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Hartastic t1_jdewp8j wrote

Look, if God didn't want people milking the prostate he shouldn't have put the male g-spot there.


ManOnTheMun25 t1_jdeww3w wrote

Literally no reason to be in school libraries.


Hartastic t1_jdexgv3 wrote

Elementary school? Sure.

High school? Those are basically just libraries and probably have way worse things than that.

Without even getting into the fact that actual porn is available in infinite quantities on the internet and, on average, kids are more tech-savvy than the adults trying to stop them.


ManOnTheMun25 t1_jdf2ody wrote

Again there is no reason for it to be in a public school library. Its not banned, you can buy it.
People desperately trying to keep a book that has instructions on how to suck a cock in schools. Why?
Its weird.


Hartastic t1_jdfdf7o wrote

You're not reading what I'm writing so I'm going to stop.