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GaimanitePkat t1_jdcml10 wrote

I read this really gross book once as a kid. There was this part with incest where the daughter was going to bang her father when he was drunk. There was also this part where a father offered up his daughter to a bunch of horny men to rape. There was a part about women being ripped open and their babies killed by being beaten against the ground, and another part where this soldier guy burns his own daughter to death. Actually there was a bunch of talk about babies being smashed against stuff, and a ton of stuff about virgin girls being raped. And these two kids laughed at a guy and then got torn apart by bears?

I forget the name of this book. I wonder what it was. I sure hope nobody's advocating for that book to be put in any schools because frankly that shit is not okay for kids.


Emmax1997 t1_jdcp41x wrote

I think i read that book as a kid too. A relative made me read it. Maybe we should ban it from schools?


GaimanitePkat t1_jdcpb2d wrote

I think so. Kids should be innocent and grow up without hearing about rape and babies being bashed to death and incest. I don't know why anyone would want that book anywhere near a kid.


notandy82 t1_jddclpa wrote

Wait a minute, I think I know this book. Was there also a guy claiming the voice in his head ordered him to kill his son, and then changed its mind?