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searchneptune t1_jdauu19 wrote

And how many children have shot a family member, friend or teacher with an unsecured gun.


ephoenix99 t1_jdavb33 wrote


It's also ironic that these are the same people who whine about "woke" and "politically correct" and they're literally threatening to blow up schools, along with violence against librarians, because of a book. Not a law that is passed (oh, like banning the morning after pill in Wyoming) or overturning a landmark case about bodily autonomy (Roe v. Wade), but a book that teaches the reader about things.

I mean, look, I get that some content may not be appropriate for certain age groups, but that's the librarian's job, not these nutjobs who believe sex is only for procreation.


gearnut t1_jddc4gu wrote

I'd be willing to bet a lot of them would happily spend an evening with a sex worker and would completely disregard any of her stated boundaries.