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Ancient_Artichoke555 t1_jdf42p4 wrote

You not caring what or who I am is in part the problem.

Indigenous folks don’t teach as the anglo do. Indigenous folks don’t have the same values as the anglo do.

From zero to until my child noticed the pattern of a man and a woman or a woman and a woman or a man and a man and inquired of me what this was or wasn’t it would be a subject I would not be priming my child with any ways.

But let’s take k-5 (I had barley turned 10 in fifth grade, and had not even had a moon yet) Unless my child asked me about relationships of any kind. I would not have forcibly taught them for no reason.

How is the oppressed remotely promoting oppression 🤣

I could argue that you being colonized happily is still oppressing indians and in OUR yard to do it.