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JSB19 t1_jdb5moy wrote

Remove the gay books or I’ll threaten to bomb schools, what a lovely world they want us to live in.

Here’s hoping they find this scumbag and let them have nothing but LGBTQ books in the cell.


Beamarchionesse t1_jddu28v wrote

Oddly enough, there's so many restrictions on what kinds of books prisoners are allowed to have that the prison library might suit them to a T.

PSA Donate books from the approved list to prison libraries. A good percentage of the prison population is incarcerated for non-violent crimes, and they're bored. They actually like getting books for older kids/teens because many prisoners are starting on a lower reading level. Old textbooks too.


JSB19 t1_jde14qi wrote

Wow that’s interesting thanks. This person can be the exception though, I’d want them to have a “special” list of approved books haha