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RedolentPassages t1_jdafmcg wrote

I could very easily picture a Philomena Cunk interview on this

" so did the books make the bomb threats, did they leave some sort of letter?"

Interviewee: " no they were made because of the books"

" well then who made them"

" a group of people people who didn't like the books"

" well that's odd isn't it"


MatureChildrensToy t1_jdbfjes wrote

"Well it's funny because my mate Paul see, he got himself locked in a library one night while on a bender. Try as he might he couldn't get out and had nought but the books to keep him company till someone finally let him out in the morning. When he got back he said he never wanted to see another book again."

Interviewee blinks. "I see."

"Do you think it could be something like that?"


yonatan1981 t1_jdcrao4 wrote

Books has been around for almost as long as pens, and even longer than some mountains. Some of the most famous people in the world have written books, like Barack Obama, God, ... and even Gordon Ramsay. But.... what IS books? I've come here to Oxford University, in Cambridge, to ask Dr. Josh Phillips, a professor of books.


Madwoman-of-Chaillot t1_jdcygiv wrote

“Books has even been around longer than the release of unrelated Belgian techno anthem, ‘Pump Up The Jam.’ “


imtougherthanyou t1_jddb3cx wrote

No no, "books were invented in 2,000(??) BC nearly 4,000 years before the release of Belgian techno anthem, 'Pump Up The Jam.'"


Vio_ t1_jde90jb wrote

I'd like to think that she'd say "2,000 open parentheses question mark question mark end parentheses BC"


McEndee t1_jdd19ko wrote

I'm in a quiet coffee shop and laughed out loud at this. Doing a Vice undercover interview about books, complete with the mosaic tiling and distorted voices to conceal identities.