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First-Fantasy t1_jatfkkj wrote

I'm 40 and can't think of a single national conversation that I would describe as honest or good faith.


jesse-taylor t1_jatpnod wrote

The only time I remember the country being united was one of the worst days in our history. Isn't that the saddest thing ever????


ViscountessKeller t1_javqjmu wrote

yeah, and given that we then proceeded to destabilize an entire region, blow trillions of dollars, kill untold thousands of people, and accomplish jack shit, maybe it's for the best that the United States isn't particularly unified.


jesse-taylor t1_jawqs07 wrote

Unified or not, the powers that be will always find a greedy way to go f&^* up someone else's country and economy and stability. What a mess we've made of Central America, and now "we" want to prevent them from escaping the mess we made when they come here for sanctuary.


Bridalhat t1_jaxn8uz wrote

That was also a really bad day for Muslim-Americans. A whole new level of racism dropped.

Also I don’t particularly feel the need to be on the same side as people who foment coups. Fuck them.