is not okay for kids.


Emmax1997 t1_jdcp41x wrote

I think i read that book as a kid too. A relative made me read it. Maybe we should ban it from schools?


GaimanitePkat t1_jdcpb2d wrote

I think so. Kids should be innocent and grow up without hearing about rape and babies being bashed to death and incest. I don't know why anyone would want that book anywhere near a kid.


notandy82 t1_jddclpa wrote

Wait a minute, I think I know this book. Was there also a guy claiming the voice in his head ordered him to kill his son, and then changed its mind?


durgadas t1_jdc0uqu wrote

Fuck Zombies. The Moron Apocalypse is coming.


neighbor_jim t1_jdaf033 wrote

I am not sure what the government is currently putting in jet contrails, but they need to swap over to aerosolized Xanax.


Hartastic t1_jdewk2x wrote

Best case, these nutters chill out. Worst case, we get a dystopian Equilibrium future and that's not so bad, gunkata!


Libro_Artis t1_jdanjay wrote

This is getting ridiculous.


seriouschris t1_jdbhk8r wrote

Imagine being so insecure that you're afraid of words.


mcoombes314 t1_jdd178c wrote

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words..... they frighten me.".


Ramoncin t1_jdcb4wn wrote

Why isn't the FBI doing something against this hate groups? Too busy infiltrating anti-wall street organisations?


zedatkinszed t1_jdc3fz0 wrote

Just to underline exactly who they are they say "make our country great".

And MAGA heads get so offended when called out on their violent/terroistic BS.

Your country is screwed


drinkingchartreuse t1_jdaxuzm wrote

I hope whoever made those calls spends decades in prison for them.


gypsy_muse t1_jdax23m wrote

Let me guess - was the call made from the basement in their mothers house by any chance?


mymar101 t1_jdbezrm wrote

When did the world turn nuts?


WorksV3 t1_jde78la wrote

Well, billions of years ago the earth was a molten mass…

But in 2016 we had a sentient, angry blob of grease become president and all the people who secretly wanted to turn the country into the fourth reich felt they didn’t have to be so secret about it anymore.


Plutonic-Planet-42 t1_jdc9tog wrote

Right wing terrorists act out the rhetoric of the party.


thegaybookfox t1_jdcn37g wrote

I’m so done. This is getting out of hand. The government won’t do anything about it either and I’m just fucking DONE


Bind_Moggled t1_jdcts4q wrote

“We’ll terrorize children in order to protect children” is pure right-wing nonthink. It’s long past time that we as a society recognize the threat that extremist religion - even relatively popular ones - poses to public safety.


glitchycat39 t1_jdcmto3 wrote

Protecting children by threatening their lives.


Agent847 t1_jddeet7 wrote

Almost certainly a little Reichstag. Faking bias violence is a cottage industry. Assume Juicy Smoyeh until proven otherwise.


Imaginary-Method-715 t1_jdc8lgx wrote

solutions to problems in scared people's heads that are fake and not real.


Emmax1997 t1_jdco9lh wrote

So, what happened to “Thou shalt not kill?” Or… you know, being a decent human being in any shape or form?


drdavidjacobs t1_jddbqhp wrote

Books are getting dangerous, burn them


tygerprints t1_jdde7cn wrote

Wow, it's amazing to see that our LGBTQ community is so strong, and we have this much power to frighten and scare small minds into acts of radical self-immolation.

Perhaps we were always meant to be galvazined into a fighting force, and now that we're getting better armed and better trained, I think we can overrun anyone in our way.


RmofR t1_jddk79g wrote

This is my town. It’s just crazy the amount of culture war crap here. People need to get out of town and see people who might not be be cis het and white.


thebig111 t1_jddm9ex wrote

Aside from the most insane reason to ever protest a book.

The school board should have reviewed the book first hand. it’s a book for adults. If they have an adult section for 18+ students great. The book even mentions hey this stuff is 18+. Like ohhh telling kids how to download Grindr on page 155. It also says hey you need to be +18 an adult. But I mean kids bring cards against humanity to the lunch room anyway.


Slurm818 t1_jdcguiu wrote

Seeing lots of The Advocate here recently. Like…a front page post every day. Interesting


ManOnTheMun25 t1_jddevvj wrote

This is gross but teaching children about prostate massage is gross too. That book shouldnt be in school.

People need to learn what a book ban is because theyve obviously forgot.


Wrecker013 t1_jdejqqj wrote

That's great. The book isn't advertised for children, it's advertised for teenagers and adults.


Hartastic t1_jdewp8j wrote

Look, if God didn't want people milking the prostate he shouldn't have put the male g-spot there.


ManOnTheMun25 t1_jdeww3w wrote

Literally no reason to be in school libraries.


Hartastic t1_jdexgv3 wrote

Elementary school? Sure.

High school? Those are basically just libraries and probably have way worse things than that.

Without even getting into the fact that actual porn is available in infinite quantities on the internet and, on average, kids are more tech-savvy than the adults trying to stop them.


ManOnTheMun25 t1_jdf2ody wrote

Again there is no reason for it to be in a public school library. Its not banned, you can buy it.
People desperately trying to keep a book that has instructions on how to suck a cock in schools. Why?
Its weird.


Hartastic t1_jdfdf7o wrote

You're not reading what I'm writing so I'm going to stop.


GrayLiterature t1_jdcmm2r wrote

This seems more suitable for r/politics or something


Prodigal_Angel t1_jdcr4dx wrote

Here's my thing: Why the schools? Leave the fucking children alone. Threaten someone with the power to influence the change you want to see, not some kids who just wanna make it through the day. Their life is hard enough smh.


smellincoffee t1_jdclo9e wrote

Oh, please. If someone wanted to remove the book, there's easier ways of doing it than a bomb threat. I'd lay odds this is a fake threat so people can beat their chests and scream about bigotry. Modern humans are so completely dominated by the news/noise/outrage cycle it's risible.


Moosetappropriate t1_jdanx9g wrote

Americans are just barbaric shits. Worse than the Taliban.


Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdawp09 wrote

Wow, much empathy to the babies 😖 they are being used like pawns in grown folks business and they never should have been used.

I am not a parent. To read this much empathy to parents 🫣 to have children terrorized in such a way.

I do however believe I would have some type of feelings if a school wanted to distribute books to my elementary aged child about any sex straight gay or otherwise. A minimum of teachings I would have taught my children about for safety purposes.

I wouldn’t threaten to bomb schools for that though no matter how strongly I felt and other arrangements would have been made if the curriculum insisted.

Peace be with all of those affected by this.


GaimanitePkat t1_jdclt31 wrote

>I do however believe I would have some type of feelings if a school wanted to distribute books to my elementary aged child about any sex straight gay or otherwise

Does every child read every single book in the library? Is reading every single book present in the school library a requirement for children to graduate elementary school?

I was a voracious reader as a kid. I read dozens and dozens of books. I read books at recess. I read books under my desk in class. I read books at home. I read books on the bus. I didn't come close to reading every book in the library, and I honestly didn't even bother with the nonfiction section unless it was for an assigned project or if I wanted to look at cute pictures of animals in instructional books about pet care.

The word "distribute" implies that every child is being handed a copy of this book. That isn't what happened.


Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdcqip9 wrote

I do believe I used the word’s “if” and “part of the curriculum”

I can tell you the places in which I went to school. First the private school wouldn’t even had made it into the library.

Second the public school I went to you are right the likelihood of me finding such a book not being marketed/staged/advertised like on the new release place in the library and by random. Not very likely in fifth grade. But for me this would be too young had I.

The public jr high I went to, I can guarantee that either parent provoked or here adult provoked information about this type of book being there. Would have in fact created my peers curiosity and it would have been done in a fashion that would have been very childish obviously, would have left tons of questions assumptions and rumors to be made not every household had a structure that had open discussion nor dialogue for children to be taught or given any clarity about. Had a very high catholic rooted system in place and for the fact these types of relationships don’t align in a family values foundations pre set before school.

The bigger challenge we face is. How about good grades being mandated for the basics that is in place vs the energy spent making sure books like this that cause controversy in the first place don’t even happen.

I see stats of high school reading and comprehension are subpar in this nation. How about we make sure they can read properly, comprehend properly, deduce properly.

Before we get our panties in a bunch to the point we are fighting to get it there in the first place and someone threatens to blow up schools for it. These are adult games being played. Wasted efforts when they could be spending time invested in neutral materials teaching kids fundamentals that don’t have such scaring a/effects should something go haywire such as this event did.


GaimanitePkat t1_jdcvrde wrote

>family values

Almost always a dogwhistle term for conservative heteronormativity, shaming single parents, same-sex couples, and people who choose not to procreate, and establishing the white Christian nuclear family model (with stay at home mom) as superior to all others.

So basically it's a cute little wholesome term for institutionalized racism and misogyny.


>How about good grades being mandated for the basics that is in place vs the energy spent making sure books like this that cause controversy in the first place don’t even happen

So you're saying that you agree with books about LGBT+ people and people of color being banned from schools. As though a single book in a library is causing the downfall of the American public school system.


>Before we get our panties in a bunch to the point we are fighting to get it there in the first place and someone threatens to blow up schools for it

So you're saying that terroristic threats are to be expected for the crime of including books in a school library which discuss LGBT+ themes.


>Wasted efforts when they could be spending time invested in neutral materials teaching kids fundamentals

By "neutral", of course, you mean "devoid of LGBT+ themes or mention". Kind of like how being any color other than white, and any orientation other than heterosexual, and any religion other than Christian, is considered "political".

I can see by your post history that you're American Indian - why are you aligning yourself with the groups who think that books about your culture and history should also be banned from schools? Why do you talk about "family values" when, within living memory, that included forcible assimilation of indigenous children into white society?


Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdcw7b7 wrote

First of all. You are speaking with first people indigenous roots to the lands of the earth you may be standing on today.

I spoke of my peers in my age. But since you have pinned them to me. Let me wait for a reread at you again before I reply to this.


GaimanitePkat t1_jdcygyb wrote

>First of all. You are speaking with first people indigenous roots to the lands of the earth you may be standing on today.

I understand that.

And the people who are trying to ban books about LBGT+ people are also banning books about indigenous culture.

Because they think your culture is deviant, and lesser than white culture.

Again, these are the groups you're aligning yourself with.


Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdd01j4 wrote

I am going to further give you my stats and I will respond I am taking in your comments in the spirit in which you spit them. I just have to run my brains processes to do so.

I was born in San Jose California 1976. I am product of a divorced home raised in a single parent household. I lived in the hood. I am only the second generation of missioned Indians at Santa Inez living “freed.”

The men in my family have served in this military both by drafts and enlisted. American Spanish revolution war drafted, wwii drafted.

These are my stats I will share thus far.


Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdd0kax wrote

Do you agree with public schools period?

They are in them of themselves immersion of anglo culture and always have been. And that would be who you are aligning with all along if you do believe in it.


GaimanitePkat t1_jdd0sil wrote

I think that the American public school system is definitely a mess than needs serious overhaul, but I don't think that banning books/lessons/curriculum/teaching staff that represent anything other than "straight white Christian" is a step in the direction to making schools safer, more inclusive, and a better learning environment for all children.


Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdd4hbj wrote

How about in this age they focus on one task that they are failing at now such as reading writing and math.

Why skip ahead to other concepts beyond understanding if they don’t have the basics to do so.

Why skip to teach culture of any kind if they can’t read.

Why skip to teaching sexuality and anything related if I haven’t had a period yet and again have No deducing skills to be able to pick a decent human to share sexual acts with.

Do you think because this is a structure who by the way the white Christian brought here with them is the only structure.

Do you think my culture had a classroom of village kids in it and one ndn lady taught them language in their tipi.

Go fight with the same venom and conviction to actually educate children with the basics forget all extras until we make a mark in that department no?

All of the divisions and opinions of this ages education has continued to divide its efficiency as we added to it and fought about it this far.

Now again I am indigenous, it is not until the masses in these Americas get treated every bit like we have been before this will change.

Find an Indian these days to find out how this plays out for you all. Ignored is what the people are now, just like our cry’s were. Wait for when eating amongst your group is deemed illegal. And I suppose since this age in rebelliousness decided that religion is a no no, they don’t have to take religion from very many.

Indians believe in Creator in Great Spirit in The Great Mystery, if you have problem with a Christian a Jew or a Muslim you will also take an issue with me. We would be fundamentally different and with high probability possibly never be able to see eye to eye nor align. We could compromise should we need but in this instance and circumstances change will only come after thinking critically about what was said today and to refine that or enamel that by action on an individual level is what has to happen beyond that discovery.

P.s. do not use Indians as a bullet for your gun unless you are us and have been taught you will never understand that weight of the Amo you are using and it isn’t yours to use. To use it as a bullet I am beyond upset about. I can only hope you at the very least have a descendant waaaaay back that can be the liaison on your behalf for what you have done here today by trying to use it.

Peace be with you. To all my relations!





GaimanitePkat t1_jdd7nq2 wrote

>How about in this age they focus on one task that they are failing at now such as reading writing and math.

Reading, writing, and math are still all taught. Nobody is replacing these subjects.

History class is in danger, though, because people don't want children to learn history and would rather they learn lies such as "Black people in America were indentured servants" and "Native people and Pilgrims were friends who got along and the Pilgrims taught the Natives their good Christian ways peacefully".


>Why skip ahead to other concepts beyond understanding if they don’t have the basics to do so.
>Why skip to teach culture of any kind if they can’t read.

Are you suggesting that having BOOKS about other cultures is stopping children from being able to read?


>Why skip to teaching sexuality and anything related if I haven’t had a period yet and again have No deducing skills to be able to pick a decent human to share sexual acts with.

The book which was the subject of the bomb threat was not being taught. It was not the focus of any lessons, lectures, or homework. It simply existed in the school. It sat on a shelf in the school. A child who read that book would have to do so on their own time.

Neutrally acknowledging that LGBT+ people exist is not "teaching sexuality". Children in a school might have LGBT+ parents, neighbors, relatives, etc. Insisting that this topic is not allowed to be even mentioned, even in the most simple terms of "this exists," helps nobody.


>Do you think because this is a structure who by the way the white Christian brought here with them is the only structure.
>Do you think my culture had a classroom of village kids in it and one ndn lady taught them language in their teepee.

I'm not sure of what you are trying to accuse me of here.


Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdda793 wrote

First paragraph, why in the fuck would you be teaching ANY history again if the babies at eighteen can’t fucking read….

Why is this so hard for you to get. They can’t read they can’t write they can’t critically think about fucking history.

Okay so teach away history and then what 🤣 they fail at yet another class but hey it’s cool they got to learn something they won’t retain and further be confused by. Then with those stats they likely will repeat in history.

Dude I am so done for now got a few appointments.

Experiment time; if you have children, when was the last time you had your child read a story out loud to you. Can they. If they can, could they then tell you what the story was about. If they can, can they then speculate into the contexts future in anyway beyond the story and articulate that to you.

If your children can, consider them blessed. And I will pray for them for their lives amongst the majority of their peers cannot and your child’s life no matter how smart will be difficult because they themselves are not the majority of their generation.


Hartastic t1_jdex1m7 wrote

> I do however believe I would have some type of feelings if a school wanted to distribute books to my elementary aged child about any sex straight gay or otherwise.

The thing is, it's everywhere in society because we're the majority.

Do your children know that sometimes men and women get married? Congratulations they've received straight indoctrination.

And if you're thinking, that doesn't count? Well, neither does most of the shit Republicans are freaking out about lately.


Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdeywe4 wrote

You understand you’re commenting to first people?

I suppose you shot out your gun, with a fifty fifty chance at offending me attempting to make either a debate or an alignment with you 🤣

Do you think either are relevant to the Indians at the end of the day?

But let’s run with this section you want to pick at.

Read it.

I would have a problem with a school providing access (library) or distribution of it (class curriculum) to my ELEMENTARY aged child.

NO MATTER GAY STRAIGHT OR OTHERWISE. This is too young for my teachings.

Perhaps you didn’t catch that part so I made it larger for you.

And please clarify who is the majority for me? If you are implying Jesus Christ there are too many letters in the acronym… lbgtq+2

If you are insinuating that the first peoples of these lands and we are old my friend hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of more years older then what you may recognize as america and even call it so.

But my people have two spirits and we treated them as such for all of our existence. Two spirits are not new to us.

If you are attempting to apply Anglo logics to this indigenous woman. Please don’t. You have no idea my peoples teachings they too are older then 1491ad.

You feel me 😉


Hartastic t1_jdf07ur wrote

You wrote a lot in response to a short post you clearly did not read.

I don't care who you are. I care about you supporting oppression.

So your children have no idea straight couples or marriages exist at all?


Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdf42p4 wrote

You not caring what or who I am is in part the problem.

Indigenous folks don’t teach as the anglo do. Indigenous folks don’t have the same values as the anglo do.

From zero to until my child noticed the pattern of a man and a woman or a woman and a woman or a man and a man and inquired of me what this was or wasn’t it would be a subject I would not be priming my child with any ways.

But let’s take k-5 (I had barley turned 10 in fifth grade, and had not even had a moon yet) Unless my child asked me about relationships of any kind. I would not have forcibly taught them for no reason.

How is the oppressed remotely promoting oppression 🤣

I could argue that you being colonized happily is still oppressing indians and in OUR yard to do it.