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strongsolarwind t1_jd9j5gc wrote

Eew, you give The Alchemist to people? Rude. /s


(But lots of people here in this sub and in the world at large loathe that book. I personally have only hated two books in my life, The Historian and The Alchemist)


Bridalhat t1_jd9jkwq wrote

Also isn’t the Alchemist kinda self-help? You never do that unless asked.


BwanaAzungu OP t1_jd9lk6t wrote

Just to be clear, as an example, I gave it to a friend of mine; she has a master's degree in art history and literature, and is specialised in folklore and fairytales. She found it a good and easy read, had some interesting remarks on it from a professional perspective.

A different friend is getting into Eastern philosophies, so I gave him the Tao of Pooh.

That's the kind of people I mean when I said "people who I think will appreciate it"


strongsolarwind t1_jd9tg1o wrote

You're fine, I'm just having fun because that is one of the more divisive books out there and gets discussed here a lot because of it.

People either find it simple, beautiful and moving or they find it trite, facile garbage and there isn't a lot of room in the middle.


nobloodinmybum t1_jdanen6 wrote

I read the historian as a tween and didn't hate it. Had some charm. Why didn't you like it?

The Alchemist however is garbage and I would support that the Amazon rainforest be burned down entirely if it meant it spared the trees from the possibility of the fate of having Coelho's words printed upon them.