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glitchycat39 t1_jdcnyjw wrote

To go along with u/Uh_I_Say - having been in Catholic school for 12 years, it's a process to unfuck your head. Especially if you, like me, were bisexual and wrestled with that throughout high school and college until finally having it hit you at 25 that the reason you got flustered when a certain boy flirted with you is because you really kinda wanted him to kiss you. Bonus points if your coming of age was, again like me, during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Cuz then, you got to watch all the people you knew and loved go on about how Islam was a violent religion (sarcastic "religion of peace" jokes abound) and that Christianity was a religion with a "loving god", and then turn right around and banshee scree about how we really just needed to carpet bomb the Middle East, that poor people should suffer more because it'd motivate them, etc.

It's a very ... difficult experience, coming out of all that. For me, it happened because I very much bought into the idea that Jesus taught us to love and be kind to one another, but instead I got a front row seat to people around me waving a book around to justify hate and war, all while demanding complete adherence to that notion lest you be branded "unpatriotic", "unAmerican", or a "sympathizer".